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Competitions: Twitter Joke Winner

Posted by Darren Calvert

So who made us chuckle the most?

Our recent ‘send us a joke on Twitter’ competition seems to have been very popular as a quick Twitter search will demonstrate.

The jokes ranged from very funny to plain awful. We certainly admired the persistence of some readers such as BulbasaurusRex, but didn’t anyone ever tell you that less is more?

Sadly, there can of course only be one winner and after much deliberation we have chosen a tweet by SpaceBooger as the winning entry:


What we liked about this so much is that a comic strip accompanied it, which made the admittedly awful pun spring to life:


You can check out SpaceBooger’s site here and see what other crazy things this talented chap has been up to lately.

If you are still not following us on Twitter then you can find us here. Various members of the Nlife team tweet from time to time, so if you like a bit of banter why not shoot us a message today?


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Machu said:

Was I supposed to laugh then?

EDIT: Seriously, how did that win? Did he slip you a twenty and you both agreed to link to each-others sites. I don't get it, I've had deaths in the family which were funnier than that. Help me out, or am I just really outta touch with 'the keeedz'.



Mik said:

That joke isn't funny =| ah well, sour grapes I suppose haha. Well done to Spacebooger then



paulcmnt said:

I'll never forgive you for this NL!!!

Srsly now, is there some reference to something in that comic strip that makes it funny? Because I really don't get it. Or is the Eastern sense of humor that different from the Western sense of humor? Contratz to the winner, though.

Also, how close did I get to winning?

EDIT: And thus ends the Twitter nightmare. I'll never use that site ever again! (Unless, of course, some other contest pops out.)



theblackdragon said:

man, it was hard to find PG-rated blonde jokes. i'm kinda glad it's over. :3 'grats to spacebooger for the winning joke, lol, and thank you, NL, for having the contest at all. these things sure seem to bring out the bitterness in people... D:



SpaceBooger said:

Thanks for the love and the hate.
That joke has been my favorite for over 25 years (I first heard it in elementary school, so Machu I'm not one of the "keeedz" I'm in my mid 30's). I know it's not that funny but the fact that I still tell it to my students at least once a week and it makes both of us laugh (I think they are just laughing at me more than the joke) makes it my favorite ever.

I also have a couple other comic strips Wii and Nintendo related with jokes I find funny but you may not:

And a series where the Booger gets trapped in a bunch of NES games and meets Captain N:
Comic strips 64-70



Machu said:

What I meant to say was...

And no I didn't enter, in case you were wondering if my comments were a result of sour grapes.
And yes, I'm afraid your students are being polite



SpaceBooger said:

Machu, its cool. Sour grapes are better than no grapes - I don't want to starve (for attention.)



Quint said:

Lame... the point of twitter is 140 characters... so linking to comic strips about 20 year old jokes makes the point of using Twitter rather pointless..



Stevie said:

The joke is lame but lame jokes happen to be the ones that make me laugh the most, my favorite being :- What's white and can't climb tree's - A fridge. I am sure if i could have been bothered to join twitter and enter that joke i would have won for sure



warioswoods said:

I agree with Quint on the matter of Twitter being limited to 140 characters -- the point of this contest, it seemed to me, was to come up with a great jokes within these guidelines. (No, I didn't submit any jokes either).

This echoes what I found so odd about the choice for the last contest, the Starfy avatar thing. That, to me, was also a matter of using a very limited number of pixels to create something interesting. Most of your top 10 made perfect sense, but I couldn't fathom why that particular one took the top (even though it was certainly some nice work), since it was barely recognizable at the avatar size, with the gun in his hand looking like nothing, due to being cropped, until you saw the larger image he attached.

In both cases, it seems that the contests may have been decided by external attachments that defeated the whole purpose of the contests, ie. creativity within a severely limited space. That being said, however, both could have been chosen merely on the basis of the core submission, which would be perfectly fine (neither is a 'wrong' choice), but the fact that both award articles spent time referencing the external attachments as part of the rationale is hard to justify, and does make the contests seem a bit pointless.

(Again, I didn't enter this one, and for the last one I just pasted Mr. Starguy in to be part of the festivities, since I felt like I'd walked into a toga party wearing jeans - but if I were to enter a contest and really work on it, I'd be wary after these two.)



Wiiloveit said:

@ChickenBrutus: yours was way better. My condolences.

Also, I thought I had until the end of the day today, so I was still thinking. I hate you all, especially SpaceBooger for that god-awful joke. These competitions are insane. I mean, that joke can be found on the back of a Penguin (biscuit, for those of you in America and elsewhere, since I don't know if Penguins exist outside of the UK). Hrmph...



