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Most Popular WiiWare Games in America (16th July)

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s Wednesday again, time to look at what the most popular games are in the Wii Shop. To check for yourself simply log on to your Wii Shop channel, go into the WiiWare section and then view “Popular Games”.

We are checking the list for the American region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Here is the list for 16th July:

1 (1) - My Pokémon Ranch
2 (2) - Dr Mario Online Rx
3 (3) - Defend your Castle
4 (5) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
5 (6) - TV Show King
6 (4) - Gyrostarr
7 (7) - LostWinds
8 (11) - Magnetica Twist
9 (9) - Family Table Tennis
10 (9) - Cocoto Fishing Master
11 (15) - SPOGS Racing
12 (10) - Block Breaker Deluxe
13 (12) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
14 (13) - Pop
15 (14) - Toki Tori
16 (N) - Major League Eating: The Game
17 (16) - Protöthea
18 (17) - Critter Round-Up
19 (18) - Star Soldier R

N denotes a new entry

Not too much movement this week, just a bit of reshuffling as Gyrostarr begins its descent. The firm favourites hold fast yet again. Surprisingly TV Show King is back in the top 5, it just goes to show the power of the causals market on the Wii.

SPOGS Racing made it to 11 which isn’t too hot as it has been out for over a week now. We would imagine this should decline from next week onwards, but you never know do you? Major League Eating made uneventful entry, but this could all change by next week as the E3 dust clears and some reviews of this game circulate across the web.

Very soon poor old Star Soldier R will be gone from our top 20 list forever. Say it ain’t so! Not before Critter Round-Up, is there no justice?

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s findings below as always.

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AlexSays said:

Oh my.
Am I the only one that feels bad for Toki Tori?

The list looks about right though.
Each of those games are in their position for a reason.



ttplayer92 said:

Yeah, for example, star solider R is in such a low place because it consists of two levels, costs 8 dollars, and is only meant for star solider fans which isnt even that much.



Peznaze said:

Interesting that Cocoto Fishing and Block Breaker Deluxe move as if they're joined at the hip. They launched the same week and have stayed close to each other ever since.

MLE made it to 16, eh? I'm sure it'll climb higher than that by next week.

Star Soldier... There's got to be a lesson learned from that. Gyrostarr shows that it's not "shumps don't sell"... Lostwinds shows that it's not "short play time = low sales"... I wonder what it is... probably "Don't advertise the fact your game only lasts 5 minutes, tops."



breaderer said:

WHY DOES EVERYONE BUY BAD GAMES???????? Toki Tori and SSR need to be waaay higher up



deadbattery said:

I'm anxiously awaiting the follow-up to My Pokemon Ranch - it's called "My Pokemon Nothing!" There's no gameplay or interactivity whatsoever - it's just the word "Pokemon" displayed on one of your Wii screens! For just 1000 Wii points! Since people will buy ANYTHING with the word "Pokemon" on it, Nintendo decided to forgo making another barely-improved Pokemon Box with bad, bad graphics, and is just focusing on Pokemon's money-magnetic logo this time! Whoopee! Coming to Wiiware this Christmas, right after "Butt Scratcher," "Income Tax Return Filer" and "Total Disappointment Simulator #25!"



hansolo350 said:

It's too bad that Star Soldier will never go any higher.

Also, where is the Major League Eating review?



AlexSays said:

The Major League Eating review is taking a while....
The game had a lot to digest.

See what I did there?



Omega said:

I also wonder why Toki Tori is ranked 15. It is such a beautiful game with long playing time and very nice graphics. It's, in addition to "Adventures of Lolo" on the VC, clearly one of my favourite games. Perhaps the puzzle genre is not as popular as I thought. Or they had better named it "Poke-Tori" or "Pikatoki-Chu Torimon".



Objection said:

@x.supermario.x Almost punny. I too await the review because I have some points and some free time next week. (I hope for Strongbad rather than PLATTCHEN next week, but either would be OK)



XCWarrior said:

I am starting to think this is simply total sales. Goes for both VC and WiiWare. You would think there would be more chnage than there is with these lists. Or is it just me that thinks this?



konkerdoodle said:

It's not total sales--it's definitely weekly sales. Or else the new games wouldn't jump up so high so fast, and we wouldn't see so much movement.



