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The Virtual Console Archive is One Today!

Posted by Damien McFerran

Crack out the cocktail sausages and don your party hats, because today the Virtual Console Archive celebrates its first birthday along with the North American release of the Nintendo Wii.

When we started this site over twelve months ago we saw it as a side project that would keep us busy once we'd ran out of things to do over at The Mean Machines Archive. Little did we know that the VCA would go on to become arguably the net's leading authority on all things Virtual Console related.

Since we started out we've been featured in leading UK games magazine GamesTM, starred on a German videogame cable TV show and even had a Facebook group founded in our name! Thanks to all of you for making this site such a success, without your support and comments we probably would have given up long ago.

The Virtual Console has sure come a long way in such a short space of time. When Nintendo announced the service there were voices of derision - surely this was just a short-term way of making a bit of extra cash for the company? Thankfully, Nintendo has shown these critics to be completely incorrect; the VC continues to be supported with some truly amazing releases. Who could have predicted a year ago that we'd be seeing games like Sin and Punishment - a title never before released in the West - on the VC?

Going into 2008 it's vital that Nintendo keep the momentum going and possibly get a few more N64 games online, but with the recent addition of Turbografx-16 CD titles and NeoGeo support - not to mention the glorious promise of WiiWare titles - we don't doubt that it's going to be a really stunning year for Wii-owning retro gamers.

On a side note, I'd like to personally thank Drake (AKA Marcel Van Duyn), who joined the VCA team a few months back and has become a solid member of the crew - the speed with which he posts our news updates continues to surprise me!

More thanks go to Jordan Hall (AKA DivineOmega) for creating The Virtual Console Forums on our behalf. It's been a great resource for our readers who want to go beyond just throwing up the odd comment on our reviews page and has become a nice little online community.

Last but not least we need to thank our pal Ant Dickins at NintendoLife for the offer of hosting the site when our increased traffic meant we could no longer afford to stick with our old hosting company. He's a diamond geezer and we recommend you check out NintendoLife for any news on the Nintendo Wii and DS.

So raise your glasses, my friends. Here's a toast to the VCA, Nintendo's continued support and - most of all - you guys, for making this site such a comprehensive success!

Long may it continue!

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NeuroToxin said:

The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie

Seriously though, here's to you guy for a terrific year of awesome service and many more to come! We



Roderich said:

"one"? (cough) You didn't mean that you were "on" today with you archive, didn't you?



Roderich said:

Screw that, you are "one year" today... I'm a dork. Congrats anyway, love your site.



sseb22 said:

Happy anniversary !

You just have to review Japanese VC games and it will be perfect !
(just a little teasing.... sorry



RMA said:

Congratulations gents - may the success continue for a long time!

It comes as no surprise to anyone how well you've done - you put the right stuff out there and have always been happy to listen to comments on how to improve the site. Great stuff.



Alboy84 said:

Great site with great reviews and understanding of retro-gaming! VCA always keeps me informed about what gems to look out for. Happy Birthday!



neuzd said:

I'm reading the article later, as I'm following a lesson now..

Anyway happy anniversary.
Long live the archive!



yeehaw said:

Happy birthday!! Keep it up, and together we'll add another 10 years!



jordanr said:

Thanks for helping me decide which games to download and congratulations on the success of the site.



Mip said:

GZ! Such an awesome site, I hope it will stay in the great internet 'till the Wii is dead.



DivineOmega said:

Well done guys, and Happy Birthday! Hope the site keeps going. Long live vc-reviews!

p.s. Thanks for the shout out.

__Dark Warrior


Dark Warrior said:

Well, happy birthday from Portugal. I just hope you continue to post the new VC Games so fast!



INpixl said:

Saying happy birthday won't cut it! I choose to say THANK YOU to the people behind the site. You've done an excellent job with VCA and I'll keep checking in as long as you keep us with updates.



Yoshi175 said:

I think I found this site in either late December or january
Anyway happy birthday =)



tank2tank said:

Anyone notice how the Wii remote on the cake is the old design without the speaker and with small a and b instead of 1 and 2 buttons?

Anyway this is a great site and is probably the best place on the internet to check up on VC games and the reviews are mostly reliable too so... yay!



Tennant said:

Happy Birthday guys! Keep up the hard work, your efforts do not go unnoticed!



alvieao said:

Happy Birthday from USA! Keep up the good work, Virtual Console Archive...



JNoodles said:

Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-YAY! Finally one year old! I remember the days when you all just wrote reviews and added star ratings before the game comes out! Yup, that's when the site was in beta. The good old days of being 0 years and 1 day old. ^_^



coire said:

Happy Birthday dear VC-Reviews.... Happy Birthday to you!

Ah, I remeber first stumbling across VC-Reviews when I was researching the Wii for a Technology project at school. Memories...



sega_nerd said:

Wow it's been a year already! I celebrated today's anniversary by beating super mario bros 3 Next year is going to be full of surprises imo. Can't wait for more games on vc and i'm really looking forward to wiiware. I'm so glad i bought the wii especially before the holiday season. Happy Birthday VCA! Keep up the good work!



E-dawg said:

Good on ya guys, with ya all the way, and yes you are right about the N64 VC needing more games.



RoninDennis said:

Well done guys! Came on the site through the Mean Machines site. Ah, the memories of that mag...



DEMON212 said:

Really good article.

Glad I discovered this place and glad I could help in some small way (Modding the forums for those who don't know)

Hope we continue on growing until the VC ends. And even then, hopefully we'll still be here chatting about the best games that came out for it

Happy birthday



peke said:

yeap, The cake is a lie and we all love portal and of course all these sweet VC games



Marioman64 said:

Why are there two player 1 cakes?
oh well, happy b-day to my #1 source for vc stuffs ^.^

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