OFLC Update: Two More Imports

It's been quite a while since the last OFLC update, but today they've finally revealed some new VC games again! Both of them are imports, which might mean that another Hanabi Festival for Europe is not too far away.

Bomberman '94 is the sequel to Bomberman '93. If you're familiar with Mega Bomberman for the Mega Drive, this is the same game, although this version is actually usually considered superior. It introduced some more things which would become staples of later Bomberman games, such as Rooey, the kangaroo-esque creature, and different characters in battle mode. If you liked Bomberman '93, you'll no doubt like this one too! It was heavily rumoured recently that Hudson had dropped VC support, but perhaps they still had this game in queue for a Hanabi release?

TwinBee is the first game in Konami's shoot 'em up series by the same name. It's not much like their "serious" shooters, such as Gradius - Instead, it's more like the Parodius series. In fact, TwinBee was a direct inspiration for Parodius, as it copied its wacky visuals and the bell powerup system - Every now and then, bells will appear. You can either grab these right away to score points, or keep shooting them - This will sometimes make them change colour, and, if you grab them when they're not yellow, they will grant various powerups. Of course, this first game is a bit basic due to the obvious system limitations, but it's still quite good.

That's two more imports which are rated for Europe! There's still two others too (MUSHA and Smash Ping Pong) - Perhaps these four and two others (Such as StarTropics II and Kirby's Dream Land 3) will be the entire lineup for the next Hanabi Festival?