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Fri 12th Jun 2009

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TheScarletWolf commented on New Nintendo Channel Videos:

I'm not one to comment much on this site but that is one of the main things I have been following as well. Just hope it does well when it is released and gets that it deserves. Just should get more into the WiiWare World myself but I am always too worried about what I download that I don't even get the games that I want. Guess I am too afraid to download something when it is always there and just put it off.

On topic for a bit, lets just hope for the sales do well and it gets the praise it needs.



TheScarletWolf commented on Review: Galactic Pinball (Virtual Boy):

Man, I loved my VB. Yeah, it ws short lived and one of the screens is out of whack and doesn't work but I loved it anyway. I had my fun with it and this was one of those games that I played all the time. Ahh, good times.



TheScarletWolf commented on Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars out now on iPhone:

Well, Herro thar Luc! Fun to see you hop about the intertubs from D-toid to here. It sure is cool to see the fathers of the games being discussed join in. And by the looks of the comments by those who have played this new game, they all seem to agree that it is pretty solid, good and quite fun to boot. Glad to hear and wish I had an iPod touch so I could try it out!



TheScarletWolf commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade gets revised Europea...:

@TwilightWatcher - One arguement I heard and agree with is mainly the setting of the games. Odin Sphere is based on the legends of the West while Muramasa is of legends of the East. This may prove to be a good thing with keeping that feel with the voices in Japanese to keep the artistic feel of Eastern legend. But to me, I'd rather have a good, fun game then worry about what the voice acting I am listening to, but I'm one to watch subs for animes rather then dubs so I'm not a good source to ask about this.



TheScarletWolf commented on Doki Majo Plus Set To Interfere With Little Girls:

Oh, Mr. Brutus, I would try watching to about 3:30 of that video and you will see what most people find, well, 'interesting' about these games. Hehe..

Oh, and @KeeperBvK - I own the second game as well, special edition, although I just bought it to collect it. I'm just strange like that. Plan on getting this one as well.