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In this unique Platform/Puzzle game you take control of a boy who has to help a blob getting to his home planet. It isn't a conventional Platformer, as the boy cannot jump or attack enemies. Instead, the Blob can be fed with different kinds of jellybeans, which will transform him into various objects.

He can be used as a ladder, a bridge or a trampoline, turned into an umbrella to slow down the boy's fall or shield him from falling objects, into a bubble to let the boy swim and breathe underwater, a blow torch to burn certain obstacles or even a bird which enables him to follow the boy everywhere. There's total of 12 different shapes the blob can take on, all of which can be used to freely explore the game world.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

An innovative gameplay idea that's beginning to feel a bit dated.

There's no denying that the original NES release of A Boy and His Blob brought some fairly unique gameplay ideas to the table when it was released in 1989. David Crane, who'd already seen success with his Atari 2600 hit Pitfall, brought a few ideas from...

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User Comments (42)



KeeperBvK said:

Looking forward to this as I've never played it even though the concept always seemed pretty interesting to me. Action-puzzlers are always a good thing.



Ricardo91 said:

I've heard of this game, and it sounds really interesting! I think I'll give it a shot when it hits shop. It's too bad that the DS version got cancelled.



Bass_X0 said:

i believe i heard it was frustratingly difficult. however i never played it myself.



deggs said:

yup, the game was insanely hard but still kinda fun when you figured things out. reminded me of a little a simpler version of the Indiana jones and the fate of atlantis and those types of pc games kinda



Sharecrow said:

This looks like a David Crane game Anyway, I'll probably get it when it comes out but it'll be a long time before I beat it if I ever do, I'm sure....



Kurachi said:

huh, thought most people would know this one
i played it, but i never got really far, cuz its harder to figure it out, then actually playing it, when just starting and noone else can explain you, like i had
back then i was more trying stuff out than playing it

i give it a 5/5 cuz it was really fun playing around and sometimes i found more out then i thought
once on VC, i buy it, no doubt (after the few games i want now, like SoM )

for those who really like hard puzzles, try it out
i played it for so long all those years, but never really got far, so this time i'm gonna figure stuff out, and then try to make it through the game (if it has an end)



Mr_64 said:

Good grief, I've not seen it for years! I remember my mate had it for a while but swapped it for Fester's Quest!



michinmuri said:

A very interesting game but quite difficult. Unless you have a list of what each jellybean does, it's lots of time consuming trial and error. Still well worth 500 points IMO.



MerlinDrazziw said:

Never played this version, but I've played "The Rescue of Princess Blobette" on the Gameboy. The gameplay isn't different from the NES version (I guess), just a different setting. If you don't know where to go, it's quite difficult to play. Despite that, it is a fun puzzle/platformer game. I think I'll get this NES version.



Terra said:

This looks interesting. I've heard good things from it so i may buy it. I remember hearing about the DS version. Too bad it got cancelled



manson77 said:

I played the GameBoy version as a kid, but i never really understood this game ...Probably I give it a second chance as an grownup.



2D_Dreamer said:

Never bought this for the NES, but it got very good reviews from the press originally on release, as I remember. It'll be high on my list to buy once it's available for download.



lockelocke said:

No Way! I never thought I'd see this on the VC, but this is by far one of my favorite NES games. Completely twisted and bizarre. This is can be super hard to figure out, but that's the fun of it, that NOTHING is spelled out for you.



Kaeobais said:

Played it a bit before, but I got confused cause I had no iddea where I had to go and I kept forgetting what each jelly bean did.



tatemon555 said:

The title is so cheesy. I may want to get this if it gets a good review, but otherwise, no thanks.



I'm one of the few people who like A Boy and His Blob. I own the original NES cart, as well as the little known Gameboy sequel. I've also been twice disappointed at the cancellation of the third game, which was going to be on GBA, and then on DS (and that was back in '04 or '05, so I don't think that's going to be revived). Will they ever make that game?



Roo said:

Not exactly at the top of the Virtual Console agenda. I'm sure this was popular enough at the time of release, but we've had two decades of subsequent progression.

More The Blob from Clayfighter than de Blob. That's not a compliment.



Ferret75 said:

Looks good, but the title screen looks awful.
Is that brown smudge gonna appear on my Wii Menu? o.0



Terra said:

Should this page still even be here considering that WayForward Technologies are doing a proper remake on the Wii or is this not clear at the moment?



Terra said:

Things are clearing up slightly. Apparently, the new Wii game isn't a remake, it's an all new game in the series, so the original may be released on the VC.

I saw some screens of the new game. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I'd certainly buy it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

The Wii version looks great. I never played this so if it comes soon, I'll definitely give it a shot to see what its all about!



AGK said:

This was on my list of games I was hoping they would release. The graphics were kind of ugly for the time, but the game play was really awesome.

