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The Pokémon phenomenon debuts on WiiWare with My Pokémon Ranch, a game that lets you watch as Pokémon and Miis interact with each other for the first time. Enjoy the relaxing ranch life by viewing your ranch and its Pokémon, taking pictures and sending those pictures to your friends via the Wii Message Board. The more Pokémon and Miis you bring to your ranch, the more fun it becomes.

My Pokémon Ranch can be linked with the Nintendo DS Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl Game Cards to deposit the Pokémon you’ve caught in these games in your ranch. You can deposit a maximum of 1,000 Pokémon from up to eight different game cards. Make your ranch livelier by playing with your friends and family.

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Posted by Alex Knox

Is this WiiWare release a Dude Ranch or a Dud Ranch?

My Pokémon Ranch follows the franchise’s long, tumultuous history of 3D games with questionable design choices and narrow appeal. Unfortunately, this WiiWare offering is one of the worst offenders due to its strictly passive “gameplay”, ineffectual...

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My Pokémon Ranch To Be Updated For Platinum

Fans of Pokémon who have already purchased Pokémon Platinum (An update of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl), which was released in Japan a few days ago, may have noticed something - It's not compatible with My Pokémon Ranch.

Not to worry however, as Nintendo has already announced that they'll fix this. They will soon release an update for My Pokémon Ranch that will allow it to be linked to Platinum,..

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EU WiiWare Update: My Pokémon Ranch and Pop

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News: My Pokémon Ranch Due This Friday For Europe

My Pokémon Ranch Due This Friday For Europe

We’ve all complained that NoE never tell us what’s coming to WiiWare ahead of time. Not so this week, they’ve confirmed that you’ll be able to download My Pokémon Ranch this Friday, 4th July.

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News: USA WiiWare Update: My Pokémon Ranch

USA WiiWare Update: My Pokémon Ranch

A large number of our readers have eagerly been anticipating the release of My Pokemon Ranch on WiiWare. Well your wait is finally over as it is out today in North America. I am more of a 'Pokemon Italian Dressing' kinda guy myself, but I digress!

Watch out for our review coming soon! More from Nintendo's press release: Nintendo adds new and classic games to the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific..

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User Comments (65)



bobjenkins116 said:

this looks good but i will only download it if it's 800 points or less, also i hope it will give you unlockables for diamond or pearl the longer you play:)



Objection said:

then you are a fool. this is nothing more than storage-literally, and it takes away storage (from your wii) AVOID.



ReaperJ21 said:

i'll definatley get this game if u can take your pokemon back if u transfer them 2 the ranch, if not, then i probably won't get it



Atlantis1982 said:

(Thinks of Hell march, from C&C, when he saws that image of the rows upon rows of Pikachu) @_@



stinssd said:

I for one, not necessarily being a Pokémon fan, would think it fun to have a Pokémon for my Mii.



StarDust4Ever said:

One question: would I be able to add Pokemon to the ranch if I don't own any other Pokemon games for DS, Wii, or GC? If not, then this is just more junk for little kids to interface with their Poke-games. Not a franchise I'd want to seriously invest in, although I did by Pokemon Snap, mostly out of curiosity, tsk, tsk...

I don't regret purchasing it, but I got stuck in the cave level and can't find the secret exit.

I only have 48 blocks left on my Wii memory after having downloaded Toki Tori last week. For a 2D puzzler/platformer with 70 or so levels (they all are made up of simple blocks) that game is one prime piece of real estate on my system, and I'm not in the mood right now for running the old "SD swap" routine, so what games I have on the menu will probably just sit comfortably for a while.



Cowmansr said:

While I don't like the graphics either, I think there's a few reasons for them to look like that:
1. It makes the Pokemon fit better with the Miis, so it could be a style choice.
2. The limited size of the Wiiware format, combined with the endless numbers of different Pokemon might necessitate simpler designs.
3. The huge (and frightening) hoards of moving Pokemon that you can have on screen at once could possibly eat up resources.

Not that I'll be buying this game.



DanAran said:

Whats the point of this game? It just seems like a game where you can store all of your pokemon in a 3D enviorment. Sounds pointless.



mr_niceguy said:

I take back what I said about Critter Round-up, THIS is the most pointless game on Wiiware, or any platform for that matter. And they expect people to pay $10 for it...which people will, which is what makes this so outrageous! Words cannot express how much this game is a NO.



