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You see the title of this forum? I would actually like this to be a POSITIVE Wii U thread. Let's talk about nice experiences we actually have with the console. I feel like everyday a sad or "The Wii U is doomed" forum appears and I'm just getting tired of it. I know full well that the Wii U is struggling but hey... that doesn't mean I don't have any fond memories with the console. If there is a thread already like this one then great. I'll gladly try to give any previous thread similar to the one I just created back to life.
Here's my nice memory of the Wii U: I'll never forget the first time I actually played the Wii U. There was a demo station at Best Buy and I really wanted to get my hands on the console. The demo station had a couple games on display and I couldn't help but smile. The Gamepad doesn't really feel heavy to me and felt comfortable to my hands. The tv screen Best Buy had connected to the Wii U was awesome and huge. I really liked that moment. I had fun with the console and I didn't really wanna let anybody else play it. LOL XD

So what about you? Has there been any games or other features on the Wii U that made you smile and be a proud owner of the system? Maybe it was Pikmin 3? Wonderful 101? Rayman Legends? Monster Hunter? Wind Waker HD? Super Mario 3D World? Injustice? Lego City? Miiverse? A Eshop game?
Please share your thoughts.

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The fact that Earthbound actually came to the VC and I could finally retire my cartridge. Other then that I am waiting for something to wow me with the Wii U.

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well as of now, the WiiU has the best games. PS4/X1 fan boys say "WiiU haz no gamez", but neither X1 or PS4 have anything better at the moment. i realize that the consoles just came out, but as of now, the WiiU is the best experience. i'm having loads of fun with pikmin, WWHD, SM3DW, & Earthbound. really, WiiU is the only place you can (legally) play Earthbound now. the original game is so expensive, it isn't even an option. any RPG fan owes it to themself to play this game. also having fun with Little Inferno. coming games look great too. X, MK8, Bayonetta2, and ZELDA U. i'm forgetting some games, but you get the point.
also, WiiU is the only backwards compatible system! this means 1 of 2 things:
1.) if you already own a wii, you can keep your games and sell the wii for the new system. the money you got from selling the wii will certainly help when getting the WiiU(cheapest new system, i might add)
2.) if you don't own or never owned a wii (like i did), than the WiiU library is even LARGER! the entire wii library AND wiiU library are playable on the system. i was able to experience Galaxy and Skyward Sword on the WiiU for example.

WiiU is also indie friendly. maybe no as much as sony, its a step ahead of MS anyway. the indie crowd is amazing, and although the eShop library... lacks at the moment, many will fill in the gaps.

WiiU gets a bad rep because Nintendo likes to be family friendly, but in all honesty, the WiiU is an amazing system, and i might be sticking with it for most of this generation of gaming. i might get a steambox (so i can put that Off-TV Play to use ), but i'm VERY pleased with my WiiU. glad i got one!

(and lol at the thread title. so true that lots of threads here are "WiiU is doomed")

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Tasuki wrote:

The fact that Earthbound actually came to the VC and I could finally retire my cartridge. Other then that I am waiting for something to wow me with the Wii U.

Earthbound might as well be a WiiU exclusive in my book. no other console has it but Nintendo, and hunting down the cartridge is incredibly pricy, ESPECIALLY if you want the book and box. nintendo has an online manual and the game is only playable on WiiU, so in my book, its part of the WiiU experience.

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Even though I got mine just on Christmas, I love my Wii U so much! All the games look absolutely beautiful, and still heck out of 3D World, never gets old! Miiverse is cool too. And very later in the year (or later than that) I'll be playing things like this!:

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CPU compromised or not, I like that's small and quiet and sits nicely that way on my desk.



The GamePad and Miiverse :3 Super Mario 3D World and Lego Marvel Super Heroes is fun to play with others btw.

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My WIi U is keeping my room dust free!

And I'm enjoying 3D world on it

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Hahahah I'm really glad this thread is going strong so far

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The internet browser is fast.

It has the games I want.

2TB ext. HDD support.

The eShop is nice, and the Deluxe Digital Promo has already gotten me quite a bit of content.

Dual Screen gaming. The GamePad.

Free online.

Wii BC.

Wii accessory BC(Wii remote, nunchuck, etc).

Small and quiet.

Superb surround sound.


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I like how it is the only console with the GamePad. There really is no other controller like it.

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Off-TV play. I can't see well far away, so I have to wear glasses, which I absolutely hate. One of the reasons i prefer handhelds... Anyway, when I get tired of wearing my glasses, I can just switch to my gamepad.

I like to use the gamepad for Pikmin 3 too, along with Wii motion controller and nunchuks. WWHD is another reason! One of my favorite Zelda games. I no longer have my GameCube, so I was happy to be able to play it again.

Also, it's a blast playing with friends and family. I love local multiplayer the best; it just feels so much more fun when you see people laughing and having fun/a great time playing games in front of you. Whenever my friends come back from college to visit, they always want to stop by and play with my Wii U and when they leave, they always make comments like, "I haven't laughed this hard in a long time," etc. Just makes me feel very happy to see them genuinely happy. So if the Wii U helped to accomplish that, then all the more reason for me to love my Wii U.

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I just got my Wii U this xmas ,but i had a Wii since 2006.

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With the way Nintendo was becoming with not bringing imports over ,and the dropping of 3rd party support i became disenchanted with the Wii especially considering i was a huge supporter. I bought nearly every game as soon as it came out ,and by the time i sold off everything i had 85 games plus at least 20+ WiiWare/ VC titles.

