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The year is 2048AD.

In Russia, the evil Grand Master Meio has begun his insane plot to take over the universe. A lone figure drops from a stealth glider into Meio's base. He is Hiryu, Super A-Class Strider. His mission is to defeat the Grand Master and put an end to his plotting once and for all.

Converted from the classic arcade game, Strider lets you run, jump, perform acrobatics and climb walls and overhangs. You wield a plasma sword, called a Cypher, through 5 levels fighting robots and guards, with mid- and end-level bosses.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

From Russia with love

When you consider that he hasn’t starred in his own game since 2000, Strider Hiryu’s popularity in Capcom fan circles is impressive, which is largely down to the high regard in which players hold his 1989 coin-op début. Powered by Capcom’s CPS...

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User Comments (47)



Kyle said:

i really loved this game a must buy i think thought i never completed it as a kid found it way to hard nows my chance to give it another go



Sinistron said:

Funny. I have the tuboduo arcade card strider with the extra board- and I read practically everywhere that the character animation in the genesis version was superior- I can plainly see that it's in fact worse. This one does have parallex scrolling however.



deggs said:

i bought capcom classics 2 for the ps2 to get this game and magic sword and eco fighters...

i remembered this game as being much more easy and a little more fun. that said, the reviewer is right about the genesis version having better looking sprites... the main character looks much better in this version. The game also flows a little better in the genesis version too...



LikwidSnaque said:

My first exposure to Strider as a character was whilst playin' Marvel vs. Capcom (1/2). Can someone please tell me, in a PM, why I should consider spending the 8$ for this VC title? I just can't get excited for it reading everyone's comments in this forum.



-Regii said:

Yeah, really looks awesome. The first time I saw Strider was also whilst playing Marvel vs. Capcom on PS1, can't wait to get my hands on that.



alvieao said:

So the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Strider is a possible Virtual Console title after all. (Trivial fact: the Mega Drive conversion was done by Sega's Team Shinobi/Streets of Rage.) I first played the arcade version and a challenging game it was. Still, the MD version holds its own compared to the arcade. I hope Strider comes out sometime on the VC...

__Garland Russell


Garland Russell said:

This is a really great conversion of the arcade game, & it brings back so much memories. I think that everyone should pick this up. You can also check out the arcade version of it on the Strider 1 bonus disc on PS. Don't bother going for the one on both Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2 on X-Box or PS2 or Capcom Classics Collection:Remixed on PSP, as that version of Strider is the later version, in which the music on Stages 3 & 5 play the EXACT same music from Stage 1, including when you're facing grandmaster. There were two different versions of Strider in the arcades (an earlier version, which was also used on the MegaDrive version & the PS version bonus disc), just to let you know.



michinmuri said:

A very good game. Great graphics and awesome design. Personally, I like the Strider on the NES more. This one is so linear and the NES was a bit less. Still an awesome game.



Damo said:

Agreed - the NES version is a bit 'meh' compared to this.



Villain said:

@Damo: It's not only "meh", it's a very different game. This was more of a direct conversion while the NES is a completely different game.

Ah, CPS1 pornography at it's best! Never played this version, but it looks like a darn accurate conversion of the arcade original. Anyone ever played Strider 2 btw? That's a really sweet game.



Damo said:

Strider 2 is super sweet (the proper one is anyway, not the horrible US Gold 'Strider Returns' that came out for the Genesis and Master System way back when). I still prefer the first, though.

Hardcore Strider fans should check out Osman/Cannon Dancer on MAME. It's by the same designer that did Strider and plays very much like a Strider game, but with stunningly improved 2D visuals.



TRON said:

Great game! Very inventive levels, you'll keep playing just to see what comes next. I can't wait to platform on the backs of brontosaurus again . This is the definition of an arcade game though, simple patterns designed to make you think "OOOOHHHH, I see where to strike from and not get hit next time, PLUNK".



