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United Kingdom

Fri 1st Feb 2008

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Splutter commented on Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?:

For Wii Ware to work right, and for us to get DLC on games such as Rock Band a hard drive could transform the way games are bought and played, please lets hope Nintendo don't wait and see for a whole generation like they did with online.



Splutter commented on RPG Titles Dominate Nintendo Power’s Most Wa...:

In many ways I can see why Nintendo are reluctant to put huge RPG's on the VC, quite simply they last a long time and the more someone is playing one game the less likely they are to buy another. Nice to know the Nintendo Power readers have their head screwed on, I would love some more RPG's and maybe Nintendo will now realise it's a popular genre.



Splutter commented on US VC Releases - 14th April - Mega Turrican:

Not a bad week for that States two games that don't suck and you're probably all playing brawl anyway I've been pleasantly surprised by the VC the last couple of weeks especially Europe getting the master system as well. If I can't find a copy of mario kart today I'm gonna download Fantasy Zone



Splutter commented on Wii to support BBC's iPlayer (UK only):

Fantastic news, since streaming has become available on iplayer I've actually had a go at it on my wifes ipod and it's fantastic, hopefully this will start the ball rolling and Joost could appear globally



Splutter commented on WiiWare microtransactions - good or bad thing?:

I don't mind paying extra for episodic content like for instance if we got the Sam and Max episodes, but paying for an update when it's a couple of characters or a car or a costume change doesn't interest me, If the game is good enough then fair enough I'll pay for more levels whilst you go develop a sequel or something else, but expanding what I already have bought? Why didn't you just put these things in to begin with. Giving developers the option is a good thing but it's really down to us the buying public what direction this takes.



Splutter commented on WiiWare Footage - Pokemon Ranch, Star Soldier ...:

Is it just me or does the voice that says wii ware sound Scottish? Wiiware should be a very cool thing, you just have to look at some of the X-box and PS3 downloadable stuff and realise it's a place people can take risks.