Topic: Do you buy games but then never play them?

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I used to but I've learned my lesson. I think it's unnecessary to buy a game I'm not going to play within a month of purchasing it. With the addition of 2013's stellar launch schedule, I'm enforcing this mentality ten folds, lol.

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No, I play every game that I buy at least once..

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No, though there might've been a couple of times where I buy a game and don't finish it. Ocarina of Time 3D is one of those cases, I got bored of it halfway through. It's still not finished...

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This question could be rephrased as "Do you have Steam?"
Of course I'll get around to beating the games eventually though. I don't buy games that I don't intend to play.


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All. The. Effing. Time.



Nope I buy games for the sole purpose of playing them. Sometimes I pick them up when they are on sale and don't get to the in awhile but I eventually get to them. The only games that I bought a second copy of for collection purpose was Zelda OoT on the N64 gold cartridge and the misspelled Resident Evil Revelations.

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Yeah quite often. I got Xenoblade a couple years ago and have played maybe 1-2 hours out of it.
Lego Batman 2 I got a year ago and have only played about 20 minutes of, not because it is bad. It is a great game, it was probably because I bought Lego Batman 1 at the same time and played the heck out of that one and never really got around to the sequel.

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I fully intend to play every game I buy/receive but sometimes it takes a long time to get round to actually playing them. It's further compounded by the regular release of new games, though I rarely buy on release day unless it's something I desperately want to play right away, or I feel there's a danger of it becoming rare.

I have quite a large backlog of PS2 RPGs but will play them one day. Last year I managed 3 PS2 games and aim to do the same this year.

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nope the only game I got close to doing this was on my PC the game didn't work so I never played it but since it was free this doesn't count....
I normally play a game as soon as I buy so they get at least 2-hour of attention(I'm counting the ones I really disliked so it's a good minimun seeing that I never sold any of my games...)

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I did take a while to play my copy of Bulletstorm and Return to Dreamland but besides that...not really.

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LuigiMan200 wrote:

No, though there might've been a couple of times where I buy a game and don't finish it. Ocarina of Time 3D is one of those cases, I got bored of it halfway through. It's still not finished...


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While I fully intend to give every game I buy the time it deserves, I've been finding that with my busy schedule has caused my back log to grow. (I've still only put 5 minutes in to Mega Man Anniversary collection). Oh well, that's what the summer's for.

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It happens. Too many good games coming out to support, not enough time to play.


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I have way too many games that i never played. Most of them are cheap indie titles but some are more expansive ones and most are on Steam. Damn you Steam Sales!
I had a new years resolution this year that i would stop doing that. And so far it worked out pretty well. I would have spend way more money this year already if i had not questioned myself everytime i was about to buy a new game. I still picked up 8 games on the 3DS eShop and i have at least 4 titles lined up for this year i really want to buy.

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Yes, but I've recently started the "don't buy games unless I'll play them immediately" policy. I still don't follow it that well, though.



LuigiMan200 wrote:

...though there might've been a couple of times where I buy a game and don't finish it. Ocarina of Time 3D is one of those cases, I got bored of it halfway through. It's still not finished...

I know what you mean...

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