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Mon 17th Aug 2009

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Davva commented on Review: F-Zero Maximum Velocity (3DS Virtual C...:

Played a couple of hours of this so far and still only completed the first 2 set of 5 races on beginner. Finding the ice tracks really tough going. The only tactic that seems to work for me is to tap the Accelerate button rapidly on corners, braking is too severe and drifing not enough, until you get control of the vehicle. Overall, bland presentation and frustrating gameplay imo.



Davva commented on Review: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (3DS...:

I think the 9/10 score is well deserved. I've played about 15 hours so far and unlocked nearly everything in the game. My favourite set of games is the Classic Nintendo set. The unlockables - particularly Dr Wario and Wario's sherrif - are great bonuses as well.

According to a guide i saw the Pyoro games are pretty good too, i've only got about three more microgames to uncover in Wario's final set and one each in two of the later sets to get the first version of Pyoro,but quite a bit more to do to get the second version.

A good start to the ambassador games for me (this is still the only one i've got round to playing so far).



Davva commented on Nintendo Download: 29th December 2011 (Europe):

I got Bionic Commando on Capcom Collection (vol 1) for PS2, but i'll still get the GB game as i understand this is not really a port of the arcade game, but based on a NES game, which was pretty different to the arcade.

@battLeToaD: yes, definitely agree with you, 'The 3D machine' cartoon was the best thing i've seen so far on the Nintendo video app, very stylish, funny and great 3D too



Davva commented on Review: Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (GameCube):

Great review of a game i still play and enjoy regularly today.

Not sure if i'd buy a NPC version of this (not that one is ever likely to appear) i'll just stick with NGC version thanks. Camelot already did We Love Golf on Wii, which is OK but rather bland, and then it would have to be better than the Mario Tennis NPC update, the motion controls on that game didn't really improve the game (imo). A brand new Mario Golf game though would definitely get my interest though...



Davva commented on Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Col...:

Is NL going to review the European Wii version, which finally came out this summer? It was delayed for about three years with System 3 saying the delay was caused because the game engine was significantly changed to improve the camera, nudging etc. It certainly works brilliantly on the Wii, a big improvement over the Gottlieb collection (which is the only thing i can compare it to). I'd be interested to know about the differences between the European and US versions... I've really enjoyed the Wii version so won't get the 3ds version (especially since the 3DS version seems to be missing a couple of tables (Firepower and Jivetime)).



Davva commented on Review: QIX (3DS Virtual Console / Game Boy):

A 7 is about right, still very enjoyable and a great conversion of the original arcade game.
I do miss the 2 player link-up game, it required co-operation to get through stages, but got really competitive for the scroing, but it's a fraction of the cost of the original game.
I really like having the restore points so i can finally save high scores!
I still think the various appearances (after higher scores) by Mario are really wierd...



Davva commented on Golf:

Actually there's 2 courses ('Japan' and 'USA') so that's 36 holes.
I liked this a lot when it was originally out, I still have the original cart but will download this as my original gameboy broke years ago (i still have a super gameboy + SNES to play GB carts).
It's aged a lot better than the baseball and tennis games and unlike those won't suffer much without the two player mode.



Davva commented on Review: Sonic & Knuckles (Virtual Console / Se...:

@William90 and Sega Gamer93
I've also got the Sonic Mega Collection on Gamecube and I think it's great. If you can pick up a copy its superb value for money.
One of the things i'm not keen on for the disc is the method of unlocking stuff, which I think is pretty unispired, just a case of keep going into the games loads of times. You don't even have to play the game each time, just load it from the Collection menu screen, exit and repeat until you unlock. However, the unlockables are excellent so it's worth it in the end.



Davva commented on Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye:

Saw this is being released soon and no one seems very interested in this, which is a shame as this is a really good puzzle game. I can't remember this being originally available on the Megadrive,in UK (I've only played it on an emulator). The Dragon's Eye variant is super addctive. For anyone who hasn't seen it before its uses the same basic rules as the normal tile matching Shanghai (which is also included), but changes it into a turn based battle against the Dragon, with the Dragon trying to bury the player, and the player trying to kill the dragon (i.e. clear the board). I've not seen a Dragon's eye variant on other Shanghai games that I've played such as 42 All time classics (aka Clubhouse games), Mahjong and Mahjong Quest (all DS) and it feels different enough to the normal mode to warrant a purchase, even if you already have a version of Shanghai.



Davva commented on Review: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (Vir...:

Wonderboy III was one of my favourite Master System games. I still have the original cart. I didn't find it that difficult when i played through it again recently, howvever, i was stuck (just couldn't remember what to do next) for some time near the end, just after unlocking the Hawkman character.

The SMS version of WB3 was definitely password save, which was a decent compromise back in the day, but would be another reason to consider the extra points for the TG16 version nowadays.

I'm pretty sure Penguin Land is another SMS game, which had Battery back-up.



Davva commented on Pilotwings:

I loved this game back in the day and still have the original cartridges for both this and the N64 version. The SNES version is a bit limited, but it never stopped me playing it over and over trying to get as near perfect scores as possible. However, I never liked the helicopter mission on level 5 the change of pace really spoliled things for me.
As much as i enjoyed SNES Pilotwings for its innovative and fun gameplay, I think the enhancements and added variety in the N64 version make that a far far better game.
Please Nintendo make a new Pilotwings Wii game...



Davva commented on Review: The Revenge of Shinobi (Virtual Consol...:

This is one of my all time favourite Sega games, and i've still got the original MD cartridge. I'ts a pretty tough game, I only ever completed the game using the infinite shurikens cheat (I noticed the screenshots have been taken with the cheat running) - that labyrinth level, and then the final boss was really hard. I agree with the previous comments about the music, which was outstanding, and the graphics were amazing (by 1989 standards) with lots of variety and detail in the backgrounds of each level.



Davva commented on Review: Phantasy Star (Virtual Console / Maste...:

Great review of an outstanding game. I've still got the original cartridge, and am part way through playing this again on a 2nd hand SMS.

Re: the final boss and how easy/not easy it is to find. To anyone playing this for the first time, the game makes it clear, which dungeon you're supposed to find the boss in so just try everywhere in that dungeon and be patient; it's a big dungeon and if i remember rightly you have to make a turn in the middle of a corridor and walk into a wall. Don't do what i did... I falied to find it and in desperation i must have re-searched nearly every other dungeon in the game looking for that boss. It was a few months later when i saw the solution in a magazine, and then i was finally able to finish the game, i certainly got my moneys worth, even tho' it was £40.00.