Mega Man 9 Challenge List

To those of you that have downloaded Mega Man 9: are you guys feeling the burn yet? Capcom's latest WiiWare title is certainly a game that likes to challenge the player, and the developer has even included a range of tasks that you must complete to finish the game with a 100% progress rating.

The full list is as follows:

01 Waltz - Clear the game in 120 minutes or less.

02 Tango - Clear the game in 90 minutes or less.

03 Jitterbug - Clear the game in 60 minutes or less.

04 Bust a Move - Don't miss with the Mega Buster and clear the game.

05 Headbanging - Defeat 8 bosses without your helmet.

06 Bunny Hop - Clear any stage jumping 50 times or less.

07 Mr. Trigger Happy - Clear the game with more than 500 Mega Buster shots.

08 Double Trouble - Visit all stages twice and clear the game.

09 Mr. Perfect - Clear the game without getting damaged.

10 Invincible - Clear the game without dying.

11 Almost Invincible - Clear the game without continuing.

12 No Coffee Break - Clear the game without using any energy or mystery tanks.

13 Air Shoes - Clear the game without falling into any holes.

14 Mega Diet - Clear the game without picking up more than 8 energy pellets.

15 Encore - Clear 4 stages using the same special weapon.

16 Peacekeeper - Clear the game by defeating the fewest number of enemies possible.

17 Conservationist - Clear the game by using the least amount of weapon energy possible.

18 Farewell to Arms - Clear 4 stages without using a special weapon.

19 Gamer's Day - Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.

20 Daily Dose - Clear the game once a day for 3 days.

21 Whomp Wily! - Clear the game once.

22 Truly Addicted! - Clear the game for the 10th time.

23 Truly Hardcore! - Clear the game for the 30th time.

24 Conqueror - Defeat your 100th enemy.

25 Vanquisher - Defeat your 500th enemy.

26 Destroyer - Defeat your 1000th enemy.

27 World Warrior - Defeat every type of enemy.

28 Trusty Sidearm - Defeat the 8 bosses with the mega buster.

29 Pack Rat - Collect 999 screws.

30 Valued Customer - Purchase all items.

31 Shop a Holic - Purchase 30 items or more.

32 Last Man Standing - Defeat all bosses with only one pixel of energy left.

33 Survivor - Defeat one boss with only one pixel of energy left.

34 Hard Rock - Reach a boss' room without getting damaged.

35 Heavy Metal - Reach a boss' room without shooting.

36 Speed Metal - Reach a boss' room without stopping once.

37 Fantastic 9 - Accumulate 9 lives.

38 Fully Unloaded - Hit a boss with all special weapons before defeating it.

39 Blue Bomber - Defeat a boss without getting damaged.

40 Eco Fighter - Defeat a boss with only the mega buster.

41 Marathon Fight - Fight a boss for 10 minutes.

42 Quick Draw G - Defeat Galaxy Man in 10 seconds or less.

43 Quick Draw C - Defeat Concrete Man in 10 seconds or less.

44 Quick Draw S - Defeat Splash Woman in 10 seconds or less.

45 Quick Draw H - Defeat Hornet Man in 10 seconds or less.

46 Quick Draw J - Defeat Jewel Man in 10 seconds or less.

47 Quick Draw P - Defeat Plug Man in 10 seconds or less.

48 Quick Draw T - Defeat Tornado Man in 10 seconds or less.

49 Quick Draw M - Defeat Magma Man in 10 seconds or less.

50 Quick Draw X - Defeat the final boss in 180 seconds or less.

You can start crying now. This little lot makes the Xbox 360 achievements look like a walk in the park.

Thanks to both our faithful readers Worrybomb and x.SuperMario.x for sending the list in to us.