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Space Invaders: The Original Game (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Experience one of gaming's iconic franchises in this perfect rendition of the arcade classic!

Take aim at the field of invaders relentlessly marching towards you. Move quickly but carefully, and use the shields for protection as you avoid missiles fired by the aliens. Try to destroy all of them before they reach the bottom of the screen!

Further enhance the nostalgia by choosing from several modes that simulate different versions of the arcade game (such as upright cabinet or black and white). Or, if you want to prove your superior skills to a friend, try the brand-new VS mode and see who can stop the alien menace the quickest!

All in all, this is pure classic gaming at its best, now with no coins required!

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Experience one of gaming's iconic franchises in this perfect rendition of the arcade classic!

In 1978 Space Invaders was the talk of the town, people were lining up in their droves to part with pocket change for a turn on this new groundbreaking videogame from Taito. Of course as videogame technology moved on this humble game was surpassed by many...

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User Comments (59)



Terra said:

Is this version better than the awful NES Version or is releasing the SNES version just a way to make more money from us?



Jazzem said:

I do really like Space Invaders but I don't think I 800 points like it. Still Space Invaders Extreme on DS (And PSP I assume) is fantastic and highly recommended for anyone wanting a Space Invaders fix



CanisWolfred said:

I only played this at an arcade, and I really didn't like it. I think it was just because of the damn paddle, though, since the more I see it, the more interested I get. I'll make sure to pick it up once it finally hits the states.


I played the PSP demo of it, and it was fantastic! I almost picked it up last week, but had to pass. I'll make sure to get it some other time, though.



Adamant said:

Calling it "one of the first real video games" is somewhat f a stretch, but yeah, this is definitly a classic.

@Terranigma: Yes, this is miles better than the NES version. It's completely arcade-perfect.



Umm... I love Space Invaders and all, but between Taito Legends 1 and 2, I think I've seriously gotten my fill. I have better places to be spending 800 points, especially when I already own arcade-perfect ports of Space Invaders, Space Invaders Part 2, Return of the Invaders, Majestic Twelve, Space Invaders DX, and Space Invaders '95. You can see where I'm coming from, right?

Speaking of which, both of those collections are totally awesome. <3

In fact, correct me if I'm wrong since my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I am more than a little sure that this game was pretty much identical to Space Invaders DX. >_>

Yeah, only seriously hardcore Space Invaders fans need apply. Everybody else, get the Taito Legends collections. You'll have more Space Invaders than you'll know what to do with, and about 60 other games, many of them awesome (and plenty of shmups in the second one).



Don said:

It costs more to download this game than to buy a copy of the SNES cartridge new sealed off Ebay or Half.com.



Kevin said:

I never could get into space invaders. The last one moves too damn fast!



Terra said:

I was never gonna buy this on here but i was thinking of getting Extreme. Good way to put it Jogurt the Yogurt although not all of us have a DS or PSP. I have a DS but others might not.

Still, even those with a DS that are true gamers like us guys/girls on here shouldn't call themselves a true gamer if they haven't even tried Space Invaders as well, who hasn't played it?. Same thing for Pac-man or other arcade classics



Jolted85 said:

I played this on Taito Legends 2 on PS2, but I don't think it's worth 800 points, however I do like how the game speeds up the noise when the enemies move closer, makes you hurry up lol.



bob_zach said:

who the hell would use 800 precious wii points on a classic u can play 4 free on the computer.



The_Fox said:

You'd really have to be blinded by nostalgia to even think about paying 800 points for this gaming fossil.



WiiMan192 said:

Nup, if you want Space Invaders, download the upcoming Space Invaders Get Even. Good game but not worth 800 points



Kurachi said:

i dont think i know a person around my age who dont know this game (and who's busy with computers/consoles)
its such an old game, if bored, you always have this game to play, its simple and a kid can control it
also i made ssbb level of this game
i give it 5/5 for its easy control and for the time when it was made
because for back then it was a popular game, for me, too

oh and btw, can anyone tell the differences between this old one and the newer ones (except for prices) ? because i dont get it, its a simple game, if you change this then its not the same anymore i think



The_Fox said:

800 points for this? It is a classic of course, but Nintendo is really bending its gamers over a barrel on the cost of this.
I know 800 is a flat cost, but still.



slangman said:

One star. Dunno if it's a bit harsh since i would like to somehow play the original game. But than again 800 points might be a bit too much for a really old game that might have been fine on the NES.



blackknight77 said:

@ slangman
No its not to harsh Space Invaders is OK if you paying 25 cents not 800 points. If you are a diehard child of the 80's it may be worth it but thats about it.



slangman said:

I did play this game in some other form a long time ago. I quite liked it but that 800 Points tag puts me right off.



