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OFLC Update: Two More Imports

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's been quite a while since the last OFLC update, but today they've finally revealed some new VC games again! Both of them are imports, which might mean that another Hanabi Festival for Europe is not too far away.

Bomberman '94 is the sequel to Bomberman '93. If you're familiar with Mega Bomberman for the Mega Drive, this is the same game, although this version is actually usually considered superior. It introduced some more things which would become staples of later Bomberman games, such as Rooey, the kangaroo-esque creature, and different characters in battle mode. If you liked Bomberman '93, you'll no doubt like this one too! It was heavily rumoured recently that Hudson had dropped VC support, but perhaps they still had this game in queue for a Hanabi release?

TwinBee is the first game in Konami's shoot 'em up series by the same name. It's not much like their "serious" shooters, such as Gradius - Instead, it's more like the Parodius series. In fact, TwinBee was a direct inspiration for Parodius, as it copied its wacky visuals and the bell powerup system - Every now and then, bells will appear. You can either grab these right away to score points, or keep shooting them - This will sometimes make them change colour, and, if you grab them when they're not yellow, they will grant various powerups. Of course, this first game is a bit basic due to the obvious system limitations, but it's still quite good.

That's two more imports which are rated for Europe! There's still two others too (MUSHA and Smash Ping Pong) - Perhaps these four and two others (Such as StarTropics II and Kirby's Dream Land 3) will be the entire lineup for the next Hanabi Festival?

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Link79 said:

Hopefully this means Hudson isn't quite ready to give up on VC.
Now If they could just Import Rondo of Blood to the U.S. I'll be a happy Gamer.



slangman said:

Ah I knew Hudson was still giving us more TG-16 games. Bomberman 94 looks like a good game but I love to see the likes of Gradius and maybe Darius Plus.



Betagam7 said:

Really happy to see Twin Bee appear as it increases the likelihood we'll see the great Pop n Twinbee for Snes and as its an import I don't even have my ususal concerns about PAL NES games to worry about.
have often thought about getting the TG16 bomberman, is this one superior or is the Wiiware version best? On a price/memory factor?
I hope that MUSHA aside, as we know its coming out, the Hanabi stays away from Mega Drive games given that they don't support 60hz



xesbeth said:

If Hudson could just import Spriggan, Spriggan Mark II, Image Fight, Image Fight II, Ai Cho Aniki, Mr Heli and Super Darius.
I'll be a very happy gamer.




im happy we got some more games on the list of coming soon if we keep goin with 1 game a week we dont have enough games for this year



RGVEDA said:

There are still 2 Turbografx games what Europe need and the USA have.



Jazzem said:


I have the PAL localized Pop 'n Twinbee games on SNES and they're excellent, I'd love to see the series on VC



Chunky_Droid said:


I can't wait for this , thank you Hudson, don't leave us! You have plenty of gems to go, like the rest of the Bomberman series on SNES



blackknight77 said:

Is Twinbee the same game as Stinger on the NES or are they 2 seperate series?

Hudson keep hope alive! Give us more VC games



Kelvin said:

Brilliant! The Mega Drive version is my favourite Bomberman, so I'll be getting it and retiring '93.



sfog said:

"Is Twinbee the same game as Stinger on the NES or are they 2 seperate series?"

Stinger is a localization of the second Twinbee game.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Hm, I don´t think I´ll update my Bomberman 93´to 94´. I like tha games, but one is enough (wish they had released 94´first, but this is the way VC works). Twinbee is okay for 2 players, but it´s not as crazy as Twinbee3 and later games.

MUSHA is the highlight so far for possible Hanabi candidates...



Drake said:

Bomberman Blast doesn't have a single player game (Outside Japan), so that automatically makes it inferior to every other Bomberman game except the first



Betagam7 said:

Wow, that's made my mind up then. although bomberman is firmly a multiplayer faivorite I'd never buy a game i couldn't play solo as well.
is the game a disc based release in Japan?



Rapadash6 said:

Gee, a TG-16 game in the cue? I knew you guys assumed too much when you heard this Hudson rumor. Maybe they just meant that they will no longer be releasing domestic titles but still have plans for imports. Now how about getting the information page for Rondo of Blood back up and running, k?



Adamant said:

@Drake: But Bomberman Blast in online, which makes it superior to all th games that aren't.
Come on, who plays Bomberman in single player anyway?



Terra said:

A New Hanabi is certainly close, i can feel it. I was hoping for a New Years one but better later than never i guess.

Bomberman 94 certainly looks better than 93, and i own that Bomberman so i may think twice about getting 94. TwinBee though is a classic and something i would download near-instantly.



Drake said:

@ Adamant: I play Bomberman games in single player far more than multiplayer. Once you've played multiplayer in one of the games, multiplayer in others doesn't really offer anything new aside from different items and sometimes modes.



Nadroc516 said:

could it get any lamer

i dont care about traditional bomberman games we already have one for the turbographx16 and one on wiiware

i just want bomberman 64



Adam said:

Single-player Bomberman always sucked.
I'm looking forward to this anyway if it comes out in the US. I wouldn't have gotten Bomberman Blast (which was kind of disappointing) if I'd known one with Rooey and character choices was coming out. Do the characters have special moves? I played some Japanese Bomberman on a friend's emulator, and it was 100x better than every other Bomberman I'd ever played because of the special moves.



WarioFan63 said:

But Bomberman Blast in online, which makes it superior to all th games that aren't.
Id say Saturn Bomberman is the best but thats only because I got a kick seeing other Hudson characters playable in a Bomberman game.