TanookiMike said:

@warioswoods: You still upset about that re-sizing thing? Didn't several other people do that as well though?

Regardless, congrats on an excellent joke!



warioswoods said:


Just to be clear, you're artwork submission is clever and even the avatar itself looks pretty nice, but I, for one, wasn't sure exactly what I was looking at until they showed the larger version, and I believe they made their decision on that basis; in fact they only showed the larger version on the results page. So, that I find a bit wrong, given that some of those others in the top 10 made perfect use of the limited space, without relying on anything exterior. I certainly wouldn't fault you at all for uploading the larger version -- why not let everyone see the full work that you did? -- but I do think it changes the bounds of the contest entirely for them to use that in their decision making in any way. However, choosing yours was not a terrible thing, I just found the apparent decision process to be a bit misleading, and I felt sorry for those whose submissions fit the specified task perfectly.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Every so often I'll be able to get Penguins at my grocery store...I love them! But they're imports and they come and go. I'm in the mood. I almost forgot about the "great" "jokes" on the wrapper!



James said:

Goodness me. The idea of setting up these different styles of competition is to make things a bit more interesting than simply "what is the correct answer?"

The very idea that we were going to miraculously chance upon an hilarious, never-before-heard joke that would make everybody's sides split, whether in 140 characters or not, is just phenomenal.

Congratulations to SpaceBooger and thanks to everybody who followed us and/or submitted jokes. And thanks to those who've started following me too - I'll try to add you when my brain catches up with the past few days



BulbasaurusRex said:

I admit that some of mine were lame jokes, but come on, I posted some that were a lot better than that winning joke. That comic strip doesn't improve it much, either. Even the "brown and sticky" joke someone else posted is better than this winner.

@wariowoods - Where is this results page with the Top 10?



thewiirocks said:

@theblackdragon - Really? I know tons of 'em. Like, "A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead jump off a building. Which hits the ground last? (pause) The blonde. She had to stop and ask for directions!" (insert groans)

A joke that's much nicer to the shinier members of the fairer sex is this joke: So a well dressed blonde goes into a bank and asks for a $5,000 loan for one week. The loan officer looks at her suspiciously and says that they'll need some sort of collateral to execute the loan. Especially such a short one. The blonde replies that she has a Mercedes and asks if that would be sufficient. The officer speaks with the manager, the manager agrees, and so they drive the vehicle into the bank parking garage and execute the loan.

A week later the blonde comes back and pays off the $5,000 plus the $30 interest on the loan. As she's about to leave, the manager runs up to her and says, "We checked you out while you were gone. You're loaded with money! Why did you need a $5,000 loan?!?"

The blonde replies, "Where else in New York can I park my car for a week for only $30?"



pixelman said:

Q: What do you call a fat person who contradicts himself all the time?
A: A Hippocrit!

Now boot me out of NintendoLife for telling such a bad joke.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I think that's a bad joke. And I've heard it a billion times. If I knew that was the winner, I would have submitted this:

Q: A guy walks into a bar. What does he say?
A: Ow.




Chunky_Droid said:

@Wiiloveit: We call Penguins "Tim Tams" in Australia. I'm not sure which country they originated though, but they're awesome!

Congrats to Booger though, although I liked my joke

You know you've been playing too much Zelda when you start breaking into people's houses and destroying their pottery for no good reason.



Corbs said:

My favorite was: "Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't" sent in by BulbasaurusRex.



Chunky_Droid said:

ack! I should've entered my favourite joke of all time! Totally forgot this one!

If at first you don't succeed, then so much for sky diving



SmaMan said:

I guess it was gut-bustingly hilarious across the pond because you guys don't have many bays... so the joke probably doesn't get told as much as it does here... which is a lot... am I right? Eh, probably not.

Here was my joke:
Q: What has six waving arms and no controllers?
A: Three idiots trying to use Project Natal! "Wha-BAM, there it is!"



theblackdragon said:

@thewiirocks: even properly formatted with the quotation marks, pause, and groan removed, with the addition of '@nintendolife', that joke is 11 characters over. also, i know a lot of dirty blonde jokes, so between me having to come up with some non-dirty ones and having to fit the 140-character limit, that's where the challenge was. :3



Twilight_Crow said:

Didn't get the winner joke, I read it and read it until I got it, it ain't funny at all imo, but who knows, the world is filled with different sence of humor; still couldn't stop laughing at BulbasaurusRex's one lol.
Anyway, congratulations to the winner.



citizenerased said:

Ouch, every single joke I've read in the comments (yes, even all of the ones less than 140 characters) have been funnier than the one that won =/

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