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Wed 15th Jul 2009

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John3714 commented on Review: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 (WiiWare):

Gotta admit, I wasn't that interested in this when I first saw it, but with the reviews it's getting, combined with the fact that it's only 500 points, and I may have to check it out once I get more points on my Wii.



John3714 commented on Review: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun R...:

Having a lot of fun with this, although I agree with Chicken Brutus in that it doesn't leave a whole lot of options for the two upcoming sequels. Hopefully there will be some type of multiplayer tacked on, if for no other reason than to make it unique.

And FYI, I would download a version of this game that is nothing but online dogfighting.



John3714 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th July 2010 (North America):

Me thinks I'll be picking up Pearl Harbor this afternoon/evening. Loved Legendo's first offering, so I would've supported their next effort regardless of what it was. But Pearl Harbor? I'm a little worried that my expectations are a bit too high with this one...



John3714 commented on Review: Jett Rocket (WiiWare):

@irken004 I can understand that. Having a time trial (maybe with an online leaderboard?) would be a nice, easy addition to include (or so I would think). I don't mind people complaining about that. It's the people who say "It only took me 3 hours to beat the game!" that irk me. You paid $10 for the game... just be happy that it was a fun 3 hours!

@Jrdnram98 I loved WoG! Still get on there every now and then just to see how high I can build my goo. I would've paid a lot more than $15 for that game, I can tell you that.



John3714 commented on Review: Jett Rocket (WiiWare):

I picked this up the other day. Granted, I've only had time to get past the first world so far, but I'm not as impressed as every one else seems to be. Yes, it looks awesome (for a WiiWare game), but to me, the gameplay lacks a little. Seems a bit too repetitive. The first boss was ridiculously easy. I am going to continue playing until completion, but I'm hoping that the gameplay offers a little more challenge and variety coming up.

On a side note, why do people complain about the shortness of WiiWare games? It's WiiWare, people! If you want a longer game, go spend the $50 to get a retail game. You're not going to get 40 hours of gameplay out of a $5-$10 game, so stop thinking you will!



John3714 commented on Bejeweled 2:

I love bejeweled, but this must be a lot better than the free versions I can get on the computer or my phone for me to buy it...



John3714 commented on New Jett Rocket Shots Blast Off:

I guess I'm in the minority that the load times in Three Musketeers didn't bother me. I had fun with that game, and a big reason for that was the reason they had load times in the first place.

I'm more concerned on this being choppy, like the Monkey Island games. If there's a bunch of stuff going on in the background, can the Wii handle all that in a 40mb format? I'm not tech-savvy enough to really know.

Either way, these screens are surely eye-opening. Even if the game is short, I'll always take quality over quantity.



John3714 commented on Review: Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth (Wii...:

Fun game, but being an old man like me who doesn't have a whole lot of time to sit and play in large chunks, I wish they had a save feature, or better yet, a suspend feature like they have with the VC titles. I did make it to level 5, though, before I had to shut it off. I agree Sean, level 3 is a tough mother!

I never thought that bats would be my least favorite enemy in the game. I got knocked off of so many platforms from random flying bats.



John3714 commented on Feature: For Your Consideration - LostWinds: W...:

Pretty good game, to be sure. And, IMO, much better than the original (which I didn't care for one bit). But this isn't even the best WiiWare game of the year. Out of the WiiWare game I've played this year, Icarian and Mega Man (was that '09?) have it beat.



John3714 commented on NVIDIA-Powered DS Successor Coming 2010?:

As a person who hasn't owned a portable video game system since the original Game Boy was first released, I've seriously been considering picking up a DSi recently. Now I'm wondering if I should wait for some confirmation about this.



John3714 commented on Word Searcher:

I'm just wondering at the difficulty. If it's pretty tough, I may get it. $5.00 (500 pts.) is roughly the same price as a good crossword book, if not cheaper.



John3714 commented on Word Searcher:

For 500 points, I'm curious about this one. Could be decent entertainment. I'll wait for the review to see the difficulty of it.



John3714 commented on And Yet It Moves:

Definitely gonna try this one out. Only concern I have is the controls. They look like they will either be real innovative, or real clunky.



John3714 commented on Cave Story:

But when will that be?

I'm really hoping for tomorrow. On my two week break, need something to play.