I eventually switched from 360 to PS3 bought a PS Move ,and became much more involved with Playstation.

Fast forward to the Wii U being released. I was happy to see Nintendo get games like Ninja Gaiden ,and Mass Effect on their system for once ,but i was cautiously optimistic especially due to how i felt with Wii around 2010.

I watched the games ,and news about games come out ,and became more interested. Then finally at Best Buy i got to try it ,but the only real playable demo was Rayman Legends although a glitch cut my demo short. A few months later i got to try one at Gamestop ,and i played New Mario Bros U. At this point all my Nintendo feelings came back ,and i knew i wanted one.

Fast forward before xmas ,and my wife decided that we didn't have the money to buy one out right so she wanted to get me one from Rent A Center. She brought me one home in November as an early xmas gift until she told me how much it would cost in the long run. It was a used white 8gb model with 3rd party wii-mote ,and hdmi cable ,and she had to fight with them to give her a game which ended up being new mario bros u. They wanted her to pay 600 bux for it. 300 for the system ,and 300 dollar rental fee. So they wanted 80 bux a month. If we didn't pay it off in 90 days the system would eventually end up costing us a 1,000. i told her nice thought ,but no.

Well after she played it she was just as hooked as i was. So we agreed to juggle some funds around the following month ,and actually get one as a family xmas gift. We got our initial down payment back after they tried to make us return it almost a week before our next payment was due ,and we bought ours the following month.

At this point Nintendo announced the Mario bundles so i had my wife stop at Walmart to get one as it was the only local place that actually carried it. She came home ,and we were hooked. Over the next couple of weeks we took money we got as xmas gifts we bought several more Wii U games ,and thanks to Gamestop's buy 2 get one free sale for the holiday on Wii games i started rebuilding my collection of my original 85 Wii games.

So now i have
Wii U: New Super Mario Bros U +Luigi, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Black Ops 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Batman Arkham City
Eshop: Trine 2, Toki Tori, Toki Tori 2+, Kung Fu Rabbit, Art Academy, Mighty Switch Force HD, Mutant Mudds ,and a few Wii U VC games

Wii: Red Steel 1 & 2, Conduit, Mad World, Pandora's Tower, Flip's Twisted World, Kore Gang, Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands, Metroid Other M, Rogue Trooper, De Blob, and etc. Plus my mum who still has her Wii has some of my old Wii games that i can borrow like right now im borrowing DKCR ,and Mario Kart. I also was able to transfer all my WiiWare/VC games.

Needless to say the original spirit i had for the Wii has come back. I feel my Nintendo fan in me revived. I'm excited again for all things Nintendo. Something i haven't been for almost 4 years.

I know 3rd party support hasn't been Sony/Microsoft level for Nintendo still ,but i'd personally rather have a small handful of great 3rd party titles rather than over a 100 of the same.

I even find myself rebuying games on Wii U that i have on PS3 just because of the different control scheme. Such as Trine 2 supports Wii remote ,and Nunchuck which controls much better for me than a dual shock 3.

I just wish i had some people to play Black Ops 2 online with as everybody only seems to play deathmatch ,and i like playing kill confirmed.

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Most of the reasons above but I wanted to add ZombiU, it may not be the best game but it offers a unique experience I have not had anywhere else.

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The favorite part of the Wii U so far is the swift sail in WWHD. That and some of the local multiplayer games in Nintendo Land.



-I got more enjoyment out of the first year games, at least compared to 3DS and even Wii if you ignore Twilight Princess.
-The controller is pretty cool, both in theory and execution.
-When people actually have notable use of the Gamepad features, it's been fairly consistently really good.
-Good japanese publishers are given a high profile chance to shine
-I didn't have to pay a cent to finally play an AC game online
-Miiverse is pretty cool and has been improved dramatically
-The eShop is really good and has shockingly worthwhile background music (maybe not so shocking after that catching Wii Shop theme that was put into Brawl of all things).
-The eShop lists the top selling digital games
-It has the definitve version of perhaps the definitive co-op platformer, Rayman Legends
-It looks to have a strong indie lineup
-Nintendo's lineup for this year has literally 4 sequels (or something similar) to a personal GOTY from previous years
-Taking advantage of free-to-play and the like in ways that haven't annoyed me so far

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So far the games have been good but I need smash bros!!


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  • My WiiU does, what the Xbone was supposed to do: It acts almost as a Media Center / Entertainement Hub: Watching Youtube playlists when not playing. Streaming videos via the browser on the TV while using the gamepad to browse the net, reading Mangas etc. The best "right before bed" event
  • I simply enjoy the nintendo game lineup through and through. And someone still needs to explain to me how nintendo manages to make "sorta bluray" games without necessary installs and most of all, without loading times (!)
  • The Miiverse: A somewhat social network that even i like (im generally a SN hater). Adequate moderation to keep it clean and very adicting screenshot browsing sessions to be had (especally in the sketch pad community )
  • The system is in constant development without being turned upside down like the 360 has in its peak time. Miiverse and eShop have both been drasticly improved overtime.
  • The sheer amount of controller options eliminates any "its the controllers fault" problems in multiplayer, since everyone can choose a controller of his / her liking. Also, you are not forced to invest into the somewhat pricey new wireless stand alone classic controller, you have many cheaper options around it.


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