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MSX Hits Japanese VC, Includes Special Options

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

As you might remember, the MSX was set to get its first games on the Japanese Virtual Console this month. Up until yesterday, the two slated games (Aleste and Eggy) still did not have an actual release date though, and it seemed as if they would be delayed again (Making it almost a year after their initial planned release date!). At the very last minute, Nintendo of Japan decided to release Aleste yesterday, together with the rest of the games that were planned for this week.

That's not all - Aleste (And we assume every future MSX game) actually includes some special options on the VC. You can press the "-" button at any time to open a menu containing two options - One allows you to change the type of music you hear. The MSX originally had a special card attachment which enhanced all audio, so with this option you can choose to hear either the basic music or the enhanced music!

The other option allows you to switch around the main two action buttons. We can't really imagine this being all that useful, but it is a nice little feature.

While Aleste has been released, Eggy has been hit with the delay hammer - We assume Japan gets it next month instead. We don't think the MSX will be released on any non-Japanese Virtual Console - It was originally popular in a few countries (Mostly the Netherlands and Brazil), but most people probably have never heard of the thing, and it was pretty much completely ignored in the US. The system was notable for featuring the first Metal Gear game, however. You can read up on the system on Wikipedia.

Thanks to Chris Kohler from Wired for finding out about these special options and taking a picture - None of us have a Japanese Wii!

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Bass_X0 said:

i suppose whether it comes to america and europe depends on whether there are a significant number of games on it that aren't hindered by language barriers.



AchubaNanoia said:

I still remember when I was a kid, my cousin's friend had an MSX, we used to play "Ys I", "Super Cobra" and "Metal Gear" the whole weekend ! I don't know if those games would be good by today's standards though, so I don't think it will be released in the US. I guess you had to have experienced it back then to really feel the magic



Charco said:

I hope it comes to Europe. Am I right in saying that it had the original Metal Gear 2 as opposed to the travesty that was Snake's Revenge on the NES which Hideo Kojima had no involvement in?



ChocoDK said:

The MSX I never honestly heard of it before. But those added options are interesting.



Rapadash6 said:

Japan gets MSX, Europe gets C64 and we get... um... well we get lucky if we get more than one game a week.



adzix said:

i want that option for master system games, since some of them made use of the fm chip in the japanese master system, like phantasy star (sounded so much better... wow)
and i definitely would love to see msx get a european release.
what's the big deal anyway, it's not like they're risking any investment.



MrPoo6321 said:

'eeehhh... i dont remember it, and i'm not really interested... but can we finally have Vectorman now? please??????



Drake said:

Yes, Charco, it has the original Metal Gear II, which was excellent.



slangman said:

Would love it if the european VC also got some MSX love, though i doubt it since we just got C64. Ah well



samman said:

not likely i imagine. weve got c64 and in all honesty id rather that.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

If you have a PS2, you can actually pick up a copy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. Its a very good game, and it also have both Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake...the MSX versions of course. If we don't get MSX in America (which seems to be the vibe I've been getting) then at least half of the problem would be solved (IDK about Ys though unfortunately).

BTW It only comes with the 2 disk subsistence pack, not the recent re-release that comes with MGS1 and MGS2.

Edit: Wasn't Ys released for SMS?



2hip2beskware said:

This doesn't interest me that much. I do hope it comes to NA, though. Even better, I hope we get Chrono Trigger and Earthbound on Monday.



toffeeman30 said:

not that interested really. just give us wat we want earthbound rondo etc and not flood vc with average tat.



Adamant said:

" We don't think the MSX will be released on any non-Japanese Virtual Console - It was originally popular in a few countries (Mostly the Netherlands and Brazil), but most people probably have never heard of the thing, and it was pretty much completely ignored in the US."

Eh, you can say the same for the Turbografx, and rarely anyone have heard of games like Ninja Jajamaru-kun - didn't stop them from releasing those.

I really hope we get the MSX - tons of great games for it. I'd rather have this than the C64, to be honest.



Biggetje said:

Indeed the MSX home computer was very popular in Holland.
I guess Philips had something to do with it

Both MSX and MSX2 were part of my “collection” and I’m happy the games will be available on VC!
At that time Konami dominated the game world on the MSX and personally I prefer the MSX titles over the C64 ones, don’t ask me why….
Please come to Europe MSX!!!



Terra said:

Please let the MSX come to Europe. I love this console, despite having limited plays with it, which may be why, because i want more.



Corbs said:

I bought one of these years ago but I didn't keep it long. The only game I had for it was Castlevania. It was more of an impulse buy than anything.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

... but I want MSX too... ;_; Aleste is fun, and then there´s Space Manbow, Penguin Adventure, Vampire Killer, Contora (Wierd convertion of Contra with lots of new levels) a unique (superb) entry of Parodius, Snatcher... loads of great Konami games above all.

Not to forget the ultimate version of Quarth, best puzzlegame ever. Man, those folks on Konami were talented!



