Topic: Do you buy games but then never play them?

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Perhaps you keep the one and only copy of the game you have sealed in the packaging. Or perhaps you buy it to add to your collection but don't bother acually playing it. Or maybe you intend to play it but never get around to it.

I always make sure to play every game I pay for. Demos don't count. I've downloaded demos just for the sake of downloading them. I may not always like the game I buy or play it for that long, but I do play them.

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I never buy games unless I know I'm gonna play them right when I get home

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Sometimes I plan to play them, but then I just don't for various reasons. I got over £125 about 8 months ago from selling a bunch of games, and ending up using it to mostly increasing my somewhat-new PS3 library. I haven't even touched some of the games I got then, and some I've only played for a few hours. I will come around to them, but I just haven't yet.

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There is only one game I have bought and never played and that was Zelda ll The Adventures of Link from the Ambassador Program. I wanted to play through the 1st NES game, but I never beat it so now Zelda ll just sits on my menu waiting...

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I might buy something on sale, or a cheap used copy of an older game I've had my eye on, and then sit on it for a couple of years, but I never buy anything at full price (or close to it) and not play it almost immediately.

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When i buy games, I always play them. It's just sometimes I buy a game and don't get around to playing it for a year or so, A Boy & his Blob(Wii) being the Wavester's Ultimate pick of the Wii It's unusual, but I typically get zapped by the retro kick and modern gaming 75% of the time usually gets the shaft. But yup, I picked A Boy & his Blob up shortly after it's release and I still haven't even touched it yet. I'll be taking on Metroid II, Mega Man 6, Zelda ALTTP & Super Mario Galaxy 2 next. At this point I feel that it's manitory to finally sit down and plunge into Super Metroid and Zelda ALTTP. Now that I have a larger sized Tube CRT TV as my secondary display i can finally indulge in everything ReTrO again, and it's far more suitable fo the wii as well imo.

Yet It irks me knowning that i missed out(aside from watching my friend play both SM & ALTTP during their release)on two of the greatest games of all time, and instead I'm spending my gaming time playing overrated 'n Flashy sleep inducing junk like Rayman Origins. The last title i completed was *Castlevania: The Adventure[/strong] for the Gameboy which was 2 days ago and it suprisingly managed to rinse that awful bowser 'n bitter taste Origins left in my mouth. I actually quite enjoyed it! And it's nowhere near as bad as most people are making it out ot be. Alf approves!

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Pikmin 2
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Rayman Raving Rabbids
A Boy & his Blob

Kid Icarus: Uprising
Mario Kart 7

Mega Man 6
Metroid II: Return of Samus
Back to the Future
TMNT III: The Manhatten Project
Kid Niki: Radical Ninja

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CanisWolfred when I bought God of War III thinking my bro would like it, only to sell it in the end.

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I've played every game I own at least once. How many times, often, and recently though...

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I have a few games in my collection that I've yet touch despite having them for over 3 years. Disgaea 1/2, Okami, Summoner 2, Haunting Ground, just to name a few. Basically bought a ton of PS2 games off Ebay, and for some reason I never had the urge to even try them.

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Tetris Axis was originally this before I got the eShop version.


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I've played every game I've bought... but I definitely haven't beaten every game I've bought. Long gone are the days where I had nothing else to do except play video games. It's mostly why I can't bring myself to go all digital downloads. If I know i'm never going to finish a least I can sell it.


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Yes, I have a lot of NES & SNES games that I have in my collection and have never played. Plus, I also have a couple of sealed games that I will not open.

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YES. I buy games with the intention of completing a series (Like the Mario Galaxy Games on Wii), only to never play them OR acquire all of them. Most recent game was Punch-Out!! on Wii. I bought the game shortly after release, but didn't start playing it until this April 2013.

In this case, I was missing out on tons of fun. Punch-Out!! is a really fun game. There was even a prequel too it available on WiiWare called Doc Louis's Punch-Out, where you could spar and train with Doc Louis in the ring. It was only available to Platinum Club Nintendo members in 2011 or so. I'm trying to convince Nintendo to either release that game as a regular Club Nintendo reward, or to put it on WiiWare for a nominal price.

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If I buy something on release day then it will be something I intend to play straight away, but I rarely buy games like that anymore. I just keep an Amazon wish list of games I want, and then usually wait for them to get cheap, or keep an eye out for them going at a good pre-owned price.

Just yesterday I bought Dragon Quest IX on the DS. I've never played a Dragon Quest game before, and I intend to play through the 3 DS remakes, the 3DS remake of VII, the PS2 version of VIII, at a pace of one per year... that means I won't play DQIX for 5 years! But I paid £5.99 for it new, and in 5 years time it could be rare and I'd have to pay a lot more.

A few weeks ago I picked up Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, but I'm playing the Zelda games in order, so I won't get around to them for years either, but they were £5 each too. I play the Layton games at a one a year pace, so it will be two years before I play Lost Future but I bought now because I could get it for £5.99 new.

However, I do complete everything. I may have a huge backlog, but I play one or two games at a time, through to the end, before starting something new.



Yes. So many Steam games I haven't even installed.

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Way to many. I own almost every SMT game and have yet to play any but the original Persona games (PS1) for any real length of time. I collect Atlus games, but only play a few. Only missing 1 or 2 PS1 RPG's, have hardly played any. Bought my PS1 2 years into the PS2 era. Lots of unplayed PS2 RPG's as well. Oh the money I've wasted...

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Happens to me many times when I buy multiple games on same day. I try every game I buy but some end up being ignored for a long time before I have time to play them again. Recent example is how I've only played both Assassin's Creed 3 and Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on my Wii U twice although I bought them few weeks ago. I just can't find time for them since I'm so obsessed with 999 and Fire Emblem.

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Yea I do occasionally play portable games all the time, but sitting down in front of the tv is something I don't do so often but always intend to do. Punch Out Wii I bought the day it came out and I've played it for 2 minutes max. I'll get to it one day

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