CanisWolfred said:

Man, this looks really wierd, and the sword sound really got on my nerves. I like the ability to climb on stuff, and I think more games should do it, but combat seems a little dull, and I don't know about controls. All I know is that that video brought back painful memories of Ninja Combat.



slangman said:

This looks like a really cool game and possibly one of the best Mega Drive games (well as far as i heard). I do have to agree with Mickeymac though the sword sound is a bit off putting but you get used to it after a while i suppose.



Ricardo91 said:

I don't hear much of this game on the web, but magazines RAVE about it, paticularly EGM. But I think I'd rather get it on the Capcom Classics Collection and get more bang 4 my buck, unless this version has extra levels or something. Does it?

And yeah, swords shouldn't "pling" like that, and this game does seems a bit odd in places.



CanisWolfred said:

I watched the video again on mute, and it looked pretty cool, and the animations didn't look as out of synch as I originally thought, and the "climbing all over $#!+" looked better than ever! It is a shame that I'll have to play the entire game on mute though, as the music wasn't bad.



Ricardo91 said:

So, does this port have anything new from the arcade version (new levels, ect.) or not!? I NEED TO KNOW!



Ricardo91 said:

No one else wants to chime in and tell me about the arcade version? ANYONE? Fine! CCC it is then!



CanisWolfred said:

I didn't know there was an arcade version, and appearantly I'm not alone. I doubt there's much of a difference though, since most developers porting arcade games to consoles were having enough trouble making it as good as the original.



Skrimfid said:

I played this game extensively in the arcade and was so thrilled when it was released on the Genesis! The sounds, the music, the voices all bring back memories for me. When it was first released in the arcades here I remember walking into the arcade and seeing like 20 people standing around watching someone play a new game. I went over and got my first look at Strider. I stood right there and watched like all the other lemmings!



CanisWolfred said:

I think I'll just try to track down a copy of Strider 2 for the PSX, since it also comes with Strider 1 packed in. Too bad Osman never got a port.



Ricardo91 said:

What the devil is Osman?

Anyway, I got the Capcom Mini Mix for GBA and played the NES Strider. It blows chunks. I sure hope this or the arcade version (the one I'm settling for) is at least slightly better.



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

Don't worry, the NES Strider has almost nothing to do with this one. It's an arcade-perfect game of an absolutely superb game.

As for Osman, it's the spiritual successor to the arcade version of Strider, and it's a better sequel than Strider 2(Genesis and Arcade).



tatemon555 said:

What? This dude just kicks @$$ so easily that it's not funny. It looks okay, but I don't really want it.



He may be cool futuristic ninja, but I for one have my doubts that he'll ever leave Eurasia alive.

In all seriousness though, I have the arcade game on Capcom Classics 2. I remembered the game well enough for years, and when I played Marvel vs Capcom, I recognized him pretty quickly and noted that he became a serious badass since the old days.

Also, no offense, but I got a bit of a laugh out of reading Ricardo91's posts throughout this page.

Ricardo91: Should I get Capcom Classics?
Ricardo91: What are the differences between the Arcade and Genesis versions?
No responses? FINE! I'm getting Capcom Classics to play Strider!
I got Capcom Classics for GBA. Whoops, NES Strider lol!

Really, though. Don't be discouraged, two of the three games on that cart are passable, but many would argue the NES Bionic Commando was a far better game than the arcade game on offer in Capcom Classics 1. In fact, I'm one of the few who would defend that the arcade game does NOT suck, and is merely different. Either way, enjoy "Bionic Commando Collection" and the two games included as "bonus material".

Also, thanks for the advice, Damo. I'll be sure to look into that game when I get around to doing things. That's probably a more appreciated response than not bothering to do my own research and exclaiming "What the devil is Osman?", heh?



timp29 said:

Strider is one of the few games I remember from my friends Megadrive. As soon as it comes out I will be downloading it. This game will be one of the better releases in 2009 for sure.



CanisWolfred said:


I didn't even notice you're comment there! I did play Osman, and it was wonderful, albiet incredibly challenging.

And thank G-d I played the Strider games before playing Marvel vs, Capcom, since he's a cheap son-of-a-b**** in that game, and I curse aloud everytime I have to go up against him. I probably wouldn't have bothered with them.



