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The classic puzzle game Magnetica is now available on WiiWare , putting its own unique “twist” on the puzzle-game experience. You’re surrounded by marbles, marching slowly but surely down a track. Use a launcher (piloted by a Mii of your choice) to shoot marbles with matching colors and wipe them out before they reach the end of the track.

Control couldn’t be simpler, as all you need to do is twist the Wii Remote controller to aim and press the A button to shoot. And the game play remains as addictive and deep as you’ve come to expect in Nintendo’s puzzle games, with five varied play modes, advanced mechanics such as the ability to lob marbles, and a never-ending supply of combos. This definitely isn’t your typical game of marbles.

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Does the intuitive Magnetica Twist have hidden depths that make it something to shout about?

It was always likely that WiiWare would provide the perfect platform for the criminally overlooked puzzle genre. These games have always been popular, but given their nature they are often unfairly ignored when sitting next to higher-profile releases such...

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USA WiiWare Update: Magnetica Twist

If you are a puzzle game fan then you are in for a treat this week as Magnetica Twist is up for grabs. Anyone who is familiar with PopCap's Zuma will know exactly what is on offer here. There should be no complaints about this being a cheap copy of Zuma however, it is the other way around if anything – Mitchell got there first in 1998 with their arcade game Puzz Loop, or Ballistic as it came to be known outside of Japan.

Europe got this a few weeks ago under the guise of Actionloop Twist so our review is all ready and waiting to help you decide if you should spend your precious Wii points on this or not..

News: EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist

EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist

Just one EU WiiWare release this week, and it’s the neat little puzzler Actionloop Twist (known in North America as Magnetica Twist).

Originally developed in 1998 by Mitchell Corporation (the guys who did Pang), Actionloop also goes by the name Puzzloop in Japan and has been copied under the name Zuma. So, chances are, you've probably played this before in some shape or form! The gameplay is..

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Boredom_v2_2 said:

Is this game another Zuma/Magnetica type thing? If so, i'm not really going to get this game at all.
P.S. Magnetica (or however you spell it) is Nintendo's version of Zuma. Just incase you don't know.



Starwolf_UK said:

Thats becuase popcap are plagarists. They pick Japanese puzzle games to copy namely becuase American courts are biased against the orient and also change them ever so slightly. PopCaps official stance is Zuma is an "elaboration" of the Puzz loop concept.

I'll be buying Puzz Loop as I have liked the other works by Mitchel Corp (Polarium, Suujin Taisen) and will be happy supporting the people who came up with the idea and not playing some intellectual thieves version.



Damo said:

Starwolf is spot on.

Zuma is based on Mitchell Corp's Puzzloop/Actionloop series, not the other way around.

Actionloop on the DS is fantastic, by the way, and well worth picking up. The stylus control really makes a difference and the Wii version has the potential to be ever better IMO.



pdrydia said:

I was wondering what they were going to name this game for Western audiences.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Ah. All this time I thought they copied Zuma. xD
In any case, I may consider this but at 1000 Points, I'm a bit skeptical on the amount of substance in the game...



Objection said:

Is this like that one DS game? Then I might consider it. But I don't think that there'll be enough to do single-player wise to be worth 1000 pts.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

^ Yes, the US DS version. Just to clarify that. xD

And I was gonna say the same thing myself, Obj_Blaster. Multiplayer, maybe but single-player.. .Not for 1000.... especially when you could get Dr. Mario.

Sure it can be addictive (Zuma sure was the first time I played it) but it's hard to determine if the 1000-Point price tag is truly worthwhile.



strade32 said:

i've never really cared for games like this. i have played them and they were ok, but for me, nothing special. especially for a thousand wii points.



ttplayer92 said:

This seems like that puzzle game called Luxor that is on XBLA, can anyone tell me if its similar to luxor?



Kenji510 said:

its looks just like the Luxor game and the gameplay too on the screenshots as well.... rather play Luxor on XBLA.



mrk said:

I'd have to say the game is getting less credit than you guys are giving it. In my opinion its superior to the DS version, and has a few game mechanics (such as the ability to lob marbles) that sets it apart from Zuma, Luxor and other clones. The lack of online is unfortunate though, considering it tracks a surprising amount of player stats. There's also quite a lengthy branching quest mode to work your way through (with, strangely enough, boss fights).



mummydaddy said:

Now to be honest, I have this game on my mobile---- but I don't rate it very highly.
As I had 1000 points to spare, I decided, what the hell. I saw 4 player gameplay and thought...go for it.
It plays surprisingly well in multiplayer, if not for the feeling that you are contributing to arthritis in your more senior years.
If you enjoy same screen multiplayers I would still say "get it".



diegoesgriam said:

I'm a big fan of Magnetica/Puzzloop, I'm interesed on this one; I'll buy it, but also I want Toki Tori, I don't know which buy first (if Magnetica it's out tomorrow)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm SO glad it came to WiiWare for us today. What I'm a bit ticked about is I have no Wii Points to get it... It's frustrating because the past few updates have been only so-so and I wasn't too upset, really. But now, I'm feeling some frustration on my end.



Kenji510 said:

From watching this video it looks pretty fun to play but the points seems kinda big though, but the block size is pretty small too, only takes like 100 blocks as well and i still got space for this game if im gonna go download it as well... might go buy some wii points this week at gamestop to get this game... i think its worth to buy it if you like these type of games as well.
@KnucklesSonic8 - I think you should get this game, its pretty cool and fun looking game to play... if you played Magnetica for the DS, then this is the game for you to get as well... go get some wii points and download this game and you will be all set to enjoy it!



Objection said:

Got this yesterday. Very good, very addictive and the controls didnt bother me at all.



Modern_Legend said:

I got this b4 and it is a satisfying download for me...shud not be 13th on the list out of 20 sheesh my mom likes how its simple enuf for her to play with me too without such an obvious gap between core gamer and non gamer skills and the incorporation of miis is great. Also does anyone know how to unlock different types of marbles cuz ive only got 4 kinds and i dont know how to get the rest



Objection said:

In the Mii Records, it says "1 Player Normal" as one mode...how do I unlock this mode? It's not on my menu...



Modern_Legend said:

I'd assume you beat easy up to the lvl 99 or sumthing but I have not done it yet and yo, howcome in multiplayer only player ones records get saved even tho there is more than one mii playing? Can this be changed?



Objection said:

@Myself and DaDun
Okay to get to normal, you go to 1 Player HARD first, then select Normal, Hard, Very Hard. As for your question, if you look at the mii records under rankings for 2 Player Easy (I think thats what you're talking about) after the game over, you should see that score, accompanied by 2 Miis, you and your pal.



megatron said:

i really like magnetica/zuma/whatever and i'm not that into graphics, but this seems really ugly to me, (zuma is much nicer to look at,)
no way i will spend 1000 points on this, waiting for tumblebugs i guess.



jrspooner said:

Highly addictive and a great time killer. The graphics are not fantastic and the game play can get repetitive; however, the 'price for entertainment' value is decent.

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