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Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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The third game in the legendary Ghosts 'n Goblins series of video games, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts follows Arthur in another quest to rescue Princess Prin Prin, his fair maiden and damsel in distress.

Take control of Arthur and defeat the creatures of the night to save the day once more. Only you can discover what glory awaits those brave enough to take on the armies of Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

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Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bring fresh underwear

There’s a school of thought which argues that modern gamers have it too easy, and that this generation of players has grown soft thanks to the fact that developers are all too happy to provide helpful tutorials and short-cuts intended to reduce...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

Grabbed by the ghoulies

Ghouls ‘N Ghosts was an arcade classic, and Sega Mega Drive / Genesis owners were undoubtedly over the moon to be treated to an almost arcade perfect conversion in 1989. When the Super Nintendo came out, it needed some games to compete with its rival;...

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User Comments (47)



Mendez said:

I'll download this when it's out! I've never had the chance to play this so I'll take the opportunity when it comes out. I've heard some good things about it so I'll remain positive!



Bass_X0 said:

I could never get far in this game. Those who never played it before are going to cry at how hard it is. Another worthy addition to the Virtual Console. Only expert gamers need apply though.



Mommar said:

I remember renting this game with my brother one weekend we were spending at our dads house. We beat it, and being familiar with the NES version, knew we'd have to trudge our way back through it a second time. We made it all of the way to the final boss and just couldn't beat him. We played all through the night and never did it. Damn this game. Damn it to hell... Well, off to go download. I haven't screamed at my television in a long while.

__The Pirate of Men's Pants


The Pirate of Men's Pants said:

This game is as tough as Davy Jones' old boots! I love the GBA version myself, picked it up cheap when I was last on shore leave. I'd say that this is pretty much a 'must have' for Wii owners. Roll on the PAL release, m'hearties!

__Crapinpants 2007


Crapinpants 2007 said:

This game is sooooooooo frickin hard!!!!! i think i popped several blood vessels when playing it. I almost punched everybody in my house because i was so frustrated. It's good though. Playable

__Famous Roy


Famous Roy said:

Anyone reckon this is easier or harder than kid icarus? I ask as these seem to be the big boys of the VC, who would punch you into a piller and then push chips into your ears (they are hard games)



Manaman said:

Famous Roy, this game is tougher than Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus's first level was pretty much the hardest bit in the game when you were still weak and had one bar of energy. Once you start gaining Health and weapon upgrades, the game gets much, much easier to handle.



Manaman said:

I never realised until I played the PAL version of this game for the first time just how much easier the whole game is compared to the US and Japanese versions. The number of monsters inhabiting each level has been reduced, and this is particularly so with the little fire demons that come out of those fiery pits in level 3. In all other versions, you had 1 coming out of each pit; here, no matter which difficulty I play in, this simply is not the case. The awkwardly placed monsters were removed.

It's a brilliant game, but I'm a little disappointed at how watered down the PAL version is, making the 'professional' setting not that much more difficult than 'normal' or 'hard'.



Christopher said:

Any true nostalgic avid game-player would understand the true value of this awesome game!



Ian_Daemon said:

Great game, but H-A-R-D!!! Even after your little Arthur guy dies about a thousand times, you keep playing! This game is deceptively hard... or deceptively easy. I'm not sure which. It appears to be easy, but it's not. Well, it could be.



Mendez said:

Awesome game, I downloaded it sometime last week. I was rritated by his crappy jumping at first, but soon got over that and realised how great the game is. One of the best games available for download.



TheNintendoBoy said:

Right. We have bad jumping, slowdown and the checkpoints are too far between for such a hard game. Everything else is really super, but it's no 5/5 in my book.



Jeff said:

Guardian Bracelet?!?!?!? What the f@#$?!?!?! I had this game years ago and never beat it (I was pretty young). So I download the damn thing, get to the end, finally beat it, and I'm told I need a bracelet and it starts me over?!?!?!?!?! It still rocks, though ...



great game but also can be very frustrating at times



Horselips said:

I fondly remember playing through this a time or two way back...so this was my first download.
The graphics were good at the time (they still look good), the music is catchy, and the 'slowdown' in various places actually adds to the charm of days gone by.
But as many already know, and a few will find out, this is old school HARD!...so prepare your mind for a bit of side scrolling frustration and memorization. From the beginning, the hit detection is totally unforgiving and if you don't cuss now, you will. Oh..You will...
In other words...I love it!



Bowlz said:

I love this game. I have the capcom classics edition for xbox. It never slows down like the SNES. Gameplay is smooth all the way through. This game is good because its not too easy. You actually have to memorize the levels in order to beat them. This definitely isn't a button masher. So if you're not up for a challenge, don't pick this up. And also, guardian bracelet...I second that WTF!



sashaboo said:

This game would have been better if you did not have to go through the whole dam thing twice to get to the last boss with a crap weapon. anyone thinking of getting it on download compared to super castlevania take my advice and get castlevania



C-dawg said:

Just so you know, this game is very, very hard. Until you get used to the fact that you can't direct the character in mid-jump, you will die many times. In fact, you will die a lot anyway, as most of the game requires trial and error to get through.



JD1 said:

You cannot call yourself a true gamer untill you have competed this game!



link64 said:

By the way how is this version different from the Capcom classics version I mean is that based on the harder American or Japanese version.

I know about there being less slow down and no save state.



sco0504 said:

is there a way to save or didnt capcom use saves back then
great game hard just got through the tidewave part

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I kinda like this game.
But it was REALLY annoying that once you finish level 7, you have to start the WHOLE game all over. It's hard.