SergeEXE said:

Well, if you store enough Pokemon, then you can get a Mew. Probably the #1 reason to get this game, legitimate Rare Pokemon



RetroWare said:

This is actually a somewhat decent game. I donloaded it as soon as I came home from school last week monday. I think the models of the pokemon look fine due to the limits of WiiWare (you think they could've fit 999 pokemon nice looking 3-D pokemon? Come on).

It has encouraged me to play Diamond again since It hasn't been touched for almost a year. If anything, they could've let be able t trade more pokemon with her, because the ones she gives basicaly suck . I would give it a solid 6/10.



mr_niceguy said:

If you ask me, a cheat machine is all you need to get Mew. They're more expensive than Pokemon Ranch, but at least they're less time consuming, and you can get other good pokemon like Deoxys. Too bad I'm done with pokemon, my brother sometimes hastles me to finish Pearl so we could finally make good use out of that Action Replay I got.



Objection said:

Or...Ninty could just put Mew in legit in one of the games but make it hella hard...but no, they have to make you pay $10 or more to sludge through this...



Terra said:

Apparently, there is a review for My Pokemon Ranch in the latest ONM out Friday, which could mean that as it's not out yet, it could be released in Europe on Friday



Big_Sexy said:

Stardust, it's funny that you mention Pokemon Snap. This game reminds me a lot of it, only much simpler. Pokemon Snap was entirely on rails, and your pictures were scored - so there was always the challenge of getting a good shot within the time and movement constraints. With the exception of the Pokemon Wanted BBS, there isn't anything to do here other than take pictures of your cute Pokemon and watch them interact with each other. The things they do are cute, and can keep anyone (who like Pokemon) delighted for at least an hour each time a new Pokemon or two are added.
The problem is, it doesn't justify the price tag. I think it'd be a solid buy at 800 points, since it is mildly entertaining. Once you deposit Pokemon for the first time, Haley puts up 3 of the ones she wants on the BBS. You get 10 days to get them, and every time 2 of them are easy to obtain and the last is a little more difficult. The BBS is even kind enough to point out where the Pokemon are, and if you'll need a fishing rod to get it (including what kind). In return, she'll offer to trade you with one of the ones she's brought over time or one she started with. The Pokemon Haley offers aren't mindblowingly awesome, but they all come with some kind of item - meaning that you get a decent Pokemon along with some items that may be hard to come by. The Wanted challenges really keep you pushing through D/P, and once you clear one, she immediately replaces it with another. I found it was particularly good at assigning challenges to me, as it never pushed me too far (since I just recently started Diamond), but it always had one Pokemon in the next area - meaning I'd have to defeat a Gym Leader or move through the story a little bit just to catch it.

Or you could just cheat to get them, as mr.niceguy suggested. I was lucky and had to only purchase the Wii game, as my sister donated her unused Diamond to me. But as I don't cheat in any of my other DS games, it's hard to buy a $30 cheat device I'll only use on one game. Though I guess I could use it on Advance Wars DS also, so I'll have all the CO's unlocked...

@Stardust: I realize your comment is a month old, but in case you do see this: Near the exit of the cave, you'll be approached by a Magnemite. You should see a Voltorb on your right, sitting quietly by a wall. Throw an apple at it to make it explode, and voila! Secret exit.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Big=Sexy. Hey, thanks. I do sometimes go back and read over stuff again. I knew that the pictures on the cave walls are clues, and I saw the magnemite in the photo. I tried throwing tons of apples at the magnemites, but to no avail. That was a long while ago. I just deleted Snap earlier this evening (and several other seldom played VC games) to make room on my Wii system to download SPOGS. Now that you have told me this, I will find something else to delete off my Wii and recopy Snap from the SD card. The beauty of SNAP is that none of it's features require you to own or interface with any other Pokemon games and it has nothing to do with the rest of the series. As for Pokemon Farm, I decided to pass it up. It doesn't really deserve the #1 slot anyway.

I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness to reply. You seem a nice person



Final_Starman said:

Why Nintendo Power said that this is, "Recomended!" is beyond me. My guess is that they just loOOove terrible Pokémon cash-ins/Nintendo published games/games that just don't give a darn about making the Pokémon look like the Pokémon themselves instead of wierd, somewhat disturbing jumbles of polygons that were lazily thrown together by a two-year old who was given a very vague description of what the Pokémon look like and was then set to work on creating the rather sloppy models within two minutes.



deadbattery said:

^ I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm so sick of having this "game" stare back at me from the "Recommended" bunch every time I access the Wii Shop Channel's main page - where it has TOP BILLING! Geez, Nintendo, you really hurt my feelings when you underestimate my intelligence like that.


