The lovely Vio Tensil of 'Wii Motion'

Well, in Germany, at least.

Yes, the country that just can't seem to get enough of The Hoff also loves the VCA. We were featured on a recent episode of GiGa's 'WiiMotion' show, which, if you couldn't have guessed from the title, is devoted to Nintendo's shiny new console.

Although they only covered the Wii browser version of the site (which looks ok but isn't anywhere near as nice as the full version), they were quite kind to us. They did miss the point of the site a little by bemoaning the fact that our coverage of Wii-related news was poor (it's called The VIRTUAL CONSOLE Archive, guys!), they loved our reviews!

So there you have it, we're officially famous. Ok, so it's only a small-scale cable show on Germany telly, but it feels like fame to us!

Check out the YouTube video here (Feel free to leave comments on YouTube!).

Thanks to our friend Johannes for telling Wii Motion about VC-Reviews and also to Lohrien for capturing the video for us.