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Sat 9th May 2009

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PSL977 commented on Pilotwings:

Asking which of the two versions of Pilotwings is best, is like asking whats best Snes Super Mario World or N64 Mario64



PSL977 commented on Molyneux: Nintendo Made Rare Too Secretive:

@#2 and #25
The Stamper Bros left Rare in 2007 and haven't been heard of since.
However a handful of designers who worked on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark went on to form Free Radical Design, which made the Timesplitters games.
FRD is now called Crytek, which made Haze & Second Sight for the PS2



PSL977 commented on Prepare To Gnash Those Teeth: Perfect Dark May...:

I just want to clear up the reason why Rare was sold (other than money)
Rare, was 2 brothers who owned 51% and Nintendo owned 49%.
The 2 brothers (who have both left rare, hence all the posts about the talent leaving) sold the 51% stake to microsoft, this led to Nintendo selling its 49%, because they couldn't really be minority shareholders to a major competitor.