Just so you know, I'm actually an 18-year-old male.



MultiPLAYA79 said:

^ LOL... Nintendo should have called it : Our New Pokémon Cash-In™ but i guess that would've been too obvious...



shmayley said:

this is thr first pokemon game u can interac with them but hayley looks kinda strange looks like an awesome game



davegorack said:

dide hard pokemon fans need this game because you can get mew from it.
also a question. dos the game come whith pokemon in it?
im gonna get a wii soon but i dont have a DS( and i dont want one)
but i kinda whant this game



Big_Sexy said:

Thank you! I try to be nice. And I agree, this doesn't really deserve to be in the Top 20. It's like looking at the NPD and seeing WiiPlay up there. Sure, some of it's fun, but you know the only reason its there is because it comes with something that people want, despite it being only remotely related to the game. (See what I did there?)

It's not fair, but let's face it - look at what people are buying these days. The mass majority don't really care whether it's fun or not, as long as its pleasing to the eye and/or mildly distracting. There are calls to arms for better graphics all the time, but only the few who like to spend time posting on sites like this want a call for better gameplay. Personal preferences aside, the Top 20 is what people are buying.

It does come with pokemon. In fact, Haley will bring a new one every day (as long as you play it on a daily basis) but in all honesty, you won't get much enjoyment from this game unless you have the DS game. Platinum might be out soon, so you might want to hold out for that - unless you're really desperate for some Pokeymans.

If you really want something good that's Pokemon related, and don't want/need a DS game, get Pokemon Snap instead. It costs just as much, and it's actually a game!

Or if you're into puzzles, go grab Pokemon Puzzle League, which is based on (and an improved version of) one of the finest puzzle games of all time. It's a must have in my book.

Both of those are 1000 points, and are worlds better than My Pokemon Ranch.



Twilight_Crow said:

I need this game since I'm a pokemon game collector, but I just don't like the way those pokemon looklike, they really give me the creeps, hence I'm delaying this download as much as possible, still getting mew it's a nice thing.

You're totally right about PSnap PPuzzleLeague, I own them both, and two times each (cartridge and VC, didn't lie on the collector thing) and they are some of the best Pokemon games ever, far far far above MPR, truely recommended.



kitroplious said:

Just in case you all didn't know, you can save photos from My Pokemon Ranch on a SD card & upload them onto Facebook or some other place/site.



Big_Sexy said:

You can do the same with Snap, which is better since that's the main focus of Snap to begin with - you can get some really cool shots and show them off.



WiiMan192 said:

I spent the first few weeks checking this game every day for new Pokemon, but it lost its charm waaaaay too soon to be a good game. Avoid alert!!!
600 points would have been more like it (but of course it wouldn't go that low)



Big_Sexy said:

Well, Nintendork, before any negative posts appear, I'd like to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you can get enjoyment out of a game like this, then you should enjoy it without letting another person's grievances get to you. Sometimes people hate on games just to seem cool or popular. I just think that it would have been nice to explain why.

I happen to think games like this (because there are others, like My Aquarium) aren't much of a game as they are a screensaver. I don't derive much enjoyment from having my game interacted for me. For example :

For the first month I had this game I actually started catching and sending Pokemon for the express purpose of creating a Pokemon tower. (Players can hold B and press and hold A to grab Pokemon, which can then be used to place them - in my case, on other Pokemon) I started having trouble stacking them beyond about 10 or so, and one day I happened to leave the game alone so I could get something to eat. Lo and behold, the game went into one of its "events" and it just happened to be a stacking event. Not only did the game stack the Pokemon effortlessly by forcing them to jump 50 feet in the air and land on their target, it was also able to stack Pokemon that were literally impossible to stack ingame. (and beat what I thought was an amazing record by about 20)

I've showed this game to other people, and they themselves have had pretty much the same reaction. "There's not much to do, is there?" "This would be a good distraction for 1 to 2 year olds, but it probably won't hold their attention for longer than an hour." Games always have a limit as to how much interaction you can have, but the truth is this game has even less than Hey You, Pikachu!, which is shameful at best. If Nintendo keeps going in this direction with the Pokemon spinoffs, pretty soon they'll start removing the controllers from our hands.



