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United Kingdom

Tue 10th Feb 2009

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ScottishDude commented on LostWinds:

Lockelocke, totally agree! I actually registered all my periphs and got 1500 points, got this as the write ups were great and Mario 3... a must!! Great game, shame it isn't longer. I done it in 3 hours this morning and I am not really a gamer as such. Pitty all went bad with Oddworld as I'd love to see one of Abe's adventures on the Wii!! Would def advise anyone to use their 1000 points on Lostwiinds, it's only £7 in the UK!!



ScottishDude commented on LostWinds 2:

I downloaded the first last night and finished in about 3 hours today... the joys of being off work! Is there a release date for the second yet?