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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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LikwidSnaque commented on Metroid:

This was one of those frustrating games that I wanted because my cousins loved it, but I couldn't figure it out because I was 7. Two words if you're going to play this antique: Justin Bailey. Otherwise, spend three more dollars and get Super Metroid.



LikwidSnaque commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

I read all of the praise for this game and I am surprised by all of the people who say that this game was the first Zelda they've played. Zelda on NES was my first experience with the series - this game straight-up spoiled me...I guess I'm an old fogey. Link's Awakening is another well made game for the limitations of the Gameboy. Zelda fans who have not played that: I suggest you find a way to play that one also!!!



LikwidSnaque commented on Tecmo Bowl:

I totally had a flashback and laugh @ Joseph's comment. I guess football wasn't integrated in Nintendo cut-scene land. And I agree with everyone. Tecmo - get your heads straight and bring out Tecmo Super Bowl so I can run for 225 yards on eight carries with Barry Sanders in average condition, run up the score and throw my classic controller at my tv in disgust when I throw my first interception of the year with Montana in week 14 bringing my 325 qb rating down a point or two.



LikwidSnaque commented on Strider:

My first exposure to Strider as a character was whilst playin' Marvel vs. Capcom (1/2). Can someone please tell me, in a PM, why I should consider spending the 8$ for this VC title? I just can't get excited for it reading everyone's comments in this forum.



LikwidSnaque commented on Pilotwings:

This game is just plain, straight-up better than the N64 version, but I'll tell you all that Wings 2 was better, IMHO. I tell you this with a straight face too... I'd love to see Wings 2 on the VC...



LikwidSnaque commented on Punch-Out!!:

This game was the first VC game I dl'd. This game was the heat, it is the heat, and it will always be the heat. If you have never played it, do so! If you are one of those graphics doods who can't stand looking at 8-bit pixels, get over it! Arguably, this title is a top 3 download on the Virtual Console, to date.