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EU VC Releases: DoReMi Fantasy and Ys Book I & II

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Can you believe it? It's already time to say goodbye to the Hanabi Festival, as this is presumably the last week with imports. But it goes out with a bang - Not only are there two more imports available, they're accompanied by two Turbografx games, one of which is spectacular.

First, the new imports:

DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure was released in the US almost half a year ago. What an unfair wait! Thankfully it's now out in Europe as well. In the game you play as Milon from Milon's Secret Castle (Which strangely hasn't been released on Europe's Virtual Console yet). The difference however is that instead of an exploration/puzzle game like Milon's Secret Castle, this game is actually a platformer. Featuring enjoyable gameplay, a variety of unique features (Such as blowing bubbles to trap enemies - Think Bubble Bobble!), extremely nice graphics and an unusual but catchy soundtrack, DoReMi Fantasy fetches a high price among collectors. Thankfully, you can now get it for just 900 Wii Points!

There almost always seems to be a stinker accompanying a great game. In this case that's Spelunker - This cave exploring game from Irem (Normally known for shooters) is brings out thoughts of Donkey Kong, as your character seems to die if he drops from a place that's higher than the length of his legs. Besides that it's fairly different - Your objective is to collect a variety of items to gradually work your way down a mine to find treasure. The concept sounds ok on paper, but the game is obnoxiously annoying and difficult, meaning you'll likely never see the end of the first stage. On top of that, the game was never released in Europe - You'll have to pay 600 Wii Points for it! Stay away!

After a 3-month break Hudson has also seen fit to release some new Turbografx delights in Europe. And what a way to start! Ys Book I & II is a compilation of the games Ys I and Ys II, both originally developed for NEC's old PC-8801 system. Unfortunately, the PC-8801 was never released outside Japan! This package includes remakes of both games - Not only do they have upgraded graphics and gameplay, there is also a fantastic CD soundtrack and, yes, voice acting! It was mostly because of this game that the Ys series managed to get a cult following in the west. Fans of the game will probably tell you this is one of the greatest RPGs of all time - Trust us, they aren't lying!

Accompanying Ys is Chase H.Q., a port of a Taito arcade game. You play as a cop who has to arrest a variety of criminals by catching up to them in his car. The game doesn't have too much depth, but it was an arcade classic. If you loved the game back in the day, it might be good to retrieve lost memories, but otherwise, it's a fairly unimpressive game, and we don't really recommend it.

Unlike last week, there were no WiiWare games released this time. Oh well, you've got two great VC games! This week also brings Europe to 249 VC games - What will the 250th one be, we wonder?

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AlexSays said:

Wow. This is an amazing week.
I almost wet myself from excitement for those in Europe.



timp29 said:

Why are north americans the first two in the europe release thread? hahah enjoy your e-fame guys

Either way, bring on y's I and II. Awesome

Anyway, onto the 250th game discussion. Is it generally a nintendo title? Maybe we will see majoras mask or super mario kart?



CanisWolfred said:

Wow. That is one awesome week! Two fantastic games, and no Spelunker in site! I don't think it gets much better than this!

Edit: Nevermind, there it is.



Ark said:

2 great games, a "meh" game, and a "blah" game(according to VC-R). I say definitely go for DoReMi and Ys 1 & 2.

A great week if you ask me.



CanisWolfred said:

What will be the 250? You already got a bunch of fantastic games these past couple of weeks, including SMRPG. What's really left to get?



I tried Ys, and I didn't like it. I'm just spoiled by the simplicity of the Mario RPGs I guess.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Ys book .
My first Turbo-CD game has arrived .

And this week is Amazing great week with a good choice of games for anyone yes im happy



@ AngelBlack 187

You know (although you probably don't), that my birthday is September 10th. I e-mailed Nintendo (prior to 9/1/09) and told them that my birthday was soon, and that Super Mario RPG would make a great present. This had nothing to do with their decision making I'm sure, but still! You should tell them it's your birthday soon, and who knows what will happen?



Jolted85 said:

Look forward to Demon's review later, I already have Chase H.Q. but I'd like to see the review for Ys as I know nothing about it, and I'm not all for DoReMi I just can't get into it, maybe it's me though.



Lugia2 said:

Wait, you guys just got Ys? Guess that's what you get for getting PM and SMRPG first...

I kid! You guys never got SMRPG in the first place! Nice to see you got it!

So, for #250: Earthbound just for giggles?



MrPinguy said:

for #250, EarthBound, and not just for giggles. ^^

(Who knows? Nintendo full of suprises, good and bad, but still full of suprises.)



