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Wonder Boy in Monster Land (SMS / Master System)

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After the defeat of the evil king, the kingdom of Wonder Land was a paradise…for a time. The peace was broken when a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon struck without warning and took over Wonder Land with a swarm of evil, monstrous henchmen, turning the once-peaceful land into the utterly chaotic Monster Land.

Unable to fight, the people now look to Wonder Boy. Realizing that he is Wonder Land's last hope, Wonder Boy sets out on an incredible journey to rid the country of the monsters and defeat the "invincible" evil dragon. Guide Wonder Boy through various environments and dungeons, and defeat enemies using Special Weapons and Spells.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Ale or mead?

Sega’s follow-up to the legendary Wonder Boy on the Master System took our hero Tom-Tom out of his former prehistoric setting into a medieval fantasy world. This game started out life as an arcade machine and also got ports to home computers and the...

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Once the game has been released, we will have at least one version of each game in the series on VC. We'll still be missing the "Wonder Boy" versions of two of them, however - Wonder Boy III:..

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User Comments (46)



Dazza said:

This was one of my favourite Master System games back in the days. What a great game, yes it wasn't as slick as Wonderboy III but it was so much fun to play.



Ragnor said:

Ahahaha, that cover art is so bad xD

But yeah, now I'll finally be able to see the end of this game properly, since it links into the beginning of the third

Speaking of which, I would totally buy the SMS Wonder Boy 3, even though Dragon's Curse is basically better in most ways. Nostalgia and all that



KeeperBvK said:

I played this in the HEY arcade in Tokyo and I thought it was pretty neat. How close is this port to the original?



blackknight77 said:

Its amazing how much people make fun of the SMS's box are with the white grids and the bad pictures, but people love the Sega Genesis box art with the black grids and the edgy game covers.

Anyway somone at Nintendo loves Wonderboy games, thats for sure.



Kelvin said:

Well, to be fair, some of the really early SMS cover art was shockingly awful. This game is in the middle period, where it's not quite as awful as stuff like Choplifter, but the style hasn't grown up quite yet. Once we get to 1991 or so, the cover art has really improved.



Virus said:

Wow, this actually looks like it is a good game. I wish I waited for this to be my first SMS game instead of Alex Kidd...



Ragnor said:

Yeah, the cover art progressivly got a lot better. I owned most of the better games from around the Sonic 2 SMS period, and all of them had good cover art

But oh man, the early ones would make you laugh at them over and over



Ricardo91 said:

That box art is hilariously atrocius. I'm sure that kid's face gave a few young children nightmares back in the day. And he's a bit big for a boy isn't he?



Mixer152 said:

Yeah the old SMS box arts are pretty abysmal. I heard Wonderboy III Monster Lair was one of the worst WB games, but thats the only one Ive played and I really enjoyed it as a kid. This one doesnt look too different though. Im not sure whether to get it.



gamerwizz said:

Cant wait for this game to come out as this is the only game in the wonder boy series that I have never played hopefully it will come out sometime this month although its very rare master system games are released on the virtual console I think where due one dont you.



President_Leever said:

A very challenging game that introduced some of the series staples like shopping for equipment and treasure hunting. It's a shame it didn't get rid of some older mechanics in the process though, because searching for secrets and doing shopping is pretty hard to do when your life keeps draining away and there are NO continues to fall back on. And you still get point giving loot from enemies when all you really want is gold because it's so damn rare and everything is so damn expensive! The game ends up being as much about resource management as it is about platforming and fighting monsters.
Get the sequel, Wonder Boy III /Dragons Curse first. This isn't even the best version, as it plays extremely slow.
Btw, I wonder if the arcade game inspired Nintendo to make Zelda 2 the way it was or if it was the other way around?



7th_lutz said:

Dfalco, It is not the worst game on the Sms.

There are far worse Sega Master games out there including the "great sports" series for the the Sms. I own and played over 70 sms games.



maka said:

I think this is the Wonder Boy I played on the Amiga back in the early 90s. Is it possible? From what I've seen in the video it does seem to be it but my memory is a bit fuzzy...

