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More Info and Screenshots for Bubble Bobble Wii

Posted by Darren Calvert

Famitsu have revealed fresh new screenshots and information about Bubble Bobble Wii this week. You can see a translation of their feature here.

So far it’s looking really good, the gameplay of the arcade classic appears to be retained and we are promised 100+ levels of fun. The game also offers four player support and special maps for high score challenges.

Being a Taito game being published by Square Enix it is not surprising that downloadable content should be on offer. New map packs will cost 200 Wii points. The DLC promises a higher degree of difficulty for the expert player.

There is also wi-fi connection in the form of online leaderboards for all the different game modes. For 800 Wii points Bubble Bobble Wii is certainly shaping up to be one of the hottest games for 2009 on WiiWare. Let’s hope we spot a ESRB or OFLC rating soon so we know we won’t have to wait too much longer!

Source: Famitsu

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calculon said:

Whilst I'd love to have online multiplayer for this game, I don't mind it not being there. Bring it on - one of the must have WiiWare games of this year!



Kokstra said:

The characters and enemies look kinda weird, but maybe it's the compression of the image or something?



calculon said:

@Kokstra, if it's a JPG image they probably will, as the compression doesn't cope very well when compressing two fine (i.e. 1 pixel) and very contrasting edges. That's why people are warned not to use JPEG files for pixel art. PNG is a much better choice as it's compression is not lossy (i.e. does not destroy visual information) but maintains good file sizes (particularly for pixel art)



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Lets get this straight. A remake of one of the best NES games of all time with:

1) Imporved Graphics
2) Extra levels
3) 4 player support
4) Leaderboards
5) A hard mode
6) DLC that actually seems affordable gasp

Best. WiiWare release. Ever (possibly only beaten by WoG and MM9).

This better get a 9/10 or higher WWW! So no reviewing Corbie, i dont want this to get a 7



themortalangel said:

I was never a huge fan of the game actually, but seeing as how it's now a square company, I may look into this more. i was never a huge Space Invader fan either, but I love the new interpretation on Wii Ware.

Before anyone says anything...don't get me wrong they are decent games. In fact they are enjoyable, I was just not one to like them enough to play them outside of an arcade.



Sean_Aaron said:

This looks very cool. The graphics remind me of the cartoony look of the Bubble Bobble 2 arcade game. Definitely on the list to watch for.

I'll hold off for a localised version if we get news of it like I did with Space Invaders. Gradius ReBirth I got tired of waiting for and bought the Japanese one, but Square-Enix seems to be better out timely global releases than Konami.



Draygone said:

Ah, Bubble Bobble. One of my favorite games. You know, this would be awesome if it had a level editor. I mean think about it, it'd be really easy to pull off. Maybe they could have one as a DLC feature.



Mayhem said:

My brother and I played the arcade and C64 versions to death... I might just be able to rope him back into this for some two player fun.



accc said:

I know I'm in the minority here, but Rainbow Islands > Bubble Bobble. Fortunately a new Rainbow Islands game is coming too!



Adam said:

4-player Bubble Bobble?! Count me in!
Looks very nice. Graphics aren't fancy, which is fine by me, but the backgrounds alone make it look much better than the original.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I cannot wait for this. Cannot WAIT.

To heck with people complaining about no online multiplayer...this is going to be classic Bubble Bobble awesomeness and it's just about guaranteed to be one of the best WiiWare releases ever. (I'm including the future of WiiWare in this assumption. I'm that excited.)



Golgo said:

Online multiplayer of Bomberman Blast was so broken anyway I wouldn't want to be disappointed again. Leave it out, by all means. Looks great without it.



Kaeobais said:

They should put a survival mode in there, where you pick a map you have already beaten and just stay on that one map with non-stop waves of enemies flying at you.

AAnyways, REALLY looking forward to this!



Ackbar7 said:

This is the game I am looking forward to, and have since it was announced, This seems awesome. Bubble Bobble is classic.