Abodi said:

Excellent! i'm having a great week. was my Birthday yesterday and made out with 6000 wii points.

got to grab Ys and Mario RPG, but i have so many games i've yet to play already.

Great week all round. Austraila did get ys right?



classicmike said:

The 250th game should be a nintendo title because this is Nintendo's virtual console, but hey, who knows, it could be from any system on the virutal console.



RevolverLink said:

Sounds like a really good week for Europe. Ys is really fun and unique and I keep meaning to download DoReMi fantasy, because I keep hearing really good things about it.



TBoneTony said:

Ys is a great RPG from what I have played so far,

and with Super Mario RPG two weeks ago, I FINALLY have some real top quality RPG action.

Hope that Square Enix will sort out the rights to the BIG game I am really looking for.

Chrono Trigger, PLEASE come to PAL Virtual Console next Hanabi in 6 months time.



Kultist said:

Great week for you Europeans! Ys really seems great (just got into it, combat is still a bit weird, it makes the game a bit arcadey) as well as DoReMi, which I guess I should get once I beat Milon's Secret Castle, only because it looks so colorful!
And guessing for Nintendo title for "landmark" releases seems like a no brainer to me, and Earthbound seems very likely. They already have Kid Icarus, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc. They pretty much have every iconic character there, so Ness should be next!



CanisWolfred said:

Wait, Sonic SMS wasn't released yet right? I'm guessing it'll be that! Maybe even Sonic & Knuckles.



Abodi said:

TBoneTony, you do know that Chrono Trigger was just released on the DS, no graphics updates or anything and charging full price, why give the exact same game on the VC for less money?



Kevin said:

It's coming out after thanksgiving around here but besides that, since its coming to DS there's pretty much zero chance of it appearing on the Virtual Console now.



Abodi said:

ok not just released, just about to be released.
in the end that has nothing to do with the point the chrono trigger will never see a VC release.

on a side note, x.SuperMario.x : you avatar is very fitting, you often seem angry.



Mike1 said:

I know you haven't posted yet, but enjoy Ys 1 & 2. I know you have wanted that one for a while. Me, I'm enjoying SMRPG since I never played it before. Good update for Europe.



AlexSays said:

That's a keen observation. lol
I never even noticed how angry Mario looks in my avatar.
Maybe it changes the way people read what I type. Because I really am a happy person, believe it or not.



Adamant said:

Aw, guys, Spelunker in itself is a fun little game. It's the NES port that sucks.

Yeah yeah, that's the one we got and all, but don't knock the game itself for that.



Virus said:

Geez, I didn't think these four games would all make it out on the same day, but low and behold, it has happened. It's a true Ramadan miracle (despite Ramadan starting on Tuesday).



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

France may have to wait an extra week for their 250th game, as next week may be a "WiiWare only" week (assuming they revert back to their non-Hanabi antics). It would be great if they get Super Mario Kart or Majora's Mask, but that may be asking too much! We'll see, I suppose!



JiggyGF said:

Good to see you all finally got DoReMi Fantasy. An excellent platformer there.



Yasume said:

And again a great weak =D

NoE >>>>>>>>> NoA I'm so glad that I'm European.



Kenji510 said:

Great week for you EU ppl that you got these cool import VC games... now its time to get the MaBoShI wiiware to come to NA since its a japanese game and im waiting for that too... hopefully we get that next week on the 8th of sept with some other cool VC games as well.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Heeeeh Y´s is finally out! Superb! Very good week in spite of terrible Spellunker and Chase HQ.

I doubt Nintendo will "celebrate" release 250. As far as I remember they didn´t do anything special for 200, Sure Mario RPG was released as nr 250 in US, but it was pretty much their turn to have it. Would Nintendo release a game like Earthbound or Kirbys Dream Land 3 so close to Super Mario RPG? Not likely. I wouldn´t be surprised if we´ll see some less good weeks coming, so I´m enjoying this while it lasts.



Wiiloveit said:

Mornin' all!
Ace VC week, though I won't be getting any (I have enough platformers and I dislike RPG's).

As for 250: hows about Earthbound, Super Mario Kart or a N64 game? We've still got two weeks to guess though, since it looks like WW and VC are alternating now that Hanabi is over



Rexy said:

I thought a setup like this would be too good to be true, but it HAPPENED anyway; I'm surprised In spite of Spelunker's presence, this is clearly the best Hanabi week around on quality alone, and now it's got me torn on whether to go for DoReMi or Ys first (!).



Phobetor said:

Great week!! Now all we've to do is wait another two weeks to find out what the 250th game will be.