Will probably get it anyway as I've enjoyed the other Wonder Boy games on VC



Chunky_Droid said:


I had the C64 version of this too quakster, I could only finish the game as long as I got Sphinx's question right because he kicked my arse otherwise. And that level with a lot of yellow in the background HATED my TV (played really loud fuzz through the speaker). I'm getting this as soon as it comes to the US.



slangman said:

The worst cover art I ever saw. I don't think i will get this though since the Wounder boy games don't interest me much at all.



Wesker said:

I'm curious about this game but can't decide whether to get this or the mega-drive version...

The first level looks the same but there seems to be more things going on in the megadrive version. mmmmm?



slangman said:

Now i can't decide which is the worst box art. Although Zllion looks far too basic to capture my eye.



Drake said:

The original Wonder Boy and Wonder Boy in Monster Land were both on C64.



Adamant said:

slangman, the Master System was a haven of horrendous box art. This game is above par as far as the system is considered.



Chunky_Droid said:

Does anyone know if the Master System version had the nurse say a naughty word when you told her three times you didn't need medical attention? I remember her saying that in the C64 version I had when I was a young'n.

@Drake: The game was so bad it put itself in a headlock?

And as for box-art, at least the guy looks happy to be killing that red knight that's not even in the game



slangman said:

I suppose the dodgy box art is fairly normal for the SMS. Even so i still think WBIML has the cheesiest box art ever created for a Master System game.



niner said:

Meh, another SMS title. I can't think of a single game on that console that I would pay money for. When is the SNES going to have a decent release?!



Adamant said:

The Red Knight is in the game. You find him in the hidden mansion on the island, and probably some later places as well.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Adamant, it must've been too long since I've played it. Unless it's just in the SMS version as I completed the C64 version time and time again way back in primary school. Then again, it's hard to tell what colour half of the things are in the C64 version



Adamant said:

(actually, that wasn't even right - the Red Knight is the boss on level 3. Forgot what he looked like when I mademy previous post)



CanisWolfred said:


You mean all the other Super NES games released aren't good enough for you?

Well, if Fantasy Zone and Space Harrier weren't included in the Ultimate Genesis Collection, I could've had an SMS day today. Now I gotta wait for Fantasy Zone II and Sonic Chaos.



nintendo87 said:

just got this game today and its not bad but when u die it sucks you have to start all over



Adamant said:

Well, the game is designed around using your money intelligently and playing good through the entire game. Not starting over upon death would kind of kill the entire concept.

Plus the revival potion kind of acts as an extra life.

Plus, once you've learned how the game works, it's not particularly hard. I beat it fairly quickly.



Ark said:

Oh, but what about THIS box art?

Anyway, I loved the game when my uncle showed me, I think I'll get this game. Though there was a part in the last level with platforms where you could get permanently stuck so that was really annoying.



Turbo_Genesis_64 said:

I think an 8 is too high for this game. I would give it a 5. It will entertain mildly for a week than you will forget you own the game. The game hasn't aged that well and plenty of the gameplay is very flawed and rough.



SKTTR said:

This game isn't bad. It's just very challenging.

One life, no continues, no save points, no passwords.
Only one resurrection potion you can have at a time.

After beating Wonder Boy (great classic) and Wonder Boy in Monster World (the best game in the series) this one seems to be the worst one.
I will download Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair soon and Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap when it's available.

But for now my score is:

Wonder Boy in Monster World ( 9/10 )
Wonder Boy ( 8/10 )
Wonder Boy in Monster Land ( 7/10 )



paburrows said:

The review mentions a save state, but I can't figure out how to to that. I know about how you can push the HOME button and when you return your at the same place, but that doesn't really help. is that the save or is there a real on built in?



phoenix1818 said:

@paburrows This game is similar to most other Virtual Console and has a "suspension feature" which lets you create a temporary save state before you stop playing, so you can continue afterwards. The state is deleted when you load it so you can't cheat by reloading a state whenever you die. There is no built in save in this game, so when you die you have to start from the beginning. That's what makes this game so damn hard!

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