LinktotheFuture said:

I have been playing Bomberman Blast by myself. Is there some other 1 player mode that it doesn't have that the other Bomberman games have? I am confused.



Drake said:

@ LinktotheFuture: All other Bomberman games (Except the very first and a few others) feature an adventure mode with various different stages, enemies and bosses.



CanisWolfred said:


And thank goodness Hudson hasn't completely abandoned the VC yet.

Looks like Europe has a great line for Hanabi, bet you guys can't wait.

You know, I was just thinking to myself yesterday that we need more great NES games in the queue, and all of a sudden this new turns up! Pretty lucky coincidence, eh?



Ricardo91 said:

Europe's getting Twinbee!? You lucky dogs! Don't care about BM '94, as it's probably not that different from most Bomberman games. I hope US gets an import week soon too.
Also, Hudson still cares about VC after all! HOORAH!!

RE: Bomberman single player
I always thought BM's single-player was boring too, but some of the games, like Generation and Tournament, have great single-player.

@Drake. As I could recall, the main theme hasn't been used for years, and tbh, I don't think it's that great (though the SNES remake is quite nice). I kinda miss that battle theme though.



Pj1 said:

Wow! I thought Hudson had given up with the VC this is great News, I down loaded Bomber man when I first got a Wii and this is another game for me to down load, So when we're see this release? Hanabi 2009 it'll be nice if we see it before then (Isn't Hanabi in September?), also will that give Nintendo the excuse to finally give us Mario Kart or Pilot Wings or even Majora's mask. On a UK website there's a release for pilot wings for the Wii (27/03/09) So will we see the SNES version finally making it's debut on VC? Let's hope So!!!



Bass_X0 said:

There are two Hanabi Festivals a year - one in Spring and one around September.



7th_lutz said:


I like playing Mega Bomberman in single player mode. Matter of fact, I like playing most Bomberman games in single player moder for the GBA.



Kaeobais said:

Don't care about Bomberman 94 because I already bought Bomber Blast which is, well, a blast.



7th_lutz said:

TwinBee is an import game that has been on my vc want list for a while.

I will not be downloading Bomberman 94 when it comes. I own the genesis version of the game.

Bomberman 94 is a great game single and multiplayer. At least Hudson hasn't give up on the vc yet.



Kultist said:

This is certainly good news, if Hudson is preparing to release new material on VC, it could mean we might get Faxanadu someday, after all, only Nintendo and Hudson are involved in this one
crosses fingers



Pj1 said:


Thank You for putting me right! I didn't realize there is two Hanabi Festivals! Roll on Spring time.......!!



Betagam7 said:

We don't actually know that for a fact. Just because a pattern has emerged one year doesn't mean it will be repeated, otherwise we'd still be getting five game weeks.



Manicfatty said:

@ WarioFan63 - Hells yeah. Saturn Bomberman... in particular the Saturn Sega Net version with online absolutely the best in the series. I really wish there was even a glimmer of hope that we'd see a Saturn channel. So many great games... so many that are hard to find imports. Radiant Silvergun anyone?

There were also a couple of odd-ball 3-d Bombermans on the Saturn in Japan. They're... interesting. Not necessarily bad. Just... different



Objection said:

Good news: Possible continued Hudson support
Bad News: That's the least exciting possible Hanabi list yet.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Twin Bee is SO much fun; I played it religiously with my roommate as recently as a few years ago. It's very simple, but it's hugely addictive and charming. Definitely worth the download!



Terra said:

I honestly don't think that there is a particular pattern between Hanabi Festivals. I think that NOE just do a Hanabi Festival when there are enough games ready for VC release to warrant one.



Virus said:

This is awesome news for me. I certainly hope Bomberman '94 makes it over to the US which I assume it will. Despite its age, I enjoyed Bomberman '93 (second VC game I owned); I even enjoyed its single-player over the single player in Bomberman DS. Can't really say if I liked it more than the 3-D Bomberman games though, but anyway, I look forward to this game!



KingMike said:

Was the original Twinbee on TG16?
I thought it was NES. And it is available on a DS compilation "Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits" (as Rainbow Bell).
Too bad Twinbee is very unforgiving. One tiny little bullet hits you, and you a life and all your powerups. Worse than Gradius, you have to use shots to juggle the bell, only shooting enough times to change color. And when enemies/bullets surround you at the same time...
Would rather see Pop'n Twinbee for SNES. At least I think it was a bit fairer. You get a life meter instead of lives (as I mentioned, extra lives don't mean much when it's hard to get powerups, even speed, back), and I think you could shoot powerups bells a couple times before they'd change.



Adamant said:

"Too bad Twinbee is very unforgiving. One tiny little bullet hits you"

Yeah, no other shmup has ever done that. Curse you, Twinbee, and you evil design ideas!



Big_A2 said:

Interesting how you mention these games are heading for "Europe" considering the OFLC is an Australian office.

And yes, we have gotten games at different times than Europe in the past.



sfog said:

"Was the original Twinbee on TG16?"

No. The TG16 entry is Detana Twinbee, the fourth total entry in the series, and the second arcade game in the series.



tatemon555 said:

I kinda want TwinBee, but I'll definitely get Bomberman '94 when it comes. So what that I have Bomberman '93 AND Bombeman Blast! The more Bomberman, the merrier, as it is one of my fave franchises.



Shinnok said:

Bomberman '94 is one of the better entries amongst the classic series (along with Bomberman World). I just pray that they get around to releasing the N64 Bomberman games (Bomberman 64, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, and Bomberman Hero). The Holy Trinity of Bomberman games, I do declare. Among them, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack was my personal favorite.

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