A great site covering the Ys series and system comparisons (screenshots): Classicgaming Ys.



WarioFan63 said:

I actually have some more respect for Spelunker after watching my friend and his stepdad enjoy an hour or so of it on their NES.

And then I found out there was a Spelunker 2! I smell an Import!



Stratos said:

@ Abodi & x.SuperMario.X
I never even noticed x.SuperMario.x's avatar had an angry expression until you mentioned it. lol on me.

I just finished Book I of Ys and started book 2. Very fun and retro filled. It took a bit to adjust to the different play style but I realize that it is not much different from other games where you click on enemies to attack (Diablo comes to mind minus the loot). The 80's style rock music is very enjoyable.
With Europe and US pretty much even in number of titles released do you think they may start trying to balance out the missing games?



Bensei said:

The next VC Games will come in two weeks, I'm pretty sure game 250 will be Mario Golf.

I guess we get Plättchen next week.



Stratos said:

I was thinking that myself as well. Though I wish they would put up the N64 Custom Robo from Japan VC as an import game. I'd like to try it.



Bass_X0 said:

I'd download DoReMi straight away but my local game shop which i have credit with don't have any cards in stock and i can't afford any points any other way.



slangman said:

Finally DoReMi has come over. Took far too long to come. While i like the idea of Ys its futher proof that the Wii needs a HD add on for big games like it.



Terra said:

Quite a Good week. DoReMi will be fine for me. as for the other 2 games, they'll be some fair avoiding of those that's for sure.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Eeeeeeh!* Now everyone has Ys! Everyone is pleased!
For now.

By the way, if Mother 2 is released in Europe as #250, then it might mean that Mother 2 would be in the USA soon, or at least its release would me even more sure. (I think PK Call In would speed up/add assurance to either release/both releases.)

  • = That is supposed to be a cheering sound.


Objection said:

I don't think you should expect much if anything from No.250 considering yuo just got SMRPG and this great week. Uh oh, Europe's almost caught up with the U.S.! Unthinkable!!



Bristol_Red said:

So many games, such little time!

DoReMi looks very desirable and I'm a sucker for Chase HQ. Added to that, I still haven't got downloading Super Mario RPG or The Lost Levels from last week!

Don't any of you have lives, families, kids...or even a job???



blackknight77 said:

@ Dazza- it sure seems like Eurogamer does not like anything. And since when is Chase HQ the best of the bunch.
@ Bristol Red- 2 jobs, and work on a Masters degree part time. my spare time spent at church and the gym. But I always make time to play video games

Also it looks like Hudson has posted Final Soldier and Cho Aniki for Monday. It might be correct



mamac said:

i am still waiting for majoras mask won't be happy until that is released!!



AngelBlack187 said:

Badknux im gonna give it a go but somehow i dont think they will feel pity for me. but heck who knows. smrpg thats some birthday present. and x.SuperMario.x i feel so sorry for you ha ha. that really does suck. good stuff



Rapadash6 said:

Very nice update for you guys this time. DoReMi Fantasy is one of the finest platformers of its day and I highly recommend it to those who are still on the fence about it.

As for your 250th release, I'm not so sure it'll be anything spectacular as you've gotten so many good games recently. I mean, given Nintendos track record, the good releases don't last forever as we all know. I'm thinking you guys will probably get a C64 game to honor that number but we'll see.



Ricardo91 said:

I don't know whether to congratulate you guys on Doremi Fantasy and Ys, or to laugh at you for getting Spelunker (at 100 extra points no less!) and Chase H.Q.

But overall, a good week for you guys.

@Supermario. I've noticed for a while that your angry mario avatar always makes you seem more comfrontational. That's probably why I and other people often get the wrong idea about what you're saying.

Also, you got King of the Monsters on your birthday? Ouch.



Bass_X0 said:

why does Eurogamer even bother "reviewing" Virtual Console games?

"It's also not been translated from Japanese," Dan points out, "because it's not like Nintendo are charging extra or anything." Let's set fire to them.

Translating the game would bump up the price to 1100 points or maybe more. They charge 100 points extra as standard for import games and translating games isn't free. Its playable without being translated so whats the problem?



Bensei said:

It's playable, but you have to read the manual before, and you can make the decision in the game that are vital (or so i guess) like at the beginning of World 2



Bass_X0 said:

I played the ROM a while ago when it was released in America to see what it was like and there was a stage on the first world i got completely stuck on. i think i had to break blocks above me to get to the goal but i couldn't work out how.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

@Bass X0 Since it don´t cost Nintendo anything extra to put an import rom up instead of a "regular rom" it DOES feel like greed. Of course I gladly buy the games I like anyway, but it shouldn´t have to be that way. No translation= no extra work= higher price anyway?



