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EU VC Update: Metal Slug 2, Forgotten Worlds and Space Invaders

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not many surprises for Europe again this week! It's basically the exact same as the US update last week, with the addition of one more game.

Metal Slug 2 basically just builds on the standard set by the original Metal Slug. If you like rock-hard shooting/platforming action this is the game for you! This time, there's four characters to play as, more weapons, more "Slugs" to ride, more enemies, and even transformations! Sadly, it must be said that Metal Slug X, which was originally released not too long after, was basically a remake of this game - And it basically only improved on it, meaning it might be best to wait for X to hit the Wii Shop!

Forgotten Worlds is a shoot 'em up for the Mega Drive. It was a great game in the arcades due to the fact it used two joysticks - One to control your character, and one to control an armed sphere rotating around your character - But obviously, the Mega Drive doesn't have two joysticks, meaning the control is more than a little awkward. It's not a bad game by any means, but there are much better shooters on VC.

Space Invaders: The Original Game is a bit like Super Mario All-Stars - It includes five games in one package. Unfortunately though, all of those games are exactly the same except with different colours - It's basically a collection of Space Invaders ports from various systems with no additions whatsoever! Let's be honest here - Who hasn't played Space Invaders? It was a classic in its time, but it just feels dated now. We recommend checking out Space Invaders Get Even on WiiWare instead, as it's a whole new, fresh take on the series.

Sadly, Secret of Mana and Mario Golf are still missing in action! Maybe in two weeks?

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Wiiloveit said:

Nothing good this week, then - at least for my tastes anyway. And all the games are 800/900 pts - otherwise I may have got Space Invaders.



timp29 said:

Metal Slug 2 would be worth a look if I didn't have the anthology

I do want to point out however, that regardless of the fact none of these games interest me much, the fact that three games have been released is brilliant!!!



Corbs said:

Metal Slug 2 is a good game, but features rampant slowdown. Thankfully, SNK released an updated version of Metal Slug 2 called Metal Slug X, which fixed most of the problems with MS2. So it might be worth it to wait for Metal Slug X.



Bass_X0 said:

five games over two updates. america also got five games this month. i think we got the better month though.

Hey, no Genesis Super Street Fighter II on Coming Soon list yet? Its been ESRB rated.



mattyl149 said:

I'll be the first to ask... where is Secret Of Mana? It's going to be another two weeks now and two months since USA had it

I'll have to make do playing Shaun White in the meantime



Cipher said:

I reckon Secret of Mana and Mario Golf will be Christmas games, to be honest. They've been held back for long enough.



Bass_X0 said:

They'll probably give it to us for Christmas. Or Squeenix might look less favorably upon Europe for some reason. Who knows... we're still holding Mario Picross hostage.



Wiiloveit said:

@BassX0: Something tells me that Picross isn't quite as popular as SoM.
Here's a less obvious one: how about Marble Madness? Anyone?



blackknight77 said:

I'll contact Nintendo of Europe and tell them to give you SOM if you call NOA and tell them we want Castlevania 3

Here is another less obvious one: Burgertime NES



Starwolf_UK said:

Yawn, another catch up wee…wait, Metal Slug 2?…shame Metal Slug X is it done better and I'd rather invest in either Metal Slug Anthology or Metal Slug Complete (the Japanese verison of Metal Slug Anthology with classic controller support).

we're still holding Mario Picross hostage.
Yeah but America is holding Zanac and Romance of the Three Kingdoms hostage. And erm, Japan is hol...wait, they've got Picross and everything else...we're doomed.



Corbs said:

I love Marble Madness. So much so that I restored an original arcade cabinet about 3 years ago. I keep hearing that the arcade version might come to Xbox Live Arcade, but I've yet to see any official confirmation about it.

And I'll have the Metal Slug 2 review up soon...



Ricardo91 said:

@Tony. Oh yeah! I'd LOVE to see Burgertime on the VC! I used to have that game on my cell phone and it was great!

@Wiiloveit. Marble Madness is awesome too. It's my favorite Midway arcade game next to Robotron!

Soooo, since Europe basically had a catch-up week this week, does this mean WE could have a catch up week on Monday?
Either way, I hope we at least get Metal Slug 2 on Monday.

And btw, happy Thanksgiving everyone!



GodsUncle said:

Happy thanksgiving anyway, be thankful we're not yesterday when there wasn't even video games. Or when there wasnt even houses ya dig? So quit ya yakkin and get to snackin, oh and spare your turkeys the lecture eh? Theyre thankful for life til ya jar em. So eat some veggies or something 'cause you're priveleged like that, the pilgrims had to eat manimals, we dont, we're gutta like that.



Warioware said:

Don't know about the rest of you but I liked it more when the VC updated every week rather than this VC/WiiWare fortnightly cycle.

Especially since we're not getting World of Goo.....



Will said:

I wet my pants for a split second when I confused Forgotten worlds with Another world. Moving on...



Atlantis1982 said:

I just want to mention that I have the Anthologies, but Metal Slug 2 was my first Metal Slug game I played and thought it is a great run-n-gun.