Bass_X0 said:

yeah, i really think the points per game on each system should be "recommended" and that publishers could set their own costs depending on the game. Games like this would be lower but i can imagine Secret of Mana costing 1000 points if this was in place so maybe its not such a good idea after all. Anyway, this game had to come to VC some time.



slangman said:

I wish some sort of system like that did get introduced. If it would increase the points of other games then i guess it's best not to.



Rootbeer said:

Really? Space Invaders? I didn't even know they bothered with this on the SNES. The Atari 2600 version of this was good enough for me, and you could probably pick up the Taito collection for the same price as this unnecessary port.



Ricardo91 said:

Hold the phone! So Nintendo is having us pay $8 for a port of a 1978 arcade game with barely any enhancements?
is this some kind of joke? If so, I don't find it very funny. Why don't they have me pay $8 for a barely-improved version of Pong while they're at it?

Besides, I have this game on my Google desktop.



soniczelda_dude said:

Yeah, 800 points is a serious rip-off for such a primitive arcade game. Except it has FOUR new modes including: a colour mode! (weeps softly in pure agony)



Adamant said:

Feh, 1 star is way too low. Call it a cheap cash-in if you want, but Space Invaders is still a fun game, and releasing the best version there is on a VC-compatible system makes sense. The game does exactly what it says on the box - it's Space Invaders for the SNES, with all the little touches you can ask for (no, additional modes and stuff are not "touches").
There's a market for this, like it or not.

Any mention about Space Invaders Get Even is completely ridiculous, too - the two games have nothing in common apart from their title.



blackknight77 said:

Hmm... I can see your point Adamant. I guess I can't say much when I downloaded Volleyball and Urban Champion. They too have market cause I am part of it.



The_Fox said:

@post 38.
1 star is a perfect rating. The game was groundbreaking but hasn't aged well (not that it isn't fun, mind you), but the truth is that it isn't worth $8. If you don't think price should be a factor on scores, then I don't quite follow your logic. Even if this game was half this price I'd be surprised to see it get 2 stars.



WaddleWave said:

Taito Legends 2 includes this game. So by now that collection can be bought for $12...do you get my drift? This game alone is fun in multiplayer but playing the same game with just different colors is the same as looking Sin City in color again. You will go "Meh, I knew that was going to happen but it sures looks nice."



Adamant said:

Not everyone knows that, not everyone has something to play it on, not everyone is going to dig through stores for an obscure title like that, and not everyone who just wants to play an old classic is going to care anyway.
Tons of VC games are available on compilations you can get cheap on Ebay. Why single out this one?



GodsUncle said:

Mr Cheez: "So Nintendo is making us pay $8 for a port of a 1978 arcade game with barely any enhancements? "

Thats just it, Nintendo is not making you do anything, you have the option of not purchasing it, and as sir Adamant is explaining, there is definitely people out there that DO want this. Why complain about any game coming out when even the worst of games have fans that owned the cartridge when they were younger and want to get it for a mere kick of nostalgia.



StarDust4Ever said:

I have an import Famicom cart (Japan only - NES version) of this game - it is not worth 8 bucks. On the flip side, this is one of the VERY few Atari 2600 games that I can even so much as stomach - Save your Wii points for something else...



Bass_X0 said:

#35: Hold the phone! So Nintendo is making us pay $8 for a port of a 1978 arcade game with barely any enhancements?

Its a Super Nintendo game. All Super Nintendo games cost 800 points or more regardless of what the game is. They don't lower the price for smaller games - look how Donkey Kong 1 costs the same as Super Mario Bros. 3



Ricardo91 said:

@GodsUncle. You know what? You're right. No one's forcing me to buy these games. Perhaps "making" was the wrong word. I should changing to "having".
I've noticed in game review comments that even the worst games have their fans, and there's probably someone out there who played this game to death as a kid. Good for them. They can pay for it, have fun, and relive some happy memories. I'm just not one of those people.