Rexy said:

The MSX better come out here at LEAST just for the TRUE Metal Gear 2. Trust me, that would make a start >.>



Kingston said:

It seems like every little thing nintendo does for the vc has amazing potential that is never pursued. Pokemon Snap, for example. Another thing that they do that is similar to that is when they announce some amazing games and then wait 1+ year(s) to release them, as several have been announced in 06, and still remain unreleased.



Walan said:

The MSX is cool and all, and I would love to play the great Konami games that were on it, but do you think it's possible to ban certain words from the comments? You know, words like "Earthbound" and "Chrono Trigger" and "Vectorman"?



alxtlvra said:

I'm curious to play Eggy for MSX because I havent found any photos, videos or info about it, not even on Wikipedia, (that little plus about the options for the Wii virtual console MSX games is really interesting and helpful enhancing the emulation and gameplay experience) I'd also like to see Mayhem in Monsterland for C64, but "first things first" lets hope for both systems to hit America.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

So......Japan gets an exclusive MSX system.....Europe gets the exclusive C64 system......and NA and Australia are left in the dust. What have they ever done to deserve this kind of treatment, huh, Nintendo? I want some obscure gaming goodness!



Kawaiipikachu said:

@Tides of Chaos
Well the turbografx never was released here in australia that didnt stop Nintendo releasing the games as virtual console titles .
Im just hoping that the Commodore 64 get released here in Australia



Viral said:

@Walan : Hilarious. The following words should be banned : Vectorman, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, and Final Fantasy, or any variation of these words used together. lol..

I think that Nintendo will be releasing some decent games shortly. It's spring/summer time...shouldn't we all be outside more frequently during this time?



Terra said:

It says on Wikipedia that the MSX will be released in US but hasn't been confirmed for Europe. Doubt that's actually true though, considering past expierence with them (E.G. Saying Gyrostarr would be a launch title for WiiWare)



Bensei said:

it was more popular in europe than in america, so why should america get ti but we not? Because we got the C64? Come on!

@Kawaiipikachu: Change your country to an european one and you can download them (I guess, it worked with the TG-16)

@Admins: If I want to fave vc-new, it says wiiware news...



Viral said:

I just I'd let the admins know that this site loads slowly sometimes...especially today...



Quimby said:

Agreeing with viral.
Took nearly 1 and a half minutes on ADSL.
No dramas though, it's worth the wait.
Also, where the hell are my Master System games? and my C64. lame



Viral said:

No idea yet Toffee, but I'm sure we'll get a new update tomorrow morning.



Spiky_Idiot said:

If we get the Commodore 64 and Japan get's the MSX, what will America and Australia get next? Saturn? Atari?



Terra said:

@ Captain-Banana

Probably for awhile. I'm really hoping that they release the Saturn on here soon. That's probably the most likely console they'll release next if they do, or at least games for one of the Add-ons for the Mega Drive, which will probably happen at some point.

The Dreamcast would be rather expensive and Sega would most likely port their old games to newer consoles or remake them. Cd-i i wouldn't expect, the Atari's i reckon there's a good chance, Colecovision is something i want and Vectrex i want but we will see. I orignally posted something about the Sg-1000 Mark III but i just realised that it's the same as the Master System. I originally thought they were different consoles.



Rexy said:

If they ever do a Mega Drive add-on, then I'm really pleading for it to be the Sega CD. I would have LOVED to get my hands on Sonic CD, yet the complete lack of system support was a major reason why I didn't invest on the add-on in the first place



Adamant said:

"anyone know or give us a clue to whats coming to vc 2moz in the eu?"

Samurai Shodown, Burning Fight and Pokemon Puzzle League



mcc1333 said:

I owned an MSX in the 80's and the games were great (mainly the Konami rom carts). Would love to see Nemesis 1,2,3, Salamander, Road Fighter, Yie Ar Kung Fu 2, F1 Spirit, Circus Charlie, Track & Field 1,2,3. Most of these were variants on their arcade counterparts (for example Track and Field had different events like dive boarding).



mcc1333 said:

while we are waiting, you can either get the Konami MSX collection for the sega saturn or d/l the BlueMSX emu for the pc.



Adamant said:

@ APissedOffGma: Yes, it was released in the US, but sold extremely poorly and quickly disappeared from the market. A lot of Americans who know of the system seem to think it was Japan-only, or only popular in Japan, but it did quite well in many countries.



everydayJOE said:

Nintendo should seriously release the gameboy original library on VC. There are some very good games on it that would be nice to see on a TV. Especially Donkey Kong land 2



Aardvark_Soup said:

They should include the option to change the buttons in SNES games. Most of them are a hell to control with the GC controller.

If this is going to come to Europe, I really hope we'll get translated versions of Snatcher and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. But I doubt it.



Kirk said:

Supposedly you can also use a keyboard to play the games, or at least one of them, if I remember correctly.

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