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The world's most-played casino card game makes its WiiWare debut with highly detailed characters, true-to-life animations, and advanced artificial intelligence-making V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack the most realistic blackjack game ever made. This game broke the mold of traditional card games and their static 2-D interface by integrating an animated 3-D interface into the table, thus creating a visually impressive look and a play style that feels just right.

Use the Wii Remote's motion controls to hit, stand, and bet. Play to earn achievements like High Roller, Power Player, Card Shark, Elite Gambler, and many more! In multiplayer matches, it's a competitive battle of wits against the dealer. Up to four players can join in, and whoever gains the largest bankroll in a predetermined number of hands wins!

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Posted by Paul Schreiner

Is success on the cards or is this game serving up a bum deal?

Is the gamble worth it? That is a valid question when looking at what this game has to offer for the 700 points you'll be paying for it. As you can tell from the title alone, the only game featured here is the well-known Blackjack, and in that respect it...

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User Comments (16)



Bass_X0 said:

Thats really no reason to buy bad games or games you're not interested in, SuperMario.



Terra said:

The 4th HVS Game revealed, only one more to be announced, which is probably a retail game (I'll be surprised if not). Considering the seemingly high quality of these games and that of the Quantum3 engine, i'll almost certainly end up getting all the games.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

A game that just features blackjack? But playing blackjack isn't even fun, it's just automatic. For every single hand, there's a precise play you're supposed to make. At least this isn't too expensive...



kitroplious said:

@6 (mine)
I take that back. The graphics are really nice on all of them!
I should get them all!



Objection said:

This is a decent looking game, but not very much to do...probably an hour of fun



Adamant said:

I admit I like Blackjack, but it's not a game that translates very well to a video game. There's no fun to be had in playing alone against the computer, really, and if you're going to be playing against friends... why not just get that deck of cards you surely have lying around? Comes with tons of more games, too.

No, this is kinda pointless. Wake me when they release a Poker sequel.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Indeed. 700 for a Card game that's not even that sustainable for a full price tag, nor is it by any means fun after some time, will not get my support at all. And I'd almost never purchase a Card game for the Wii anyway.

Did anyone actually buy this? IMO, this was one of the titles that brought the WiiWare launch down. I didn't expect it at all, either.



Objection said:

Agreed, though I've heard its not crap, just average or ho-hum.
It needs to be followed by a smaller-file-sized 500 pt. Texas Hold Em Wiiware title. That I might get. Might. If Ninty gives me a hardrive.



Flaviohmg said:

I hope this game sells well, becouse, High Voltage would make more nice games for Wii, i thing's HVS is doing a really good job for Wii.



WiiMan192 said:

Um... is High Voltage ignoring PAL regions or something? None of their other WiiWare games have been released here either

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