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Prepare for the frenzy of the coolest block-breaker game ever. Block Breaker Deluxe is a reinvention of the classic arcade brick-breaker game with a trendy graphical style, fun atmosphere and an exclusive multiplayer mode.

Lively characters and amazing graphics provide distinctive settings of the jet-set nightlife, including a cool bar, dance club, casino and more. Special bricks, multiple bonuses, secret weapons, paddle size options and ball-speed variations make this fascinating game even more challenging. The Block Breaker Deluxe rage has arrived.

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Posted by Stephen Witkowski

Can this Arkanoid clone match the block-breaking fun of its predecessors?

Arkanoid clones were two-a-penny many years ago, particularly on home computers; however gamers have not been treated to many games like this in recent times. It would seem the timing is perfect for Gameloft to bring the first game in their successful...

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User Comments (29)



Slionr said:

Looks cool. Love this easy, but fun types of game :) I will give it a shot when it comes out ^^



Bass_X0 said:

But for 800 points, Slionr? You'd have more fun with a SNES or Genesis game.



Bass_X0 said:

well yeah. but you'd still have more fun with a snes or genesis game.



ICEknight said:

Looks interesting with its Vs. mode... and the music's fantastic. I might get this one.



Terra said:

This seems more interesting than the other Gameloft games. There TV Show King game seems alright but the other two, not so much. I Have this game called Winbrick 96 on my computer (first of a series) and this reminds me of that. Then again, it is a Breakout/Arkanoid clone.

@ pdrydia: LOL



diegoesgriam said:

Wii version isn't view as stylished as Brick Blocker 2 Deluxe in my cellphone; i'll wait for the 2nd version.



strade32 said:

@MARTRACE1- nice avatar dude. it kind of reminds of the one that x.supermario.x has.it may just be me. i don't know, i'll ask him and see what he thinks. :D



G-MAN said:

You can buy this same game on your ipod at Itunes for 5 bucks. But I wouldn't buy either game cause i dont think they're much fun.



Nero said:

This game is also included in the upcoming DS game Midnight Play! Pack.



StarDust4Ever said:

Um, is there a reason why nearly every Wiiware game is 280-something blocks in file size? Esp the 2D games...

They really need to compress the graphics/audio in these games, because I know it's not the program code and level data - They should use vectors instead of bitmaps; midi-synth instead of wave - I only have 48 blocks available on my Wii, and I don't feel like "swapping" files to the SD card either, unless something really good like SMRPG or Tetris Wiiware comes out.



Final_Starman said:

Arkanoid is enough Breakout for me. I bet Arkanoid is just as good, too. And what's with the Vegas motif and the unnecessary characters?



Peznaze said:

Alas, the art of writing efficient code and compressing file sizes is long dead. Both this and Cocoto are far, far too big for what they are. This one fits on a CELL PHONE, why is it so huge? All I can think is that Wiiware games are low budget titles, and all that optimization is time consuming and costly. :(



MrPoo6321 said:

too bad I got this game for free on my Blackberry 2 years ago under the name of Brick Breaker and before that, i had it on my old black and white macintosh when i was in elementary school.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yep. I read their review last night at 11:45 before going to bed on PSP.

I think their rating was well-justified, honestly.
Their review helped me put things in perspective a bit but I'm still torn. I'm waiting for WWW's Review to get a second opinion since I generally don't trust Critic Reviews. I mostly just want to confirm if my thoughts about the game (i.e., it's sustainability and gameplay) are what I'm expecting from it and if I'll be in for a surprise or not, that's all. I've been thinking this through.



mr_niceguy said:

Looks fun and seems like a good value considering the price. I've only played the original Breakout, as well as a Flash-based remake, and my phone won't play games anyways, so I think I'll get this one. Have to wait a little while though, I don't want any thing to distract me during exam week.



mr_niceguy said:

Javanoid! That's what this game reminds me of! That game was tons of fun and required you to use your mouse to control the paddle! Tons of fun!



Terra said:

I May buy this soon. Gameloft have done some good games, although my only problem with them is the memory they take up.



Terra said:

I recently bought the sequel on my mobile. It's awesome but i doubt now that i'll buy the WiiWare version. Also bought a Prince of Persia double pack from Gameloft, which had mobile phone versions of Prince of Persia Classic and Two Thrones.




Its a very good, solid wiiware game. The theme is silly, but the gameplay itself is good value for money and is better than arkanoid ds hands down.

8/10 for me all the way

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