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Wed 16th Jul 2008

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JimMii commented on Review: My Aquarium (WiiWare):

@Bahamut ZERO

Considering that Space Invaders will be offered for 500 Wii Points, I wouldn't suspect that the game would include more than a handful of stages.

DLC content (in my option) is a perfect solution. It allows individuals to decide how worthy a game is of their money (Wii Points) and available storage space (Block Size).

If you like a particular game, you can download more content. If not, at least you weren't forced into shelling-out more money and sacrificing additional storage space.



JimMii commented on Review: My Aquarium (WiiWare):

I've got a huge TV and very little free time to maintain a fishtank, so this looks like the perfect solution.

It would be interesting if in the future DLC Fish Sets were offered-up for say 200 - 300 Wii Points.

Hopefully, someone will release a similar program around Christmas which features a fireplace and Christmas songs (for those of us without a fireplace).



JimMii commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

Sorry to hear it (regardless of how the game is perceived).

Hopefully your passion for graphic novels is equivalent too (or exceeds) your passion for game development.

Best of luck!



JimMii commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (6th August):

Although the name has changed to Pong Toss and the graphics have been modified to eliminate the alcohol-related graphics, deep down inside we all know that Pong Toss is an alcohol-related game.

Considering the extent of alcohol consumption on a weekly basis within dorm rooms across the country, I'd suspect that a large number of college students have added Pong Toss to their WiiWare arsenal with the intention of substituting the virtual drinks with the real deal.

If I had the ability, I'd whip-up a WiiWare game that simulates a good old-fashioned game of "Bet Your Liver". The college kids would go nuts for it and I'd be rolling in the cash.



JimMii commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (23rd July):

It's very likely that individuals such as myself are responsible for the perceived distortion of WiiWare sales.

As a casual gamer in my mid 30's with two children and a full-time career, I likely have more expendable cash than the average gamer, but substantially less free-time.

Individuals such as myself likely visit the Nintendo site and view the videos prior to making a decision regarding what to download. I think a majority of the above purchases are based on graphics or familiarity.

SPOGS Racing looks awesome in the video posted on the Nintendo site, while SSR looks more like a remake of 1942 or Zaxxon. If I didn't know any better, I'd likely purchase SPOGS Racing before SSR.

The Mario themed games have been around since we were kids, so we can pretty much assume they are decent.

Trivia based games require no investment of time to begin playing, yet they are challenging (i.e. TV Show King).

For our toddlers and pre-teen children, we purchase games such as Pokemon Ranch (which I''ve done). There aren't many games for young children, so we have to purchase what they give us (my 4 year-old loves the Pokemon Ranch game).

Unfortunately, I don't believe individuals such as yourselves (experienced gamers) account for the majority of comsumers purchasing WiiWare games. It is for this reason that games such as Pokemon Ranch will continue to be produced and remain best-sellers.

Sad, but true.



JimMii commented on Review: Cocoto Fishing Master:

As the review stated "For 700 Wii points it’s entirely fair to say you get what you pay for".

The learning curve is minimal and the graphics are decent. The game could certainly use an upgrade as far as instructions are concerned, but with a bit of trial and error it can be figured out. The game play is a bit repetitive (and at times boring), but it's not as if everytime you cast you are guaranteed a fish.

Seriously, for 700 Wii points what do you expect?



JimMii commented on Most Popular WiiWare Games in America (16th July):

I'd love to see some developers create games consisting of one or two sporting activites similar in fashion to those included within the original Wii Sports (mini games that require limited skill).

I'm sure I'm not the only adult with a full-time+ job that enjoys a little down time, but doesn't feel like investing a substantial amount of time in learning and/or completing a game.

I realize Wii Sports Resort will soon be released, but I think there are still additional sports activites that could be replicated for nitch markets with minimal effort at a low cost. If anything, the development of such mini games would be great marketing for a start-up developer.

On another note...

My four year-old son loves that Polemon Ranch game (regardless of the fact that the interactivity is extremely limited). He can't wait to see the new Pokemon that arrive each day.