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Japanese Virtual Console List - January 2008

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not quite as much games for Japan in January as in previous months, but that doesn't really matter when almost every one that's getting released is a "big" title, including the next N64 game. Take a look:

Japanese VC schedule for January:


  • Yie Air Kung Fu (January 8th)
  • (Master Takahashi's) Adventure Island
  • Devil World
  • Mappy

Super Famicom:

  • Super R-Type

Nintendo 64:

  • 1080 Snowboarding


  • Phantasy Star II
  • Monster World IV

PC Engine:

  • Samurai Ghost (January 8th)
  • Super Air Zonk
  • Neo Nectaris (A CD installment of the Military Madness series)

Neo Geo:

  • Nothing this month (Again!)

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Kelvin said:

Yie Air Kung Fu! Cor, I remember playing that on my C64 back in the day. I wonder if it holds up today?

Good to see Phantasy Star II, er, too, although I do prefer the first one (Master System, please Nintendo!) and also IV.



Jazzem said:


That brings back memories. Good game, weird theme tune as well...

And the Phantasy Star games, I wouldn't mind getting into those some time



jackaroo said:

Phantasy Star II rocks. I have it on Sega Meadrive Collection on PSP & PS2 though so i wont be getting it here. But i really really hope monster world IV gets a release outside japan. Fully translated and everything lol.



Adamant said:

"Yie Air Kung Fu! Cor, I remember playing that on my C64 back in the day. I wonder if it holds up today?"

It's the best fighting game on the console, but that REALLY doesn't say much.

But yeah, other than the awful awful Samurai Ghost, these are all fine titles worth a download.



MorikaWeb said:

Phantasy Star II is nice but where the fu** is the SNES/SFC RPG's? Are they ever going to release them?



Kelvin said:

Perhaps we'll see International Karate or Bruce Lee somewhere down the line, although I don't think either came out on the VC systems.



Will said:

So what has happened to the Europe release' today? We want an answer!!! (if you have one please)



Jack said:

Certainly one of the more disappointing VC release lists, but I'm sure it will appeal to fans of the various series included.



ChinSpin said:

I'll save my points for super mario rpg, kirby's super star, Kirby's dream land 3, ninja gaiden 3, River City Ransom, Majora's Mask (when its announced and out for vc) TMNT 4: turtles in time, TMNT: Tournement fighters (snes) (if it comes to the vc that is) FF3, (or in japan as they call it FF6) and Sonic CD (again, if it comes to the vc) and thats it.... I guess...........O and DK 64....O and Banjo Kazoie and Banjo tooie.......Once agian if they decide to put it on vc.



Mr_Vengeance said:

1080 Snowboarding is one of my all time favourite games! Hopefully Nintendo will fix the slowdown present in the game (particulary in the otherwise stunning Golden Forest) and if they do I will download this straight away



E-dawg said:

C'mon where's Majora's Mask and Super Mario Kart? Oh and why were Europe and Australia left without our Friday update? Thats ridiculous...



Dahak said:

I only really want Mappy (which was Famicom only, so it would have to be an "import") and maybe Phantasy Star II off this list.



CrazyOtto said:

The reason why their January is weak is because they're getting Brawl
this month!



Bass_X0 said:

Light Crusader (GEN), Bubble Bobble (NES) and Top Hunter (NEO) are said to be Monday's games.



Don said:

How come Mother 1 and 2 haven't been announced for the Japanese VC yet? It's so popular there.



Bass_X0 said:

Catfud - yeah, that sucks. I'd rather have a steady three games every week even if two of them are really crap (gets them out the way) than one game.

Don - Nintendo are probably saving those for a special occasion. Sure, they're popular but Nintendo wants popular games to put on VC for Christmas '08 and '09 too.



ChristopherM said:

The N64 1080 was superb, better than the GC sequel, but it just wouldn't be the same without the rumble pack. It helped every type of surface to feel different.



sega_nerd said:

i know! what's the point of having a "import" category where we can have japanese games like sin and punishment but not monster world iv. that's pretty stupid!?!



Link_O_Fett said:

1080 looks pretty cool, I might download that when it hits the U.S.

C'mon, where's Smash Bros. N64!?

__DJ John


DJ John said:

Bah.. f*ck smash bros. as long as we got 1080! That game kicks some major ass!!!!



mocmonster said:

what utter rubbish games!! 1080 is one of the most hyped games ive ever known all my mates thought so too,i know they will most probably never appear but what about turok series? especially 2nd one,goldeneye of course,road rash series on megadrve or even star control! class multiplayer

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