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Doki Majo Plus Set To Interfere With Little Girls

Posted by Damien McFerran

Avert your eyes - SNK Playmore's worrying sequel gets the trailer treatment.

Doki Doki Majo Shinpan is a DS title produced by SNK Playmore that revolves around touching little girls in order to see if they're witches. Unsurprisingly, it failed to get a western release.

However, the Japanese absolutely lapped it up and a sequel is now inbound. Entitled Doki Majo Plus, the goal remains very much the same - to interfere with various females until you uncover the telltale 'witch-marks' on their slender, almost childlike bodies.

It's mucho-disturbing (not to mention slightly NSFW), as this trailer shows:

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However, eagle-eyed SNK fans will spot plenty of lovely fan-service in that video (kicking off with the Neo-Geo intro at the very start) and it would appear that SNK's recent April Fools joke - which involved a 'fake' retro shooter called Space Radish - is making its way into the game in some form (probably as an unlockable mini-game).

Just as was the case with the first title, there's more chance of hell freezing over than there is of this making its way to the west, but perhaps that's a good thing... video games don't really need any more bad press in this part of the world than they already have, and a title that involves prodding ladies in their funbags wouldn't go down too well with the mainstream press, we're guessing - especially when it's on the same platform as Nintendogs.

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MarkyVigoroth said:

I actually think that, the way things are going in the US, people would actually WANT this to be released on the West!

(But not me...)



Objection said:

For some reason, I want to play this solely because it IS disturbing. O.o Although I bet the language barrier is pretty high. Can anyone varify that?



The_Fox said:

I think this is one of those times when the "WTF Japan" labels is quite accurate.
I can just imagine police using this game as a sting to nab pedos at the local gamestore.



KeeperBvK said:

"However, the Japanese absolutely lapped it up and a sequel is now inbound."

There already is a sequel: Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2...
I've got both games and even the special edition of the second one, so I'm looking forward to the third one. ^^



Philip_J_Reed said:

I watched about two minutes and then got bored, but I didn't see anything too offensive. What am I missing?



TheScarletWolf said:

Oh, Mr. Brutus, I would try watching to about 3:30 of that video and you will see what most people find, well, 'interesting' about these games. Hehe..

Oh, and @KeeperBvK - I own the second game as well, special edition, although I just bought it to collect it. I'm just strange like that. Plan on getting this one as well.



KeeperBvK said:

To be honest, my copy of the second one is still sealed, but I played teh first one for a while, but it's really, really hard, as the whole touching stuff is only a fraction of the whole game. Most of it is some sort of adventure-dating-sim. Once my Japanese will have improved, though, I'll give it another shot. ^^



Machu said:

When you discover a witch, do you get to burn her?
Or let me guess, she'll just giggle n bounce a bit yeah?



warioswoods said:

Those aren't little girls, based on the figures -- they're young women with unusually childlike faces and dress. It would only cross the line if they were portraying younger androgynous bodies, which is what clinical pedophiliacs are drawn to. Yes, Japan obsesses with imagery and faces that suggest youth, but there is still a big difference between the images above and something that would truly be immorally targeting pedophiliacs.



-TR said:

You do realise this is the THIRD game in the series, right?



Wiiloveit said:

I remember when NGamer reviewed the first one, with the following scores:
Gameplay: NO
Graphics: NO
Music: NO
Innovation: NO
Overall: NO



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Tch, my problem isn't with the game (okay, actually it is), but the girls. real people don't look the girls at 3:48, especially at the age of children. Alright, we all know those "attractive" girls when we were in middle school who matured faster than others, but those are a small minority. Every video game, TV show, you name it, has only "attractive" girls. It's sickening and degrading to women, having them only because of their looks. Another thing, if you've watched a Japanese anime taking place during adolescent, pre-adolescent, and just-barely-after-adolescent years, the females look vastly older than what they are supposed to be. Even the kid-friendly Shugo Chara's main character Amu looks like a high schooler. Go google "Shugo Chara Amu" right now. You think she must be around 15 right?

In the show, she's only 11, still in elementry school.

As stated before, stuff like this and wrong and should be stopped. I will applaud any video games that have female main/often seen (as in "Not some random NPC girl in a town who gives useless info") who doesn't have an overly exaggerated appearance. I would name them, but right now. alas, I cannot, despite having played video games my whole life.

My little rant is over, now to resume your regularly scheduled program (Hey, I'm Bahamut ZERO, I can never end on a serious note ).



RadioShadow said:

"I watched about two minutes and then got bored, but I didn't see anything too offensive. What am I missing?"

Its not really offensive, its just weird and in some cases wrong/perverted. How many people go around poking females in places to find out if they are a witch? Most likely 95% of the time you will get your kicked if you attempt that in real life.

Now I have to decided to get Doki Doki Plus or Puyo Puyo 7! Tough choice. Star Radius looks to be cool game.



Stevie said:

Like all true geniuses the Japanese ride a fine line bordering insane



BlueFlameBat said:

So what happens to the ones who actually are witches? Do you battle and then destroy them? I guess being molested isn't bad enough when you're a witch.

Seriously, this is sick.




Some of the girls don't look so "little" to me!
This is taking gaming concepts way too far



JimLad said:

Don't feel bad peeps, these witches are clearly using a youth spell to decieve you.
Grope away!



Bankai said:

Has anyone actually read the Manga?

It's an incredibly amusing series, firmly tounge-in-cheek and nowhere near the "Hentai-style" crap that people are suggesting.

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