Airola said:

If the games are in order in the Popular Titles section of Shop Channel, then the European list is as follows:

1. My Pokemon Ranch
2. LostWinds
3. Pop
5. Cocoto Fishing Master
6. Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
7. Star Soldier R
8. Toki Tori
9. TV Show King
10. Block Breaker Deluxe
11. Actionloop Twist

(Yeah, only 9 games here in Europe)



hansolo350 said:

The VC sales are deffinitely weekly since every week one of the new games shows up and is then gone within the next two weeks.

At least Star Soldier seems to be doing okay in Europe.



JimMii said:

I'd love to see some developers create games consisting of one or two sporting activites similar in fashion to those included within the original Wii Sports (mini games that require limited skill).

I'm sure I'm not the only adult with a full-time+ job that enjoys a little down time, but doesn't feel like investing a substantial amount of time in learning and/or completing a game.

I realize Wii Sports Resort will soon be released, but I think there are still additional sports activites that could be replicated for nitch markets with minimal effort at a low cost. If anything, the development of such mini games would be great marketing for a start-up developer.

On another note...

My four year-old son loves that Polemon Ranch game (regardless of the fact that the interactivity is extremely limited). He can't wait to see the new Pokemon that arrive each day.



XGen said:

Despite having our own title on the service, it doesn't bother me one bit to echo the recommendation that everyone go buy Toki Tori.

It really is a great game and we've had a blast with it here at the XGen office.



Ricardo91 said:

@ttplayer and everyone disappointed in SSRs sales trouble. I'd gladly buy SSR, if it costed 200-300 points less or had a campaign mode.

As for spogs, I knew it'd conquer Toki Tori eventually. It's quite sad how such a clever, unqiue game is surpassed by such a turd.

And yea, where's the Major League Eating Review?

@Xgen. Glad to hear a developer praising Toki Tori! Your game is great too!



TheBaconator said:

If I could I'd buy toki tori a million more times to move it up to number 3 because Pokemon and dr.mario aren't moving no matter what.



CanisWolfred said:

@All sympathizers of Tof Toki Tori

Oi, I hear ya it sad to see a good game like that thrown to the wayside for lesser games like Spogs. Sadly, I am amongst the ummm...G-D darnit, I had a brain drain! I haven't bought Toki Tori either, and I'm sorry(I can never talk fancy when I wanta).

@Mr. Cheez

That's the kind of thinking that causes the downfall of great games such as SSR!

There was a point to me saying all this but I suddenly lost the capability for complex thought.



Chipmunk777 said:

SSR should have been priced at 500 points. It definitely would have sold much better. I love the game personally, but the general public definitely would have felt better about buying the game if it didn't cost such an odd number of points.

However, I am in utter shock that SPOGS surpassed Toki Tori. wtf?



Terra said:

Yes, SSR should have been cheaper but they would never have sold it at 500 points, 600 maybe. SPOGS Racing's position is surprising but it will soon drop. I was thinking of buying it as it looked alright until i saw the review. Every time i see a bad game, that is my standard of comparison, not MLE as i planned

I hear Plattchen, Pirates and Strong Bad will be released in the next couple of weeks in the US, so expect SSR to be the first game to disappear for good from the US list.



Objection said:

@XGen It takes a big (you know what i mean) developer to make recommendations and you chose a good one. Though next time you comment, feel free to talk about your next project!



Adamant said:

And here comes the current Norwegian list:
1) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
2) LostWinds
3) Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
4) Star Soldier R
5) TV Show King
6) My Pokémon Ranch
7) Toki Tori
8) Actionloop Twist
9) Block Breaker Deluxe
10) Pop



ttplayer92 said:

@Mr. Cheez

What are you talking about? I am not disappointed abot star soliders sales. I am just saying it got what was coming towards it. I fine its over price for just a time attack shooter.

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