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1000 and 3000 Nintendo Points Cards on Store Shelves Next Month

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

In a move that wasn't completely unexpected, Nintendo has announced that not only will Wii Points change into Nintendo Points for the release of the DSi (In fact, they claim they already changed - Apparently 2000 Nintendo Points cards are already in stores!), but they will release two new cards with different values.

If you ever find yourself wanting a little bit less or a little bit more than 2000 points worth of games, say, 1000 or 3000 points, and you don't have a credit card, then worry no more - 1000 and 3000 Nintendo Points cards will be available in shops next month on the same day as the DSi (April 2nd in Australia, 3rd in Europe, 5th in the US).

Source: Nintendo of Europe

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slangman said:

It would be interesting if this came over here in Europe. I would rather buy 5000 point cards than just random 2000 points, since I download quite a lot.



KevNash said:

Does this mean you can use ur poibts on both ur wii and dsi or are they still going to be stored on seperate databases so you can only use them on one?



Bass_X0 said:

I use my Visa Electron all the time to get points. Unless I trade some games and want Wii Points with the money (I had difficulty aquiring a card last time though).



Drake said:

@ KevNash: The code can be entered on either the Wii or DSi, but the two will not "share" points, so if you add points to your Wii Shop account they will not appear on your DSi.



blackknight77 said:

It about time This is good news because if I really just want one game I can finally just pick up a 1000 point card or if I have alot on my wishlist I can get 3000.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Finally!! New point values! This is great news! Thank you Nintendo for seeing the need for lower point values who can't afford 2000 Points (and of course, higher point values for those who want more).



Joxe said:

I would rather see them going to just prices since last time I bought a game I have like 500 points left over and if you miss 100 points for a game you must pay for a full 1000 (in the Shop Channel) and you will end up with 900 too much (yes, I know this is to promote impulse buying).



MrPinguy said:

They could do the same in the virtual store, i wanted on the other day buy 2000 points.
Instead i had to bought 1000 two times.
(yeah i'm just lazzy )



AUnkownFuture said:

Im glad that nintendo got new wii card points because i was dying to see new wii card points im guessing the prices in €s






WiiGuy said:

nice, that way i don't waste money on the DSi points when i don't need 1,000 more points on it!



Tragickingdom said:

With walmart in the US getting these they put the other cards on clearance to make room for the new stock. (Not sure if this is every walmart, or just my local one.)The 2000 point cards are on sale for $15, hope this helps someone. I stocked up on them and bought 5 cards.



Starwolf_UK said:

Here in the UK I wonder if they will still be more expensive than the shop? 2000 Points costs £13.99 in the Wii shop (note 1000 bought twice costs £13.98...such is the price of not having to enter the info twice) yet the card is is £14.99. At least in the old days you got a DVD case for your troubles.

I hope NOE use this to make the prices the same...but saying that they'll probably price hike the UK based prices due to "sterling and customer depreciation". I wouldn't mind some kind of bulk discount but instead i'll have to hold out for £3 off £30 at vouchers that occasionally do the rounds.



Lotice-Paladin said:

I'd rather have paper based card purchases since I think the DVD cases were irrelevant (unless you wanted to give those away in DVDs you didn't want but with the massive "Wii" logo at the top).

It is unfair to have online transactions cheaper (although it has to be a credit card, which means more debt to some unfortunate souls).

I think they did this option because of the global recession. It makes sense doesn't it?

I'm glad they've done this option though, paying £7.50 for one game which I do want is alot better then paying £15 on one game and waiting for so long for another decent game to be released on the Shop Channel. I am trying to save up for something expensive so it's going to help anyway .

@Starwolf_UK: I just don't see why we have to suffer the price hike when everybody's currency is doing just as bad (not as bad as ours but still). It is a relief it's happened after roughly about half the population have one, first hand or second.



Kirk said:

I wish they would allow me to store my card details etc in the Wii so I didn't have to type them in each time. Not that it's a major hassle but little things like this just make the whole experience better.



LittleMac85 said:

Nintendo Points LOL!!!
What a joke... release some games worth buying before you make a card with more points! All that translates into is buying less points because people will be sitting on extra points for longer periods of time..... Stupid



Ricardo91 said:

'Bout time we got bigger points cards! But still, I'd rather add points with a credit card.