John3714 commented on Legendo Takes to the Skies with Pearl Harbor T...:

I was a fan of the Three Musketeers, and so therefore am intrigued by this, but I will have to wait and see what Nintendo prices it at. If it's too much, I don't think I'll be getting any of them. I'd rather buy a single retail disc.



John3714 commented on LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Teaser Trail...:

I think I'm one of the few who grew rather bored with the first one. I beat it, but I had to force myself to keep going. In fact, this made me tentative to buy NyxQuest. I'm glad I did buy that one!

That said, I will still probably check this out. I'm a sucker for hype.



John3714 commented on Review: The Three Musketeers: One For All! (Wi...:

Good game. Had fun with it. Only two issues I had were the loading times and the awkward ladder jumps. Sometimes, I would latch on; others, I would fall to my death. The lack of pausing didn't bother me, as I've gotten used to hitting the "home" button on my wii-mote whenever I want to pause a game.

Definitely will look for Legendo's next game, although if they are going off of sales, I am a bit dismayed. I surprisingly haven't seen this on the Top 20 list yet



John3714 commented on Game Boy 20th Anniversary Special:

@ Tony

Revenge of the Gator was awesome! My fave pinball game ever!

There was one game that I used to play all the time. You were a little dinosaur, and you walked around digging holes to find items (shovel to dig faster, roller skates to move faster, bombs, keys to beat the level, etc.). You also made the enemies fall into the holes and then you would fill them back up, thus killing the enemies. It was an awesome game, but I can't remember the name! Anyone know what I'm talking about?

****EDIT**** Found it! Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World! Man I loved this game. Seeing the cover box makes me want to drive the 550 miles I would have to go to get my Game Boy out of my mom's closet just to play this!

Another classic: Alleyway. My mom played the crap out of that one.



John3714 commented on Tales of Monkey Island Coming to WiiWare on Mo...:


You'd be surprised. Especially with starting school again tomorrow, I'm going to be going through a lot of soda. Normally, it's Mountain Dew. Switching to Pepsi wasn't all that difficult. For those of you concerned about my health, I do rotate water in there routinely. But I need my caffeine fix, and I can't stand coffee.

And, I figure I spend $1.00 to $1.50 (depending on where I go), and I get a Pepsi and 200 points.



John3714 commented on Tales of Monkey Island Coming to WiiWare on Mo...:

Good WiiWare Monday. Of course, it's the week I go back to work, so I won't have much time to play. Definitely getting Three Muskateers, and maybe this if I have the time.

For those of you complaining about points, start drinking Pepsi. I've been using those codes for 2 weeks, and have gotten over 4000 points from it. Still going strong!



John3714 commented on The Three Musketeers: One for All! Coming to N...:


Considering how long it took to release, and all the updates we were getting, I really don't think it was "quickly thrown together". Personally, I think the visuals look great.

Only negative thing I will say about the game is that I wish there was more than one swing attack/animation. Based on the video, it looks like there's only one. If that's the only fault, though, I'll be ok.



John3714 commented on La-Mulana Coming to WiiWare:

I'm loving all these platformers that are starting to come to WiiWare. This, Cave Story, and Three Musketeers are right up my alley.



John3714 commented on Review: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven S...:

I never played this game when it first came out. I don't quite remember why I never did, as I loved Mario games and enjoyed the few RPG games I played (Dragon Warrior, the first Final Fantasy).

I just downloaded it today, and am wondering even more why I didn't buy it back then. Fun game. Nothing real groundbreaking, but it does a great job mixing classic Mario elements (jump attack, coin boxes, flowers, mushrooms, goombas, hammer bros., etc.) with the classic RPG formula.

Since I never played it when it was first released, I don't have any nostalgic feelings to boost my score of it. So, I feel I can look at this game with a completely unbiased opinion (since I'm not defending my childhood memories). I wouldn't say it's a 10/10 anymore, but a solid 8/10 makes this worth a play for any Mario or early RPG fan.



John3714 commented on The Mystery of Whiterock Castle coming to WiiW...:

So you just have to find items? It looks like, in the first screenshot, you have to find nine pigeons. In the second, nine brown books. Go to your local dentist, and shift through their collection of Highlight magazines if you want this.



John3714 commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country (SNES):

Just started playing this again, and I'm glad I did. Still difficult, and still looks great! I never played the second or third ones in the series, so I may go back and play those after I finish with this.