Topic: Do you buy games but then never play them?

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Good thing I don't have steam then.

This has happened in the past. Mainly with DS RPGS. Simply got overwhelmed. Not happening ever again though.

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I just recently purchased Tetris Axis and have still yet to play it. My problem is I get too many game (all of them I want) and never have the time to play them. I still like to have them just incase I want to play them someday but I don't want to start a new game sometimes because it means I will probably not finish the current game(s) I'm playing. I've got too many games on backlog and with rpgs being half of the those really take up a lot of time ie I'm already at 120 hours in EO4! Plus ill add at least another 5-10 to that list by years end and I've already bought like 10 this year including eshop but that's mostly retail!

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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I think we should all stop and find out how the heck anyone with a soul could be bored with Ocarina of Time?
But back on topic, it's impossible not to do this with Steam. I've purchased so many games for $5-10 or sometimes less and I've only played em once or twice. I want to play more but just don't have the time.
I have also recently started collecting games so sometimes I buy games simply to add it to my collection, but they're usually games I've already played.
...Bored with Ocarina of Time... man...that makes me sad.



skjia wrote:

I think we should all stop and find out how the heck anyone with a soul could be bored with Ocarina of Time?

Generic backgrounds, tired of swimming around in Lakes, keep dying to Bongo Bongo at the shadow temple and having to run all the way back, tired of getting locked away in Gerudo Valley, can't find those obnoxious Golden Gauntlets, unsure how to get to the bottom of the well, tired of the dark atmosphere, keep getting lost in one of the temples/dungeons (namely the water temple), want to get Epona real bad instead of walking around everywhere, but can't seem to win that race twice.

There are a few reasons you might get bored (and/or sick) of Ocarina of Time.

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A year ago I would have responded "no" to this, however I've been trying hard to collect Nintendo games, and I have a pretty long backlog of games I haven't touched yet. Mario Tennis 64, Tatsunoco vs. Capcom, Billy Hatcher, Okami, Super Punch Out SNES, Donkey Kong 64, Pikmin 1, and a couple more.

It's unfortunate, considering some of these are classics, however I just don't have the time. Over the Summer I hope to complete Donkey Kong 64, Pikmin and Okami at least.

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I like to collect good iOS, DS and PS2 games. I didn't start most of my PS2 games, and half of my DS games are unfinished. I think I'll play them after post-secondary when I'm poor... haha

skjia wrote:

I think we should all stop and find out how the heck anyone with a soul could be bored with Ocarina of Time?

Ah, yes, because one doesn't have a soul if you don't have the same tastes as someone else? It's a fun game, sure, but I never finished it. Some aspects of the game are boring.

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I gotta say I'm guilty as charged.

I buy a lot of games and then don't even play them. For example, I have so far 24 3DS games. I've only played around 6 and only finished 2 of them so far (Ocarina of Time 3D, and Adventure Time: Hey, Ice King). Around 5 o 6 are still sealed (including Fire Emblem).
I do love videogames a lot and I love collecting. I wish I had more time to spend on actually playing them.



Sadly yes.

Sometimes I buy a sequel but hold off on play it because I want to replay the prequel but never do (Tales of Symphonia: dawn of a new world). Other times I buy them on sale as a bundle or a single item low price that it classifies as an impulse buy.

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I bought lego city undercover for wii u but I realized I was to old for it and it was boring and easy so I took it back bought it for 80 got like 10 bucks for it go figure.........


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Then why trade it in in the first place Forbsz ? Sounds like a waste to me. But that kinda thing happens to me all the time. But i dont mind it that much. Im more of a collector anyway


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Yes. I'm currently up to 8 games that have never been out of the case.



I do this all the time. I intend to play them, but I never get to them. I'd say I have at least 25 unplayed games.

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