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Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek and why?



What do you concider the most frustrating moment in any game?

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James, since you are also a Shining Force fan do you think its possible that we may see another Shining Force title again? I was never a huge Sega fan, but this is by far one of my favorite series ever and by far my favorite of any Sega games.



Great vids, James.

And i'll second @Oddy 's question above; i'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Avengers, and as a corrolary to that, are/were you a reader of the comics?

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Do you have anything new planned for NL?

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Which handheld system to you prefer, the 3DS or PS Vita?



So far, I got three questions for you:

#1 How would you see videogames progress for the next few generations in terms of tech and market? Would you see motion tracking devices replace the traditional controllers given how successful the Wii and Kinnect were in sales?; would you see gaming singled down to mobile devices? What say you single female lawyer?

#2 Just as Movemodo merged with VitaGamr to become Push square, Any plans to merge Kinnectaku into a general MS game site?

#3 Just when are you going to get more Videogame related hats? I recommend to you the awesome Yoshi hat:

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As promised, a new video on Friday

Part 1, which is rudely interrupted by a Most Important Email:

Part 2, which contains Exciting Sights and Unheard of Sounds

Just figured out how to get longer than 15 minute uploads, so no more two part videos (hopefully)! Enjoy, dudes and dudettes


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Will watch them as soon as my Internet stops being stupid.


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Hey James, which Sega franchise would you want to see on the Wii U the most?

I personally want to see Shining Force revived

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Nice one James. I noticed you have the TV as I do, which you use as a monitor. How has it been as a Monitor, anyways?

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what game do you really want to appear at E3 that hasn't alredy been announced?

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Yo James. Best video yet dude! I'm still not sure why I care what you think, but I do!! Also I love how we get up close and personal as you try to get the auto focus to work, it's just too much beautiful
Ahem......Anyhoo my 5 year old daughter came home from school today and asked me which came first , the chicken or the egg so I said we should 'Ask James' so yeah....which is it maaaan??

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