Digiki said:

@Bass X0
I had the exact same experiance was playing the ROM at school, got to the that area, jumped around for a little while then gave up. I later found out you had to hold the bubble-blower button for a few seconds.

@ supermario
I completely agree with Mr. Cheez that your avatar does make you seem a bit more confrontational, and can play a role in misunderstandings, such as the one like 2 weeks back.



Bensei said:

They charge extra because you weren't able to buy that game in your region beofre, so it's a new game to those who don't import.

@Bass: you have to stand still and Charge, Milon will shoot Bubbles in 5 directions, one thing that I only learned from reading the manual, and it's necesary to beat the game



Bass_X0 said:

9/9/08 JP VC: Secret of Mana, Last Battle, Final Blaster

I'm surprised Seiken Densetsu 2 is being released so soon but I hope this means Secret of Mana will be released this month in america and europe (probably be sometime this year - super mario rpg took a while to be released on VC outside of japan).

And Faxanadu Guy, I'd love to see someone interview the guys who get to choose which titles come on VC and when and how much for.



dark_moogle said:

This has been a VERY good week for releases. Although something tells me we will only see 1 game in 2 weeks for our VC update (no actual proof, just a bad feeling in the back of my head that is completely unrelated to being hungover)



Viral said:

Yay, will be getting these shortly! If you want them, they will come.... (VC Games that is)



Alpo said:

Since it's September now I hope Mega Man 9 will be released soon.



Abodi said:

could one reason for the extra 100 (200 for ys) be due the fact that they need to license it for the region it was never released in originally?



Bensei said:

@Abodi: Exactly, Y's however is NOT a Hanabi Game, it's 200 Points more because it's a TurboGrafx CD game, those cost 200 points more



classicmike said:

I think I found out why we got worse releases for the summer and are starting to get better releases during the fall and winter. I think it is because that during the summer, people are outside a lot and are doing things so people are going to be inside to play videogames less. But once it starts to get cold out and kids are going to have to go back to school, they would be inside a lot more therefore people would play videogames a lot more during the cold season as to the warm season. At the same time, I could be wrong because maybe kids would play videogame more during the summer since there is no school and less during the winter because they have school. (this is only a guess, this is not how I think nintendo works)



Bensei said:

That's something called the "summer hole"...
This year however, it seems for many that it started in January on VC...



Cocoa_Man5 said:

on a side note for north america this coming monday we are going to get cho aniki and fianl soldier.



Bensei said:

My guess: 75% complaining about too much shmups and the rest will part themselves in "Nice but I pass", "Nice week for me" and other comments. I wonder if there will be complaints about the manliness XD



classicmike said:

@ Bensi: Like I said, it is only a guess, it is not how I think Nintendo runs the virtual console or wii ware.



Bensei said:

No, you're absolutely right, and it's not only Nintendo, it's not even restricted to gaming, it's the whole industry! (At least so it's in Europe)
You can realize that on TV too, and lately journalists in Germany complained about the summer hole because they don't have anything to report on



classicmike said:

@ Bensei: So u think i'm right? Well, it is kind of true by how poor some of the games were during the summer and by how great some of the games we are getting now are. I don't know whether to like or hate summer. Also, I don't know if you care, but sorry for misspelling your name in my last comment.



Corbs said:

Eurogamer do seem to be fairly harsh on games as a whole.

It does indeed look like Cho Aniki and Final Soldier will be coming to the US Virtual Console on Monday. I love Final Soldier, but Cho Aniki isn't at the top of my list, personally. It's just a bit too 'out there' for my taste.



Grumple said:

We are all excited to see the 250th game, but is it really going to be something special? Did Nintendo release something special for the 200th of 150th games?



Ricardo91 said:

Could the 250th VC release for Europe possibly be..............................................................EARTHBOUND?!?!?

Nah, impossible. Or is it?



Bensei said:

@Grumple: They released something special every 50 games. I don't remember which but I guess one of those was Super Metroid.

@Mr. Cheez: Till today the only sign that Earthbound could be an import is Ness in Brawl, no PEGI, USK or OFLC ratings yet (at least I haven't heard of them) It will very likely be Mario Golf



RGVEDA said:

Good releases during the Hanabi Festival

There are 2 Hanabi Festivals in a year, right? In May and September. Am i right? So we have to wait for next Year in May.

