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I love everything about my Wii U. Even average 3rd party games are made better by not needing a TV to grind through sections that are not worthy of interrupting football on TV. I've avenged many childhood nemesis games by not being constrained to needing a TV. I've played the best coop and counter-op console games of all time. I've had some of the best family gaming sessions I've ever had.

I won't share my negatives but Nintendo haven't done the best job of showing the world these positives.

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Its got some great games! I really hope it isn't replaced too son though :

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@Grumblevolcano: The July 2016 release date is still only a rumor at this point... Reggie said they'd talk more about NX in 2016 and if this follows the usual pattern, we'll see some info on NX at E3 2016, the finalized version at E3 2017, and it will release Holiday 2017 (provided it is a traditional home console).

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I love everything about my Wii U. The GamePad is my favorite controller. Super Mario 3D World is amazing. I finally got to play Wind Waker HD. Playing Off-TV is great for lazy days. If I wanted to, I could take this thing on a train and I wouldn't need a TV. I can still play my Wii games (and use my favorite Wii accessory: The Classic Controller). Mario Kart and Smash Bros. are fun with friends like always. I finally got to play ports of PS3/360 games (before I got my 360, although if the game's available on Wii U, I grab that version). Miiverse is great and I've made a lot of new friends.


This is a great system. I look forward to Nintendo's next home console.

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I'll say the same thing I said a year ago: I love the Wii U because it's different. Different games, gamepad for off-TV play, just a different "feel" all-around. This little guy was pretty awesome, and much like the Dreamcast, I feel bad for the people who never gave it a chance and never experienced it.



The games are great. I'm getting a little bored with the big third party titles as most are either broken or going in a direction I'm not fond of. Even for the big titles I adore I find myself turning on the wiiu more hands down. Even though I haven't sat out a game generation many of the current Nintendo games are evoking a sense of childlike glee within me. 3d world is the most fun I've had with a Mario game in some time. Normally people that leave and come back get this feeling. That says Nintendo still brings the magic.

I adore the game pad. Perfect size for my hands, the amiibo integration, off tv and inventory management is great. Wind Waker HD has ruined me on inventory management in Zelda games. I've gotten more usage out of the VC this time around thanks to gba support and off tv play.

Orchestrated music! Not a big deal to some but I'm glad that Nintendo is dropping the Midis. Mario Kart is so much better with real music. Miiverse got a social hermit like me to post and interact with others and while not as fun as it was initially I think it is a really cool concept. Local co op emphasis is great for me as well as I'm a "order a few pizzas and beverage of choice and game with friends until the wee hours" kind of gal.

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It has Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101

Seriously those are 2 of the best games I've played in a while

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Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, and Mario Kart 8 are seriously some of my favorite games ever on any Nintendo platform.

Also, the GamePad is really cool and offers features I can't find anywhere else (for people who point to PS Vita, I should note that I've never been able to get remote play to work well, even close to the PS4, and its controls are ill-suited for controlling console games anyway).

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Ohhh yeahhh... I created this thread... I was rereading this thread and I remembered its all about having fun.

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It's a great machine, Nintendo is delivering the content even if others aren't (how HD sequels that run at 30fps tops is a draw on other machines is beyond me). I say this as someone who is still obsessively playing through DLC on a third party game: Warriors Orochi 3, but I am firing up Splatoon and Advance Wars from time to time. Going to give Legend of Zelda another try before moving on to Link to the Past; ditto for Metroid/Super Metroid. And I still have a restarted Xenoblade Chronicles game to resume and waiting for Super Mario Galaxy to hit the eShop before resuming a replay of that.

Nope, not bored yet!

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Blast wrote:

Ohhh yeahhh... I created this thread... I was rereading this thread and I remembered its all about having fun.

But your views are different now... right?

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I can enjoy it with my family, such as my wife, with newer games like Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, or Mario Party 10, but also enjoy a decent handful of older games I grew up with as well, such as Super Mario World or Mario Tennis (bit of a Mario fan I supposed ). Also, those older ones are super easy to get to when I want to play them.

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1. Playing great games like Splatoon, Blocky Bot, Mario Kart 8 etc
2. watching anime online, or NWC 2015 from wii u was fun!
3. playing VC games, and having Wii games as backwards comparability

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I thought the "July 2016" rumor's been proven unlikely? If the NX was going to come out that early, they would have announced it at this E3. As it is, I still think the formal reveal will be at E3 2016 (with Wii U gaems still coming out through that year and the next), then the showing of more games for it at E3 2017, with the game coming out in Mid-to-Late 2017.

In any case, as to the topic, honestly the big thing I really love about Wii U is Miiverse. Sometimes I just wait a long while before actually playing anything as I just watch all the little comments and drawings popping up. I love seeing the views of other players as they're playing through, especially the first impressions of kids as they're playing through both new games and old classics that I enjoyed. And with the way many games implement it really helps make the Wii U userbase feel like a close-knit community. I wrote off the Miiverse feature as kind of silly when I first heard about it, but ever since I got the console I've really appreciated it.

The Gamepad itself is also pretty neat as well, but I think Nintendo hasn't done enough to really make best use of it.

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I love it because the Gamepad is so useful for me.



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