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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Christopher commented on Ys Book I & II:

Yeppie!!! It's about time a classic RPG comes out for the Turbo Grafx CD part... Do I hear a Dungeon Explorer II, and Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes maybe??? I only hope!!! Maybe "Exile", and Cosmic Fantasy... This will be the kickstart of RPG's I hope!!! It would be really cool if NEO-NECTARIS version would come out also... At any rate this has a 10 Star Vote for ME... The many hours of playing, and a killer soundtrack too... Wait until you reach Dark Fact with the Violin music... "You have no chance of defeating me without the silver eguipment, NAIVE prepair to die"... Yes, it's a in-game voice of Dark-Fact... ENJOY this game!!! Falcom is GRAND!!! Try Legend of Xanadu too!!!



Christopher commented on Europe VC Releases - 30th March - Punch out!!:

No Punchout, or Zelda II for the USA VC. Very lame Nintendo. Is this a mark that Castlevania NES will be held to for USA release? Who comes up with the thinking at NOA? It must be some college grad that was in pre-school when these games at the time in the US made a hit. Hire some nostalgic talented people with a brain, and experience NOA.



Christopher commented on Castlevania:

5 out of 5 + 5 more = 15! This is an epic game! I love this game, and if you can learn the moves, it can be beat within a half hour! Very fun, and addictive!



Christopher commented on Military Madness:

BEST STRATEGY GAME EVER! The units are very unique, and not a copy from another military game. The sound, and music adds to the dynamic hex game-play! To bad that someone does not make this game like a Battlefield 2142 game!



Christopher commented on ActRaiser:

OMG! This game is very awesome! You can build your own towns, gain levels like an RPG, side scrolling like a Castlevania game, graphics and sound are great! This must come out in both the US, EU! I hope that this is a sign that, SOUL BALZER, BRAINLORD, and 7th SAGA will be released too on the SNES VC! ENIX made some of the coolest games in the 16 bit era! If you like action, adventure, RPG games, download this game!



Christopher commented on Double Dungeons:

Very cool Dungeon Master type of game! If you like D&D games, and RPG you will like this game because you use your mind. For people that do not like to think then do not buy this game. Only true RPG gamers will enjoy! The star rating should be more like a 3.