I hope now, that we will have some catch up Weeks. There are 15 games that the USA has received in 2007! It would be fair to have these games in Europe



classicmike said:

@ RGVEDA: Well you have some games that we don't have, but a catch up week, or month, sounds like a pretty good idea.



timp29 said:

Mario golf for 250 or wiiware only this week I think. But I love it when i'm wrong:D



classicmike said:

@ Timp29: Yeah I think you might have the closest guess as to what you might get on Friday.



I was going to ask if any of you guys had Super Smash Bros Brawl? Becuase if so, I would like your friend code.

People codes I would prefer: Classicmike, Mr. Cheez, x.SuperMario.x, Mickeymac, and don't forget Rexy. Best people on this site. Thanks a bunch!

Here is my friend code: 3308-5725-1790



Virus said: seems people have ignored Secret of Mana. If anything, I bet that would be Europe's 250th game. Mario Golf is also a good possibility, but for the sake of being abnormal, I'll say it'll be Secret of Mana for the big 2.5...mulitplied by a hundred...



Seems unlikely, but it is possible. Secret of Mana is pretty popular, and I'm sure a bunch of Europeans want it. Who knows with Nintendo.



timp29 said:

I thought generally the multiples of 50 game releases were nintendo's own titles



Virus said:

It is more likely than most of the games predicted on this comment page considering it is being released in Japan this month. I am confident that other than Mario Golf, Secret of Mana is the most likely choice for game 250. It would probably stregthen the relationship between Square-Enix and Nintendo if Nintendo did release Secret of Mana as that "landmark" entry. Still, you have a point about Nintendo's unpredictablilty. Personally, I think it would be hilarious if a crappy game marked the 250th spot.

Edit: Multiples of 50 have been Nintendo games usually, but sometimes other titles have been released with the Nintendo game (if I remember correctly, Sonic 3D was released alongside one "50" game).

Edit: I failed to remember correctly; Sonic 3D came out on the VC's 1 year anniversary. Oh well...



Oh yeah, Secret of Mana is coming out in Japan this month. Well that does make it more likely I suppose. I forgot about that.

I would like to see Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games on the Virtual Console. That would be neat, and save me a lot of money searching for new copies on eBay. I know, off topic, but still.



Bensei said:

GB and GBC may be possible, but I don't think GBA Games will make it to VC this console generation, since DS still support them...
My guess is that they will release a seperate Handheld VC for their next Gameboy/DS. You could add connectivity to Wii VC Games like Mario Golf or Pokémon Stadium



BB_Sting said:

It wouldn't make since for Nintendo to release Gameboy games on the Virtual Console since the gameboy is not a console but a handheld(I know, bein' technical here). They'll probably end up having a download service for a future iteration of the Gameboy/DS that allows you to download classic games and store them right on the unit. That would make more since because, quiet frankly, gameboy games are not designed to be played on a large screen. They could call it Virtual game boy or just Virtual Boy, opps, my bad



Digiki said:

I'll brawl you my code is in my last post in the SMRPG thread

I think a virtual handheld of something along those lines is realistic for the big N's next handheld.



Bensei said:

@BB Sting: Your "since" doesn't making any "sense" in that context...

Virtual Handheld is more likely, since there are more handhelds than the Gameboy that could be offered, for example the Game Gear



@ BB Sting

I was just saying it would be neat. I would like to have a working copy of Pokemon Yellow. Its the only Gameboy game I actually loved!

@ Mr. Cheez

Thanks, I got yours and Mickeymac's numbers!

@ Digiki

I couldn't find it, do me a favor and e-mail it to me:




Digiki said:

I'll just put it in the thread Mr. Cheez linked to.

Anyways I'll probably get Doremi sometime



Cool, and I'll add you guys as soon as my internet connection is working again. It poops out on me once in a while.



Digiki said:

Whoevers Tyler sorry about my blanking out before the fight I got a disk read error.

EDIT: After you left I managed to get into a fight with someone else, so I might be alright



Tyler and Badknux are one in the same! It was I all along!

No problem, these things happen. We'll play later!



Digiki said:

Oh alright, are you goning to be on around the same time today so we can try again?



It is my birthday today, and I have some plans. So I may or may not get around to it. Sorry about that.



Gameguardian said:

One of the most awesome series in the world (according to me); Ys has amazing music, an exciting storyline, quick and fun (if simple) gameplay mechanics as well as beautiful character design and artwork and great equipment/inventory system.

Ys Book I and II is like a dream come true! It's a fantastic experience and it really deserves its five stars I hope it goes well so that Falcom and Konami bring more games in the series here!

Long live Ys!

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