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  • Feature Best Super Mario Games Of All Time

    All the mainline Marios ranked

    What's the best Mario game ever? Where do you even begin to rank them? Let's face it, any of the games in the top 10 could justifiably take the top spot. All of them could easily be somebody's 'best game of all time', and there'll always be someone who believes the series peaked with The Lost Levels. That's an opinion...

Friday4th Oct 2019

  • News Dr. Mario World Receives An Update Inspired By Super Mario Galaxy

    Fight virus alongside Dr. Luma and Dr. Rosalina

    How would you feel about a star-like creature operating on you? Well, whether you like it or not, Luma is now officially qualified to practice in Dr. Mario World on mobile. Dr. Luma is joined by Dr. Rosalina, which is rather fitting, considering how both characters first appeared in the Super Mario...

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  • News Funko Eager To Produce Nintendo-Themed Pop Figures

    Pop priority

    Love them or hate them, the big-headed Funko Pop figures are seemingly here to stay. At this year's New York Toy Fair, Newsweek sat down with the Funko CEO Brian Mariotti to discuss the future of the company. One interesting comment made by Mariotta during the interview, was how one of Funko's main goals is to secure the license for...