__Tony Danger


Tony Danger said:

I had this game as a kid. I remember how hard the first one (well 2nd one) on the genesis was back then, then I got this game... damn was it hard! I beat it like once before my SNES got jacked =/ I'm definetly getting this game.



darthmix said:

Yeah, it's hard. It probably is just a little too hard - if the difficulty weren't quite so punishing, this would be on all sorts of SNES favorites lists. The presentation is fantastic, the graphics and music are shining examples of the SNES era, and the levels are interesting enough that you're usually willing to fight on to see what's next. It's too bad the difficulty will turn so many people away, but I guess that just makes it a favorite of the hardcore. I just barely beat it on my SNES, and once was enough for me, so I probably won't download it now; but if you're looking for a real challenge, it has that, and quality to go with it.



JD said:

Theoretically, this game could be beaten in about 1.5 hrs.
Figure 45 mins for each trip through...

It took me 6 hours just to make it through once ; )
Addictive and insanely hard.



NESgamer said:

I can't beat this game, is just so frustrating at some points. But like old school games, it is addictive-frustrating.

I recommended purchase!.



McCabe said:

interesting, yes...but ridiculously hard.

and you keep coming back for some reason.



michinmuri said:

One of the d**n best and d**n hardest games out there. It's downright fun whether you beat it or get frustrated and give up. Beat the heck out of it as a kid when you could rent one game a weekend and just play til you fell over. Now with all the new games and nostalgia like this, frustration makes you put it down for 6 months. By then you are all rusty and have to play 8 hours just to get back up to being how good you were those 6 months ago, just to repeat the cycle. I love this game!



im2cool4ursox said:

question: is there any way to save your progress!!!!??? i agree. YES the game is sooooo hard!! im in the lava level right now and i cant even get to the boss. theres no way to save what youve done? i cant turn off my system cause ill lose all my progress....



Marvel_Maniac said:

Once you return to the Wii menu your game progress will be saved. Its in a save file on your hardrive. Read more of your instruction manual to find out all about this sweet feature.

I give this game a 4 out of 5 only because it's difficulty sort of irks me. Granted, I downloaded this game because I was seeking a challenge (after playing through Castlevania) but this is sort of ridiculous. Still, the gamer in me loves it.



aut0matic said:

i'm so pissed.. i could beat this game at 12 years old and now i can't beat the first level... today's easy games have made me soft.



aut0matic said:

Maximo on PS2 was a very fun spiritual sequel to this game, and people were whining that it was hard.. They should have played the original. Hunt down a copy of Maximo and its sequel Maximo: The Army of Zin I think it's called at a local Gamestop bargain bin before Sony tries to re-release these for money on their online network...



TRON said:

Fun game, with atmosphere coming out of every hole. I would take a full star off for the difficulty, except the production value is so high and the gameplay so tight that you will want to play the first level several times even if you can't pass it. There are a ton of other games to play that lack a true challenge, so it's not a bad thing at all to have such a hard game play so well.



thizzlefry said:

this game is great! loved playin it as a kid and the replayability is great because its super hard!



Taco_Human said:

I'm in a dilemma, I'm wondering whether I should get this or the MD version. While the MD version I hear is actually possible to beat with some trial and error, the SNES version is harder. But the SNES version has the better sound quality and I love the music.

MD or SNES version?



Dazza said:

Personally I prefer the SNES version myself, but both are excellent. It is hard to pick



Marvel_Maniac said:

The MD version is easier? Oh man, I didn't know that. I sort of wish I had downloaded that one instead. After my earlier post I've started to realize that this game has little replay value for me. Unless I feel like screaming and throwing stuff, I won't play it. I beat it the first time and have since deleted it from my system. I just can't get the gall up to go through that angsty torment a second time. Maybe next year...



Golgo said:

As the PC-Engine version is now en route - or so it would seem - is it worth waiting for that? I've read it's superior to the Mega Drive version, but how does it stack against the SNES version?



seanfitness said:

This game still makes me as angry now as it did when I was a kid.
Fun game, strangely addicting despite the insane difficulty. I managed to suffer through the first game only to find out I need some stupid bracelet in order to beat it?!?!?! Does this mean I need to put myself through the addicting madness again in order to finally beat it? Or is that the unsatisfying end?



Sage_Joch said:

Sigh, finally beat this sucker after 16 years! It's been frustrating, maddening, antagonizing... but it was worth it!! What a game. Only thing I didn't like was that stupid bracelet, took me forever to beat the second last boss with it!



Bakajin said:

Had this game when I was in high school, and I could play it through twice, but I was never able to beat the second 7th level with the bracelet. I finally picked up the GBA mashup a year or two agoand finally beat it, but only because of the save feature it had. It's absolutely impossible on the original cartridge. This is the game that cooked my first SNES; I'd leave it on so long not wanting to lose my progress.



StarBoy91 said:

I love, love, love this game!!!! One of my all-time favorites. I wished the bosses were actually challenging (the final boss Sardius is a complete letdown), but otherwise I cannot complain about what Capcom managed to cram in here. I managed to beat it several times, and the more I play it the less challenging it becomes for me. But it still offers up a decent amount of challenge, even though I admit the difficulty is overrated. The soundtrack is awesome (including the ending theme)!!!!! The gameplay is good, though I found Arthur's jumps to be floaty in comparison to the other games in the series, though that's because of the inclusion of the double jump feature, which made this game very playable. I don't mind the fact that I have the go through the whole game again after beating Nebiroth for the first time, I actually approve of this type of challenge. Though tbh, Plok and Mr. Nutz are much harder than this classic, imo.
Awesome game, my top favorite from Capcom.

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