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Are you ready to survive all types of traps and discover all the secrets of LA-MULANA?

LA-MULANA is the most complete "archaeology action and exploration" game ever created.

Take control of Professor Lemeza and his inseparable whip to discover the mysteries of Humanity! Face all types of traps, enemies and Guardians in the greatest adventure ever created for WiiWare.

In LA-MULANA you will explore vast temples and, most importantly, you will have the feeling of total immersion.

Each mechanism, trap or puzzle you solve will be a great achievement.


  • The best "archaeology action and exploration" game.
  • Over 40 hours of play.
  • Hundreds of puzzles and secrets to be discovered.
  • Wide variety of weapons and objects you can use.
  • Use the "Mobile Super X" computer to run help software.
  • Large quantity of enemies with spectacular guardians.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

WiiWare's last big game?

La Mulana's WiiWare release has been a rocky road. It was first announced by developer Nigoro in 2009 and suffered several delays before finally hitting the service in Japan in 2011. Of course, most were expecting it to be released elsewhere soon after,...

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User Comments (25)



Ausden said:

This game looks awesome! Can't wait to purchase this next big hit.



vakama94 said:

another one to add to my list, this and cave story are gonna be good, additions to wiiware



cheetahman91 said:

Made by same developers as Cave Story huh? Might get this, the pictures give off an Indiana Jones vibe.



Namo said:

The original PC one was the most blisteringly difficult yet extremely fun game I've ever played EVER. So the fact that Nigoro's giving the game a graphical overhaul and making the controls easier is sure to make this a definite purchase.



Drake said:

It's not, it just says that they can't release accurate sales data until the game has been released outside Japan.



luminalace said:

I am so sad that this isn't coming to the West! It looks awesome! Someone please publish this here!



hiptanaka said:

The original PC game is fantastic. Probably the best "Metroidvania" I've played ever, excluding Super Metroid. It's packed with tricky platforming, clever puzzles/riddles, cool bosses and secrets.

I've only tried the WiiWare version a little bit, but it looks just as good.

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