Nintendork said:

Well, the reason like this game is
1. It's very relaxing
2. I needed a place for my 150 Psyduck



Heia14 said:

i really wanna get this game but alot of people thinks its lame and some people thinks its great! i have diamond and pearl. and i have alot ot pokemon i would like to see on pokemon ranch. but i was wondering... when you put a pokemon on the ranch....can you bring it back to the normal game it came from?? because if you cant. i dont think i will get it. but if you can...i am going to,... please reply. >.<



whotlru said:

Help my pokemon game was freezing so I placed all my pokemon into the pokemon ranch then restarted my game over, and now they are stuck in there how do I get them back?



toshi04 said:

first off people, this isnt actually a game.. it's just a storage like the one in gamecube..

i dont know if i would have this on my wii cause im not sure with something...

is it like battle revolution where the pokemon on your D/P game just gets copied or is it that the pokemon actually move from D/P to the ranch(like migrating fron gba pokemon games to D/P) and will never be returned on your game??



Pokemonlover101 said:

I was thinking about buying the game and checking it out. To me it looks good. And you can get a good pokemon everyday and trade, which can really help me out on Pokemon Pearl. My dad said big deal $10. I am looking forward to playing this game it looks fun but I still have my doubts. All the other pokemon games have batteling or a point to the game, but Pokemon Ranch doesnt seem to have a point just that pokemon can interact with mii characters. And the pokemon can do entertaining things. But still I am a pokemon fan and this game is a must, I have all the pokemon games.



Jonas_Girl80 said:

I've been playing Pokemon Ranch 4 a while and so far, I have 109 Pokemon there...a lot!!! lol!!!



Jonas_Girl80 said:

whotlru, u CANNOT restart ur game!!! They sed that if u can only withdraw pokemon FROM THE SAME ACCOUNT U SENT THEM TO DA RANCH ON!!!!!!

lol....u idiot....



platnium-pokemon said:

Can i transfer my pokemon BACK to the NDS game if i transfer them to The Ranch.Cause i want Mew on My Platnium Game i got when it first came out.and i can get it diamond(or pearl)and then transfer to platium.Please Help me!!!



Toddr said:

You can, but you can only send the pokemon back to the cartridge they came from.



platnium-pokemon said:

Thank you Cause i want Mew SO BADLY.and i didnt want to download the game if I couldnt get them back onto the game



NintendoFreak said:

well, ehem...its only good if u hav a ds and a good pokedex that u dont know what to do with...just send them all to ur wii, have fun and trade in the ds game!!!



gamerboyshadow5 said:

I think I'll try to get the Platinum compatable version when it releases,
take my Pokemon off of Pearl and then trade it in. Heheh...



bigturbin said:

Created an account here just for this topic... nothing else to do i guess.
Ive not bought this game yet but i think i will, im not a hardcore pokéfreak but i did enjoy playing it on GB and GBA, i think the main reason for releasing this game is to sell more DS games, since i dont have a DS version and i do want this game.. the reason i want this game is because when youre tired and don't want to do play intense games you can always lay back and see whats happining on the ranch... i may get bored easily, as most of you say. but i'll take my chances, i think it would be nice for people who don't like to do intense gaming when they're tired... i do play smash bros and DBZBT3 though, its not like im always tired... guess ill just say bye.



LiekMudkipz said:

I'd like to try this game for myself after hearing all comments, but all it sounds like is like the pc on pokmeon pearl but with cute tricks and gainable pokemon. The Game would be cool if you could battle them against eachother but oh well... 10$ to gain mew and a few other pokes? I'm trying this once I get a wii.



KeeperBvK said:

In case that really was a serious question after all: 1000 points, as it says way up on this very page.



thegamer10 said:

What's the point of the game? I have seen YouTube videos of it and all i have seen is Mii's walking around and sitting next to pokemon. That sounds like a lode of fun NOT.



pikapika said:

$10 is whorth the mew (u have 2 get 2 level 25 on your farm) and when level 15 u can get phione u can get both in trade.2 get mew u have 2 trade a egg for mew and trade a leafion 4 phione there level 50



chaselanken said:

I got phione thats cool. phiones awesome.All I need is mew and im having a tough time. MEW IS THE BEST OF ALL POKEMON!



theblackdragon said:

@Gregory: My Pokemon Ranch is a WiiWare title. To purchase it for your Wii, you'll need to add points to the Wii Shop via points card (purchased from your local gaming store or over the internet) or by using a credit card through the Wii Shop itself.

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