The Japanese PC Engine and CD-ROM2

Ys is one of the finest RPGs on the system and Cho Aniki is a weird and wonderful shooter from the creators of the Megadrive/Genesis classic Gynoug. For those not in the know the PC Engine CD-ROM2 is the equivalent of the North American TurboGrafx-CD.

Might we one day see our favourite Castlevania game Dracula X (Rondo Of Blood) on the VC? It's possible, although the biggest stumbling block will be the fact that it was never released outside of Japan. However, it will be published as´┐Żan extra on the upcoming PSP update, so there is a chance Konami will drop it on the VC as well - fingers are firmly crossed, as ever. What with the NeoGeo coming to the VC and now this, Wii owners are going to find their internal memory filling up very quickly...surely the rumoured harddrive will be confirmed soon?