But yeah, it could be a tricky game. Sometimes it was hard to hit the blob with the jelly beans, which sucked especially when it was a really rare one that you were just trying to find out what it did.

Man, I'm really hungry for jelly beans for some reason now. Curses...



MegaMX4 said:

Gave it a shot back in the day, got to a place where I couldn't go any farther, and used ol' Blob as a trampoline to see if I could get over the building blocking my path. And promptly died. >.>

I'm glad I'll have another chance at it! Especially with the gorgeous Wii version coming soon. Blobonia, here I come...again.



Pastry said:

I hope this comes to the VC. It will probably happen right before or after the new Wii release.



astarisborn94 said:

This game has aged terribly, as suggested by Game Informers. If you disagree, I'll get an emulator and download this game so you can see my point.



Kurachi said:

@35 its not that bad
i played this game back then, but was kinda playing around with blob, instead of doing the game itself
its not always about games aged, its also nostalgia, you know, retro games which were good back then
every game on VC is old, but dont mean they aged

oh and i dont really listen to reviews, mostly i disagree with em, lol
but thats me and my taste

also, to #35 again: lot of people who want this, so guess lot of em disagree
and another point is: old games have enough flaws, but that dont make em bad
before someone tells me AVGN is serious about his video's, lol or did i destroy dreams now?
i mean come on, AVGN (angry video game nerd on youtube) isnt that serious, else he'd threw away those games

anyway, its nice to see this game coming, even though it takes some time to get on our VC's



deadly_by_design said:

This game appears to have been ahead of its time. Not sure how I missed it as a kid...

As for it aging "terribly," I think it has to do with the art style. It looks more like a 1980s PC game than the often highly-stylized appearance of NES games.



Bass_X0 said:

old games have enough flaws, but that dont make em bad

Except for when they do. I've given up on a number of games in the past because of flaws in games that its like hitting a brick wall in some of them in terms of progression during a game or wrestling with poor controls so much that its just not fun to play anymore. sometimes though i enjoy playing a game up until that brick wall then i just start again from the beginning and repeat. when attempting to break through that brick wall makes the game a dull chore then its time to quit playing. but then there are "glass walls" which stop you for a while but don't seem impossible and doesn't put you off from playing them until you manage to do it. There's a difference. Some people love the early Castlevania games but I can't stand their cheap deaths that seem to depend more on luck and tedious repetition to avoid than skill and practice. no, i wouldn't say they're bad games but i just never had the patience for them. but thats me and my taste.

before someone tells me AVGN is serious about his video's, lol or did i destroy dreams now?
i mean come on, AVGN (angry video game nerd on youtube) isnt that serious, else he'd threw away those games

I happen to agree with many of his points he brings up although he does over-react sometimes for comic effect. i like that he usually goes into detail about how a game has a flaw so even if you never played the game before, you'd still have to agree with him because of his explanations. have you even watched many of his videos or just seen one or two of them?



Kurachi said:

i have seen more, he points out what's not done well, but dont mean he really hates em, he just likes to show it to others, not to show he hates the games

i could do the same as AVGN does, playing old games and see the flaws i never seen before or forgot about
he just can do it very good

dont think i hate what he does, i like his video's, he's awesome, just like nostalgia critic (a friend of his which does same, but with movies)

i like games which have some bad flaws, doesnt mean i hate the games, but i could make a video of it with some fake anger attacks, and use f*** alot... i just cant do it as good as he can

and the part "even if you never played the game before" is wrong
its the other way around, lots of people wouldnt play certain games cuz they saw his video's with flaws of those games... so "even" must be "especially"

makes it:
"especially if you never played the game before, you'll agree with him because of his explainations"

i dont try to be smarter, its just that you shouldnt take him too seriously
sure, his points are correct, but he might aswell play them after his ranting... who knows...

ps. i know they will give it a bad rating, but i disagree with lots of ratings on this site
looks weird, the most known games get 10 or 9.. or close to it, and some small games they dont like get very low ratings

i hope they'll rate it fair now



brooks83 said:

@Kurachi I'm expecting a 6 or 7. And AVGN himself has stated that he doesn't neccesarily hate the games he plays, in fact he loves a lot of the ones that he has trashed. It's all entertainment.



Kurachi said:

a 6/10 isnt that bad
i actually thought they'd give it a 3/10
anyway, maybe i'll buy maybe not, but if i do, it'll take a long time

"Except for when they do"
sure, thats with anything, lol
it has only to do with the fact that someone wants to play it again or not, after all those way more advanced games
and if lots of people are too much used to 3D, games with way better graphics or games which are generally more advanced, then any old game can be bad

this game aged well, it even has a wiiware version, which is different, but same idea and gameplay
but again, it ages well for people who still like it, so cant really say which games dont age and which do... in fact, they all do, since people are playing them

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