EU VC Releases - 25th April - The Last Ninja

It seems every two weeks we get a Commodore 64 week now - No complaints from us, especially when it means that we get The Last Ninja, an excellent action platformer/puzzler hybrid featuring an agile ninja with a whole assortment of weaponry. The game was incredibly well-received in its day, being the number one selling original creation on the Commodore 64.

Accompanying it is World Games. In a fashion similar to California Games, it features a number of sports, only this time, from around the world instead of California. The game is not too special, but can present some good fun. That's two games in the "Games" series down, three to go!

Rounding up the pack is Double Dragon, the NES port of the popular arcade beat 'em up. This port removes the simultaneous two player co-op mode, but is otherwise a pretty faithful adaption of the original game. At 500 points it's a steal, really!

No bad games this week! Will you get any?