Kokstra said:

Just bought Metal Slug 2 and I must say while it looks really good it just suffers from way too much slowdown the moment two or more enemies show up, I'm really disappointed because I really enjoyed playing Metal Slug 1



gameking23 said:

Yaah for catch up weeks and new game weeks. Nintendo please do an even amount of both.



Corbs said:

Metal Slug 2 review is now up. My recommendation is wait for Metal Slug X if you can. The slowdown in Metal Slug 2 will try even the most patient and understanding gamer.



Sonic_tails1 said:

I'm actually surprised you guys didn't get Boogerman but at least you got Metal Slug 2, as someone said it'll probably be released in
NA on monday.



Viral said:

Happy Thanksgiving 1 day late. I was working and my family celebrated it without me since I'm in England. I think that Nintendo needs to release Marble Madness, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Secret of Mana. I never played Secret of Mana and I'm definitely picking that one up.



aphexbr said:

No love for Forgotten Worlds? It's probably not dated well, but I loved this back in the day when I had it on the Atari ST...



Warioware said:

I thought the PAL release for World of Goo was going to be retail only with some extra content thrown in.....? I'd still consider it but I'd rather have it as a WiiWare download since there's not much else coming to WiiWare that I'm interested in at the moment. Which makes the two week wait for VC releases more of a pain.



WoRMaSTeR said:

I actually bought a points card and 3rd classic controller because I was sure Mana would come. Well I guess they are not wasted, but how long is it gonna take to release that damn game? Now would be the perfect time to release this, since let's face it - there is absolutely nothing worth playing on the Wii right now.



WarioFan63 said:

I thought the PAL release for World of Goo was going to be retail only with some extra content thrown in.....?

Yeah that was the original plan, however a few weeks back they announced theyre going through with a WiiWare release for PAL after all. Theyre shooting for a December release too I believe.



Bass_X0 said:

#38: The Official Nintendo Magazine of England said it should be out this year and that it was just delayed. I wouldn't put too much faith into that though.



ness said:

#16 (Jolted85): "least you guys got 3 games, we only get 2 or 1."

Yeah, but we get VC-Games only every two weeks, so it's likely the same .



Adamant said:

Here's Japan's December lineup, for those interested:

Atlantis no Nazo
Ninja-Kun: Majou no Bouken

Nobunaga's Ambition

Master System:
Wonder Boy in Monster World

Mega Drive:
Earthworm Jim

Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi
S. C. I.
Jigoku Meguri
Fire Pro Wrestling 3




Starwolf_UK said:

least you guys got 3 games, we only get 2 or 1.
But we have to wait 2 weeks for those 3 games

Here's Japan's December lineup, for those interested:

Atlantis no Nazo
I have a freind who really likes Atlantis no Nazo...just a shame he doesn't have a Japanese Wii. The Japanese getting Earthworm Jim feels odd, I don't think they ever got it for the Megadrive (due to that system tanking over in Japan) so in some sense that is Japans first import title...will they have to apy 900 points though?



Drake said:

Japan pays 600 points for MD games, and it's not an import, so no



slangman said:

Disappointing week for me. If it wasn't for the fact I already own the Metal Slug Anthology I would have downloaded Metal Slug 2. Oh and it's great we finally get a SNES game but why Space Invaders instead of Secret of Mana? NoE really knows how to delay anticipated SNES games don't they?

@Starwolf_UK According to wikipedia there are a couple of Mega Drive games released on the VC that never got released in Japan (Vectorman for example)



Terra said:

I was planning to get the anthology so i'll pass on Metal Slug 2 but i'm glad it's finally available. As for Forgotten Worlds, i was interested at first but now after seeing the reviews, i'll pass. Same for space Invaders, i won't be getting any SI on the VC. You can Get Even for 300 points cheaper and i have the original on one of those TV plug-in and play arcade games machines.



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: but you can't Get fully Even without spending 2000 points in total
RE: old games:
Super Smash Bros wouldn't go amiss, either. In fact - the whole N64 wouldn't go amiss IMO :¦



kitroplious said:

"Something tells me that Picross isn't quite as popular as SoM."

Yes, we've been waiting....BASICALLY A YEAR for Mario's Super Picross. I have no idea when we'll get the game.



Quimby said:

Whats with all the Metal Slug 2 bashing? Yeah, Metal Slug X may be technically superior, but 2 is just so much more fun! Most of the changes to game play just served to annoy me. Mummy dogs and those stupid sliding missile things? no thanks. It was always a downer when accidently picking up the sliding missiles, because they are so damn useless.



Cally said:

I played Forgotten Worlds on Capcom Classics Collection with a friend and had some good fun with it . . . I think we actually beat it, and the ending has the most hilarious mistranslation ever.



Clayfrd said:

I can spend hours blasting through Metal Slug 1-6 on Metal Slug Anthology. I love the Remote+Nunchuck controls, so the version on MSA suits me just fine. I'd recommend any Metal Slug to anyone who doesn't own a copy of MSA and can't find one and can't access eBay (wait, that leaves virtually no one who uses the VC).



Bass_X0 said:

Well, I said that just because its a NeoGeo game which usually gets released in the other country soon after its released. plus its the only european game from last week which had yet to be released in america plus i know how solo game week crazy nintendo have been lately. i was actually hoping to be proved wrong. Not a good time to be correct.

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