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What's on your desk now?



Reala wrote:

What's on your desk now?

Solid reference. Classic thread.

Q: James, if you could have Nintendo develop an entry in any non-Nintendo franchise (Metal Gear, Halo, etc.) what would it be?

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@Kid_A I would do Sonic Adventure 3 Legends! (In this, Sonic discovers that he was actually a divine weapon created by Solana the goddess of light. After his battle with Despair (Shadow), the latter used all his remaining energies to kill Sonic (known back then as Promise/Prophet). However, Prophet is just able to counter with his own energy blast, saving his life while crashing down to earth with no memories of his past. Because his Emerald Staff shattered, Prophet's skin turned from gold back to blue. Once the emeralds were once again united, they allowed Sonic to inhabit his former body. However, Eggman's latest invention triggers the emeralds to awaken into 7 deities; Flare, Poison, Leaf, Rain, Thunder, Dusk and Ciel. They each want to fulfill Prophet's original mission; to judge humanity. Once Sonic defeats one, Prophet's memories arise. After defeating all 7, the speed demon faces the only monster he can't outrun; himself. It's an all out battle between Prophet and Sonic, with the latter emerging victorious. Prophet not only admits defeat, but also death, as he realizes it's time for another generation to live. Sonic hold out his hand as an invitation to join him. Prophet says he may not be so useless after all, and the two fuse. That's how Sonic's story would end).

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I know I said Friday but I thought "to Hell with it!" and recorded a new video yesterday. I wanted to answer everyone's questions, up to post 57 (which contains some particularly interesting answers, I may say), so had to split them into two videos. In future they should be shorter as I won't let the questions build up so much.

In one video I refer to a Sonic the Hedgehog memories article that explains why I'm so fond of Sonic.

Keep those questions coming — I'll turn this into a weekly series if you guys enjoy it!

(Yes I know the audio is quiet, sorry!)


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Q: James, can we see your collection of Gaming merchandise and/or games, etc?

PS. I love your accent!!


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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Also, thanks for making these videos.

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Vibes and low lights


Great 2 vids looking forward to next weeks.

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Great vids again James. Your a funny guy

What's this bit for again?


Nice! I've got to give you props for going through and answering so many questions. I'm looking forward to the next one!

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SpoonyPegasus wrote:

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Also, thanks for making these videos.

Pretty certain I answer that in one of the videos above!

Thanks for the props all — if you want more videos, keep your questions rolling in. Still not sure this is main site material yet but if you like what you see, say so and I'll consider it.


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Well done James. I like that you really took the time to thoroughly answer most of the questions. I was surprised at the 25 minutes worth of film but it was entertaining all the same. Props on the hats too. lol might we see a new hat every week? (Until you run out that is)



Hey james what is your favorite thing to eat while you game.
Also do you play minecraft? If so what is a server you use?

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