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Hi everybody,

This started in the 3DS boards but I've moved it here as it's a better fit.

Basically it's a chance for you to ask me questions — no stupid ones, please! — and I will answer them in video format. I've embedded episode #1 below:

Ask James — Episode 2
Ask James — Episode 3
Ask James — Episode 4
Ask James — Episode 5 and bonus Sonic music!
Ask James — Episode 6 in which you can learn to draw Sonic the Hedgehog!
Ask James — Episode 7 in which you can see delicious food
Ask James — Episode 8
Ask James — Episode 9
Ask James — Episode 10
Ask James — Episode 11 the greatest episode yet.
Ask James — Episode 12

Leave questions below, I will pick the best ones and answer them regularly, like once a week or something maybe.

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So far, I got three questions for you:

#1 So James, being a sega fan yourself, how do you see Sonic's foreseeable future in the rundown? It seemed that most of his last and current gen console outings weren't good, but with the current releases such as Colors and Generations, it looks like the franchise still has what it takes to appease the masses. So will will the momentum break or succeed for another few generations?

#2 About the site, are you satisfied with the amount of hits the site gets? Are you earning anything from it(ie assets from advertisements, etc)?

#3 Will you wear a Scribblenauts Maxwell Rooster hat for your next video? For that matter, will you keep on wearing hats for your proposed fan mail vids?

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#3 I do not own a Maxwell Rooster hat as it never made it to Europe. If someone wanted to send me one, that would be fine! I have enough gaming-related hats to last me another two or three episodes yet.


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Which of your drunkenly made threads is your favourite?



Hey James, What is your most memorable moment from Nintendo life



James say schedule for me in the next video please Which 3DS game release are you looking forward to most that isn't animal crossing? (although I suppose you can flip out about that too.)
Also, you would not believe how smexi and comfortable that rooster hat is I was wearing it around the other day.

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Hey james do you find it strange that you share the same name with team rocket's semi main baddie?
Also what are your top 3 genesis games?

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I have a seemingly simple...yet devastatingly difficult question for you to answer.

What is your favourite Mario game, and why?

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Hey James, what is your favourite Sonic related item of all time? (TV show, hats, games, etc.)

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1. What is your favourite animal crossing villager?

2. What is your favourite pokemon?

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Note: I will answer questions that aren't related to Sonic, Mario and Pokémon, you know


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What is your favorite cartoon that's not based off a video game?

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whtas your favorite rpgs mine are all the tales games but the ones i never played but there good probably
final fantasy all of them but not 8 13 13-2 they suck
star ocean 3 and 2
ar tonelico qoga
eternal sonata
avalon code
crono trigger
and lots more



How did you begin working for Nintendolife?


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What are you hoping Miyamoto's new IP will be like (as in genre, art style, gameplay, realism, music)?

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Do you like Anime? If so, which is your favorite Anime series?



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JarvanZheitk wrote:

Do you like Anime? If so, which is your favorite Anime series?

And if you answer with either Sonic X or Sonic the Hedgehog: the Movie, can I have permission to laugh at you?

But on a serious note, what's your favorite Son-...if you could be in any movie, what would it be?

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