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Fri 30th January, 2009

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Ackbar7 commented on Review: The Oregon Trail (DSiWare):

This game is actually much more faithful looking to the old Apple 2e version of this game I remember playing than anything that would involve FPS elements (that seems way high tech for Oregon Trail). If I had a DSi this would be a must own. I hope this does come to WiiWare, with little more than a graphical overhaul.



Ackbar7 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (21st Oct):

My Aquarium really is that good. It is the epic adventure of fish in a tank. You can feed them, or not it doesn't matter they are invincible. You can tap on the glass and make them dance a little. Actually epic doesn't even begin to cover it. I do actually have this, my 2 year old loves it. But I don't quite get it's staying power.



Ackbar7 commented on Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem:

I am definitely curious how the review of this is going to be. Seems like it could be worth it, but then again the videos posted above make it look like it could be pretty lame.