Ricardo91 said:

@PMK. FYI, I was fully aware that the version of Strider on the Mini Mix was not the same as the Genesis or arcade version. I bought it for the NES Bionic Commando. I planned to buy the Capcom Classics Collection before, but wanted to know if this version had any additional features that are worth my time. ince no one gave me an answer, I said "screw it." and decided to settle for the arcade version.

Actually, now that I finally figured out how do do that damn triangle jump, I'm finding the NES version pretty enjoyable. A lot better than that Final Fight port also on the cart. And I tried googling Osman, and all I got was articles on the Turkish ruler. lol.

EDIT: And yes, I do tend to think of the Mini Mix as "Bionic Commando with 2 bonus games."



Roo said:

Ahh, ScrewAttack's #1 Mega Drive game! But ScrewAttack is just awful - in all likelihood, I'll hate this game!



timp29 said:

This game should be out by now. Damn you pitfall: mayan adventure, you stole strider's spot waves fist



MegaMX4 said:

Yay Strider! This game kicked my posterior, and yet I love it so. I really need to track down 1&2 for the PSOne...



Supermarioman said:

Considering it may be one of the best, if not the best game for the Genesis, I see no reason why it isn't already on the VC. Sure it may not be the most popular title on the VC, but it would beabsolute excellence for fans of Strider, I would even take the NES version just because it at least shows one version of Strider can come to the VC. But it really does need to come to the VC.



parallaxscroll said:

Mickeymac is talking nonsense when he said this is an arcade-perfect port of the arcade game. The MegaDrive-Genesis-Wii VC version is NOWHERE NEAR arcade perfect even though its a decent conversion unlike the completely different NES Strider.

Strider on the MegaDrive-Genesis was the first decent version of the arcade game released on home CONSOLE, but not the first arcade-quality version released for a consumer home platform. That honor belongs to the Sharp X68000 computer in Japan which got a very close port of Strider in 1989, a year before the MegaDrive-Genesis version came out.

In all honesty, the MegaDrive-Genesis version of Strider, while a good game in its own right, was a huge downgrade from the CPS-1 arcade game. The downgrades from the arcade down to the Sega version include color, detail, animation and an entire parallax background layer. The arcade had upto 3 BG layers and no less than 2, while the Sega version had upto 2 layers, sometimes just 1, depending on the stage.

Various versions of Strider from best to worst, as far as how close they are to the original 1989 CPS-1 arcade version.

1. Capcom Classics Collection on PS2, Xbox, PSP a few years ago
2. PS1 version included with Strider 2, from 1998/1999
3. Sharp X68000 computer version from 1989
4. Megadrive-Genesis version from 1990, released on Wii VC.
5. NEC PC-Engine Arcade Card CD version

The UNRELEASED / CANCELED NEC SuperGrafx version
would've taken over the number 4 position because it would've been superior to both the PC-Engine Arcade Card CD and the MegaDrive/Genesis/Wii VC versions, but would not have been as close as the X68000 port.

These are SUPPOSED, APPARENT (unconfirmed) screenshots of the UNRELEASED/ CANCELED / RUMORED version of Strider for the SuperGrafx




WonderboY101 said:

@ parallax scroll. You're right re the differences in backgrounds. But personally any Strider is better than no Strider on the VC (except perhaps the NES one, haven't played that one yet to judge). I have 1,2 & 4 on your list. Even considered getting 5 once, but was put off it.

It would be nice to have the MD (or maybe even Arcade, if possible) Strider on VC. If just because I'm lazy and don't like inserting the discs or the cart into my machines.



cheetahman91 said:

I personally like the arcade version better. But this one is more or less the same thing, just with the usual graphics and sound downgrade.



Rerun said:

NES strider was BAD. Check out ScrewAttack's Top 10 and they have the SEGA version of Strider ranked as number 1.



STRIDER78 said:

i like all STRIDERS (except for strider returns on genesis, it wasnt even made by capcom) as for the NES, i like that one because it is based on the manga, i hope capcom makes a new game and STRIDER HIRYU will be back in MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3

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