Adam said:

Nice idea, I'd love to try such a survival mode. An Endless mode akin to MM9's would be cool, too.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Ever since WWW first reported Bubble Bobble Wii, I've had that tune stuck in my head.......

Even during the midterms. Darn you WWW for reporting such good stuff



Chrono_Cross said:

A good remake of some NES classics on WiiWare would be Ikari Warriors(some probably never heard of it before), Duck Hunt, or...Blaster Master!
But hey thats just me.



Kaeobais said:

I really want to see a new Ice Climbers. With 4 player support and an endless mode with online leaderboards.



Ricardo91 said:

While it blows that there's no online multiplayer, at least there's gonna be leaderboards. I can't wait till it hits shop!



Twilight_Crow said:

I want this game sooooooooo much!
Leaderboards are fine, 4 multiplayer, thats great; but to play like 200+ Bubble Bobble stages (DLC included) that, is plain TERRIFIC!
I used to play the GB version for hours, I like it more than the NES one, I hope this one gets to be as good.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Ricardo: I dont see a problem. First, online is way to expensive and time-consuming to put in a WiiWare game (rember, its coming out on WW for a reason). Second, BB was always something you play with your friends. Finally, BB and online just dont seem to mix. When console games were going online, we were all thinking "Halo! Mario Kart! Super Smash Bros!" stuff like that, where multiplayer is a nesesity.

Here, I dont think online would fit effectively. Without talking with your friends, and making strategies with an actual person whom your talking to, Bob could be replaced with a computer player, and feel the same.



Sean_Aaron said:

If there's 4-player with AI (a la Wii Shanghai) that would be interesting...

I don't know who owns Toaplan's IP, but an updated Snow Bros. Nick & Tom would be super excellent; I'd settle for a flashy update to Nightmare in the Dark, the Neo Geo spooky-themed equivalent or even Rodland, the fantasy version of the same idea.



Wiiloveit said:

@Bahamut ZERO: the reason it's coming out on WiiWare is probably because many people will likely be unwilling to pay £30 for a new version of Bubble Bobble.



ness said:

@ Bahamut ZERO (#26): "Second, BB was always something you play with your friends."

And Mario Kart & SSB not?

"Without talking with your friends, and making strategies with an actual person whom your talking to, Bob could be replaced with a computer player, and feel the same."

Solution: Wii Speak =)



Ricardo91 said:

@Ness. "Solution: Wii Speak"

I was JUST gonna suggest that!

"Online is way too expensive and time-consuming to put in a Wiiware game."

That didn't stop Hudson from putting online in Bomberman Blast, Alien Crush Returns, and Tetris Party...

"Second, BB was always something you play with your friends."

Technically, you'd still be playing with your friends. You just wouldn't be in the same room.



Twilight_Crow said:

"that didn't stop Hudson from putting online in Bomberman Blast, Alien Crush Returns, and Tetris Party..."

Yes, they put online gameplay on those games but being honest a real interaction between players in TP and ACR is close to null, so if they implement the online play it would be like the one in BB, which is broken, so, as Bahamut ZERO, I don't think online play would be a good idea for Bubble Bobble Wii.
One more thing, I beleive that implementing the Wii Speak would actually be too expensive and time-consuming for a wiiware game.



Wiiloveit said:

Online is way too expensive and time-consuming to put in a Wiiware game.
If you're a newer, less experienced developer. Companies like Hudson have clearly had a lot of practice, so it takes less time for them to implement such a mode.

Implementing the Wii Speak would actually be too expensive and time-consuming for a wiiware game
Which is exactly why Nintendo need to release a Wii update that adds Wii Speak compatibility with any of your friends at any time, as long as you're online. Just check the home menu, open a separate toolbar to tell you which of your friends are online, and choose to talk to them whilst playing any game. It would also be the perfect solution to awkward friend matches, since you can just say "hey, I'm on my Wii... your on your Wii... let's play Mario Kart!".

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