@Bass. I know that. But that doesn't mean they couldn't have given us the NES version at a cheaper price! But, that sort of thing is to be expected from Nintendo...



Clayfrd said:

@Adamant - You've got a point. Just about all (if not all) of the Sonic games have seen a cash in... umm... I mean compilation release by Sega on the Cube (among other systems, but it's technically only fair to assume that a user of this site only has a Wii, at least current-gen, I doubt many do, but maybe a few), but VCR didn't give them a 1. I know that's not what this review was based on, but I like your logic.

I'll probably pass on this one. I already have Space Invaders Revolution for DS, which has this (I know, SIR isn't very good, but that's not the point). Even if I didn't have this on another platform, I refuse to pay 8 bucks for it. That's the major problem: the price. I know there's a fixed rate for SNES games, but for something as itty bitty as this, there's no excuse to not lower the price. This is achievable on far more inferior systems.



Adamant said:

I thought SIR was decent enough. Way too easy, terribly short, and without much in the way of replay value (outside of the original Space Invaders, of course), but there's a couple hours worth of entertainment in there until you beat it. At it's original asking price, it's a bit too much, but it's worth a look if you find it lying around in a budget bin somewhere.

(oh, and I only have a Wii this generation)



WaddleWave said:

Oh yeah... I have SIR(Space Invaders Revolution) too for the DS. The funny thing is I bought it last week at a retailer(they don't pay me for advertisement!) for $7..... Like Adamant states, is worth a look.



DoctorJest said:

As an unmodified version of the original, 800 points is a joke. This game has been available in a hundred different FREE forms for twenty years, and some of those are considerably better than the original. If I was going for this kind of game, I'd go with Galaga '90, not this - it's far, far better than its 30-year-old ancestor, and 200 points cheaper to boot.

Probably just one for the fans, or those looking for a nostalgia kick. And with nostalgia, I think the same thing'll happen to me if they ever find their way to a Centipede release...



Kurachi said:

heh, i'd now like to see th real ratings, the ratings of the game itself, not the price
i dont really like it anymore, not the way i liked it as i did before
it was in a time when there wasnt much, 800 points look like a lot, but is just 8 bucks (8 euro here)
those who think its worth it buy it, but i'm not interested in it anymore
and i still dont know what real differences are made between versions :S



Bass_X0 said:

ratings have everything to do with price. since Wii Points are very unlikely to ever become cheaper or more expensive over time, the price you see is the price you pay. and some games offer very little. Think how Secret of Mana costs the same as this does.



Kurachi said:

i meant the real ratings of people, lot of people who arent here but have it
and ratings for this game, how much fun, not counting the price
what we see here are ratings for both prices and the gameplay
what i wanna see is the gameplay ratings
its all about taste, i bet that enough people buy this one



truercki said:

ok its Space Invaders, something nice from the past but 800 points is way too much for this, sorry.



Divock said:

Yeah...if it was 500 points, it would be a little higher, but 800 points is just stupid.

I can't believe SPACE INVADERS made the Super Nintendo have one bad game released on the VC. Dangit...



Goomba2996 said:

LOL This is 800 points! Nintendo has gone crazy if they actually think somebody gonna download this for 800 points! I still can't stop laughing at that 800 points. People you are stupid if you are thinking about downloading this. Also Nintendo why don't ya put up a sens version of pong for 800 points. People please I beg of you don't even think of downloading this. NEVER download it ever.



GotWii said:

Everyone has said it 800 points way way too high for this.
For less or even free you can get this for so many other platforms.
I loved this game when it was in the arcades (the sound of the missiles and the march beat was cool for its day) but it has aged so very badly I got bored just watching this video clip. Give us a break Nintendo



Bass_X0 said:

who the hell would use 800 precious wii points on a classic u can play 4 free on the computer.

The poor saps who have to download each and every VC game just to review it.

LOL This is 800 points! Nintendo has gone crazy if they actually think somebody gonna download this for 800 points!

800 points is the minimum for SNES games regardless of content and quality.

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