Aardvark_Soup said:

Nice, 3000 and 1000 points cards will be very usefull. Unfortunately there still is no storage solution, and being required to delete half of your games every time you want to download something new doesn't really motivate me to buy more WiiPoints.



Viral said:

I'm not impressed at all. I'm still waiting for a few more games for the Virtual Console and then I may have to pack it in. I've finally finished Adventures of Lolo 2 (BRING ON NUMBER 3!)



Ferret75 said:

Doesn't really interest me, but it'll please people who can't use credit cards.



Objection said:

Its been like that for a while if you use a credit card but it's nice that you can do it offline now, too.



MickEiA said:

yes except everybody will buy 1000 points cards in stores and theyll have 2000 and 3000 just sitting there



Kawaiipikachu said:

Lower value points doesn't bother me as I like to have a stockpile of points ready like I mentioned.
And since I'm be waiting for a DS successor instead of the stopgap DSi meaning I don't have to worry about multaple accounts. For a little while yet.



WolfLink22 said:

They should have had 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 Points cards on the Wii's launch instead of this late.



Shinnok said:

I could see the 1000 points cards being useful, but seriously, why the hell would you need a 5000 points card? The only sensible example I can think of, would be if you just purchased a Wii, and you wanted to do some extreme shopping. That, actually sounds pretty fun.

I remember my first game. Super Mario Bros. 3, I was so excited to have it again! That and Super Mario RPG are by far my favorite VC games.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I would by 5000 points cards especially as i tend to perchase t 2000 points cards at a time so i can have the points in my account readdy for when a game i want comes out .
These also DLC like for example Guitar Hero World Tour for which i perchased a few songs for it .



brooks83 said:

What they should have is an option for you to type in how many points you want when you pay by credit card. For example, if I had 300 points leftover, and needed 700 more to buy an N64 game, I should be able to buy only 700 if that's all I want.

I do understand why Nintendo does that though, so that I am forced into buying 1000 points. But it would be nice to buy as many (or as few) as I'd like.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I live in Ireland and I was in HMV in Blanchardstown in Dublin and they were selling 2000 Wii Points for 40 euro. It made me mad and I was going to rip the Manager but I taught whats the Point. Also xtra Vision in Ireland sell 2000 Wii Points for 30 euro. We should name and shame all these rip of Stores.



Bass_X0 said:

Just don't shop at those stores for Wii Points, If they're selling them for such stupid prices then just have a quiet laugh to yourself about how they won't be able to sell any of them and have a look for a place that does sell them for the standard price. Or failing that just buy points from the wii shop even if you have to borrow a card of someone.



slangman said:

Stores like HMV are best avoided for Wii points anyway. They cost about £17 here in UK. Too bad Whsmith don't sell them for £14 anymore.



MickEiA said:

in australia they sell them for $28_$35 it would be great if there was 5000 for $60_$65 its not gonna happen though it will probaly be $75 because it is on the shop channel



Wiiloveit said:

@Wolflink22: They're doing it now because DSi games cost as little as 200 points, so there is more need for cheaper cards since many owners will see 2000 being too many points if they only want a few small treats.
@Slangman: You think that's bad - my local Playtime store charges £17.99 for a card, and now that Game's gone, that's all I've got to go on!

Anyways: I just did a search for Nintendo Points cards, and currently the prices aren't looking good - they're claiming that 1000 points are due to cost £14.99 (£11.99 at Play); 2000 points are due to cost £24.99 (£17.99 at Play) and 3000 points are due to cost £34.99 (£29.99 at Play). Not only does none of the pricing make sense, but it's a LOT higher than usual, so we can only assume that they got it wrong. are also selling their points at the same prices, although 1000 cards are £2 cheaper.

For those that want to see the link for themselves, here's a link.
ADDED: It appears that they have go it wrong. Hopefully they'll change the pricing soon, but Amazon are currently stocking points at £12.99 for 2000 (listing an RRP of £14.99). They don't have any other cards in stock, but claim that points will be available from the DSi launch.



Starwolf_UK said:

If this is start of a UK Wii Points price hike, I'll probably have to cease all my Wii Shop activity (or at the very least heavily cut down and as someone who wasn't a big spender to start with...) as it is starting to push the games into the region I usually get retail games for (which I get a lot more out of).

I hope its the usual and the like being lazy and going £=€ as a £ price hasn't been set since Nintendo UK probably isn't allowed to set prices anymore.

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