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Forgotten Worlds is a side-scrolling shooter, one of the first games to incorporate 360 degree aiming and shooting, a revolutionary feature at the time. And no need to go to the arcade to play - this Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version brings the game right into your home!

It is the 29th century. Years ago, without warning, warships broke through the sky, carrying fiendish aliens. They rained down fire, bombs, missiles and napalm, making the planet barren and inhospitable. Humanity was enslaved and Earth became known as the Forgotten World. In a hidden place, a group of brave humans raised two children in secret as warriors, training them for battle. The two warriors emerged as armed machines of incredible power - the Nameless Ones.

Take your place as the powerful Nameless Ones and fight the hateful invaders! Collect Zenny to upgrade your weapons and satellite, and free the planet that was once called "Earth".

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Forgotten Worlds is a side-scrolling shooter, one of the first games to incorporate 360 degree aiming and shooting, a revolutionary feature at the time.

Forgotten Worlds was an interesting shoot-em-up arcade game back in the days. Not only was it developed by Capcom, it featured 2 player simultaneous play and a innovative control system were you rotated a second joystick on a 360 degree axis to determine...

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User Comments (21)



deggs said:

one of my fav genesis games as a kid. i never got the capcom arcade collection volume 1 for ps2 for some reason so i'll definitely pick this one up...

strangely enough, capcom used the same type of controls in eco fighters and that game is also an amazing shooter (if not the best shooter that i have ever played)...



Django said:

I've spent A LOT of coins on this arcade when I was a kid. Looking forward to this release in EU.



Ragnor said:

I spent many many hours playing 2 player coop on the Megadrive as a kid.

One player mode was impossible ;[

I also remember that someone I knew kept talking about how hot the shop girl was.



CanisWolfred said:

I find it funny how they never explain how they can just defy gravity like that. Apparently several games did the same thing as this, only better, so I won't be getting this when it's released.



Betagam7 said:

how exactly do you control the direction you fire in while moving your character with a mega drive pad? Controls are usually what ruin MD shooters for me as there arnt enough buttons



Dazza said:

You have to use two buttons to rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise. It does spoil things a bit sadly in this Mega Drive port.



Link79 said:

I'm sorry but this looks and sounds like crap. Guess I'll pass on this one.



slangman said:

Sounds ok and unique to me although it does look a bit rough. Not really after another shooter at the moment though since I have tons of them on my VC to complete and they are probably more enjoyable then this one.

Just realised i wounder how this game plays with the gamecube and classic controllers analog stick?



GN0LAUM said:

I'll second the motion that this looks terrible. I'm sure some people will enjoy it but the control scheme has got to be the worst part of this conversion. I'd rather try the arcade.



mwaawm said:

This was ok as a shooter and at least innovated with the multidirectional firing its just a problem to get used to the fiddly controls, was one of the 1st games I got on my ST so probably a fair bit of rose tinted specs employed. Another game that employed similar multidirectional firing was Midnight Resistance now thats one that Id love to see on the VC



The_Fox said:

This game was much better in the arcade. I know that sounds obvious comparing a 16-bit game with an arcade game, but this time its the not the graphics that hurt it. Still an O.K title on the Genesis, though.



AlphaNerd01 said:

Meh. It's available on Capcom Classics v1/PSP, not to mention I have the Genesis cart. The 3/5 stars and prefaced review is pretty fair. I'm a huge Genesis fan, but this game is pretty average.



Manicfatty said:

Yes, it's available on various Capcom compilations, including the PS2. That is the one I would recommend, as the movement and firing are handled with the analog sticks. While this isn't perfect, it does feel 110% better than the poor button solution. And it's the arcade version.

It's a shame their wasn't a stick mapping solution for the classic controller. I also wish that we would start seeing some original arcade games instead of their poor console cousins. I'm just sayin', why not? I'd pay the extra loot for some arcade games that never made it to our shores!



Shiryu said:

Yahy, you used my video for this one. I really love all of Capcom's CPS1 games and this one is truly special, I first played it on ZX Spectrum! Really good conversion IMO.



Steviis_Father said:

This game looks awesome, and strangely similar to Natsume's S.C.A.T. Of course, the graphics are much better, but is there any reason why they both utilize the same game mechanic? Which came first? (I can tell you honestly that Forgotten Worlds looks a whole lot better, while S.C.A.T. looked...well, like scat.)



President_Leever said:

I'd give it a weak 6 personally. The gameplay is pretty unbalanced, it's too short and the audio quality is poor.

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