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New Console Colours to Hit Japan

Posted by James Newton

Finally, the white Wii's monopoly is over!

When the Wii was first revealed all those years ago, Nintendo showed off a wide range of colours you'd be able to buy the machine in, ranging from fire red to vomit green. Sadly when it came to launch only the white console was available, but Nintendo Japan are finally ready to deliver on some of that early pigmentary promise by releasing their popular home console in the daring colour of... black!

From the 1st of August this year our Japanese cousins - or at least the two of them yet to buy a Wii console - can choose a black option, complete with very cool-looking black accessories including Remotes, Nunchuks and the revamped Classic Controller Pro.

That's not all! There's also a brand new red flavour of DSi just unveiled, due to hit Japanese shelves on July 11th. Judging from the popularity and sustained rarity of the red DS Lites, this new colour is sure to sell unbelievably well, and joins the other Japan-exclusive colours of green, pink and blue.

As of yet there's no news on if or when these colours are due to hit the Western markets, but as soon as we know anything, you'll know too.


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TourianTourist said:

This sucks. Seriously, I have waited two years to buy a Wii hoping they would release it in black in the meantime. But then I stopped waiting, because I couldn't resist anymore. Now, one year after I got my Wii, they're releasing a black model? Now that's just awesome... couldn't this come out a little earlier? Let's say like a year or so?

I hope this will be Japan-exclusive, because otherwise I would be really mad at Nintendo. Rebuying everything in black is definitely not an option.



Starwolf_UK said:

I still think the reason Japan is getting these is due to waning Wii sales over there.

That said, I just realised what this could mean. Black...
...Wii Vitality Sensor

Then again we probably won't see a Black Balance Board



metakirbyknight said:

Yay! This eliminates the need for me to case mod my stuff. But now I need to buy them all over again...



Machu said:

My Wii is already black (ish)...,5501.htm

It looks much better in real life and the skin hasn't budged one bit (even when it got sent for de-lazer-scuzzing). But regardless, I shall be getting the black one, Nintendo always get me with this. I have purple, black and silver cubes. Normal, silver, and see through orange 64's. Don't get me started on GB/GBA/SP.

I am a slave to Nintendo, yay!



jhuhn said:

Actually, Queen Elizabeth II was given a Wii console is was in pure gold. The Queen of England was hooked onto the Wii when trying it with Prince Henry & William last Christmas.



ReZon said:

Anyone know if a Japanese Wii Remote will work on a NA console?



Mr_Saturn said:

Reminds me of the quote: "Any customer can have [it] any color that he wants so long as it is black." - Henry Ford.



WiiGuy said:

I want a Black Wii, only I've spent $100 on Wii Points cards >_<
So, If there is ever a way to transfer....I'd buy it



motang said:

cool! I like the red DSi, and the class controller pro is pretty cool, I will be replacing my classic controller with that one when it's available in the states.



Noire said:

The black Wii is slick, but I'm more excited about the red DSi. If Nintendo ever releases that here, I may finally upgrade. Of course, I'll probably need a DSi VC with Pokemons Red and Silver available for download, but whatever.



Atlantis1982 said:

Egh, would had been nice if it was at LAUNCH, but my Wii is already decked out in an oriental style, via by DecalGirls.



Terra said:

Damm, I wanted a Black Wii instead of the boring White style. Had a Black Gamecube for many years until it broke and i have a black DSi as well. Game consoles just look better with that shade of black most of the time for me.



Pj1 said:

The Gold Wii for the Queen is gold plated! I can't imagine the Queen of England playing on a Wii, did anyone from the Palace ever confirm this? jhuhn nice of you to mention the Queen! (smiley face)

I'm Hoping for a blue Wii!!! I'm not putting my pre-order down yet though, a vomit coloured Classic controller is tempting! a black Wii though? No not for me! Other colours Yes Please Nintendo.



thewiirocks said:

I would be jealous, but it's just black. Black and white are kind of boring options. I'd like to see the fruity rainbow that Nintendo originally promised us.

That being said, does anyone know if there are any hardware differences between the Japanese Wii and the American Wii? I'm just thinking that if one wanted to be unique, one could import a black Wii Remote and Nunchuk from Japan. Anyone who did so could take it with them when visiting with friends, and thus be the envy of their circles.

To do it right though, make sure you store it in a fancy metal case. When you pull it out say, "I love the black Wii Remote. It's so bad." Especially good after you beat someone in Excite Truck.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I want black.

Now if only Nintendo hadn't been going out of their way to assure I don't buy it. (Non-transferrable downloads and saves, retype friend codes, no price cut, would have to but every new hunk of plastic they nickle and dime us for [i mean, new controllers], and we still don't know when, if ever, it comes out over here)



Kelvin said:

I'm not interested in new colours, honestly, although any colour other than white will mean no more of the "yellowing" effect. What I want to know is if they'll incorporate Wii Motion Plus into the Wiimote.



rodoubleb said:

If you buy a whole new system just to get it in a different color you should really look into some charities or something that could really use some money...



thewiirocks said:

@Kelvin - I'm expecting we'll see WM+ showing up in the next generation of console. Nintendo will probably integrate the new sensor package, add Wii Speak as a standard part of the sensor bar, add a camera to the the sensor bar, and possibly add a few more sensors to the package.

I have not noticed any yellowing with the Wii. Yellowing shouldn't happen as the white plastic is sealed inside a transparent finish. That helps the console maintain its color by preventing exposure to oxidization. The console can still get dirty and the finish can get scratched, but it should be possible to restore the look with a cleaning and polish.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Yeah, if I were them, I wouldn't release a new color of the console/controller unless it addresses issues present in the current, like how the other companies do.



JimLad said:

They should offer a trade-in system for people who bought the console in the first year. Why should the newbs be rewarded with choice? We were ready to buy black when the Revolution was first revealed. Personally though I wanted Red, bright splash of colour for a change after years of black and grey consoles. (bar Gamecube: who the hell wants purple?)



Kelvin said:

@thewiirocks, I was talking more about the Wiimote. My Wii is still a pristine white, but some parts of the Wiimote have taken on that yellow colour I remember from my Amiga days.

I would hope that we get a combined Wiimote/MotionPlus before the next generation. I'd like to get two more Wiimotes, but I'm reluctant to do so knowing that they'd be "incomplete". I'm happy to upgrade the ones I have, but I'd like any new ones I get to be all-in-one.



Twilight_Crow said:

Not interested, I only buy consoles in their original color, I'd only buy another wii if it had something special besides the color (like the pokemon N64); a black wiimote would be nice thou.



NintendoGamer said:

@JimLad, I agree. Nintendo should offer a trade-in system for people who bought the console in the first year. I would have definitely bought a black Nintendo Wii if it had been available at launch.

I would buy a new black Nintendo Wii when it comes out in North America, but what about all the VC and WiiWare games I have spent money on and downloaded onto my Wii already??? There's no way I'd ever buy another Nintendo Wii if I had to repay for all those games. That would be ridiculous. I wish there was a way to transfer games or somehow re-download the games from the Shop Channel onto a different Wii console without having to pay for them all over again. =/



Slapshot said:

Sweet... Im waiting to get this instead of buying another Wii now. This will look awesome by my PS3.



McGruber said:

Ugh I want this. I have a black DSi, and this would complement it. Unfortunately there is no way I am dropping money for a new Wii system.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Yuck, black is ugly. White is better. If they're going to release new colors, they should give us some rainbow love like red, blue, green, or, dare I say it, indigo.

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