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Limited, no way. Maybe some bad ordering from the shops themselves. I live in the netherlands and we got 30 copies in the store I work in, and that is only because we didn't order any more. If they are sold out then it is just bad ordering by the stores themselves.

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komicturtle92 wrote:

Yeah, as Token_Girl said.

Plus, you're really lucky to go to Best Buy and have the best chance of snagging a copy as it seems that most people are buying their games from Gamestop, Wal-Mart and Target.

I almost always buy from Best Buy because in my experience, they never really sell out of games and to my surprise considering their large selection of games, deals and some thrown on the budget shelf in abundance.

EDIT: Also, that Gamestop website says it's SOLD OUT, but... You can still add to the cart...

Usually, when something is sold out, things are greyed out and the 'button' has something other than "Add to Cart" if so...

Not really, if the item is discontinued it would be greyed out. But even though their sold out, they will be getting more copies as this would be sold for years

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Still wondering why people still go to Gamestop... But anyways, this may be the first time I buy a game for a system I don't even have yet. If I do buy the game tomorrow it's just to get the soundtrack, since I won't be getting a 3DS for a while. I assume registering anytime the first day of release would be early enough to snag a copy of the soundtrack. I could be wrong, but I really don't think it's going to be that limited. Plus, only hardcore gamers know about the soundtrack deal anyways.

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I wasn't sure if it was all regions, but I do know Nintendo said it was going to be in limited supply.
I believe they wanted to avoid a repeat of Spirit Tracks. One major Japanese store knocked it down to 500 yen (about $6) only a couple weeks after release.
I hear that's common practice with crappy games, but obviously Nintendo doesn't want people to think Zelda is a crappy game.

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SamuraiShyGuy wrote:

Still wondering why people still go to Gamestop...

why wouldn't they? I use gamestop b/c of their rewards system and trade in deals and cheap used games and the ability to return those used games in a week with no penalty. it seems a good a place as any to be loyal to. if I'm going to spend the same money somewhere else I might as well get a free t shirt or some nintendo points every once in a while from gamestop. unless you just don't like the people who work in your local store.

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I'm checking a Best Buy location at Hadley, MA. I think I may find one

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zionich wrote:

The way it was explained to me was, "because Spirit Tracks didnt sell as good as they hoped, there limiting the quanity of OoT".

yeah, that's why people are saying this thing about the possibility of selling out. but my guess is the very worst case scenario will be not finding it at your first stop.

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I'll add myself to the list of people who heard it would be limited due to issues with Spirit Tracks. Of course, that's an EXTREMELY stupid way to look at it, seeing as Spirit Tracks was a new, weird sequel to a relatively bad Zelda game, whereas OoT 3D is a new version of one of the most popular games in history. Now, I don't doubt that Nintendo is actually that stupid, given the kinds of moronic business practices they've held over the years. So I'm glad that my brother and I both have our copies reserved.

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Anyone hearing this from people other than Gamestop workers?

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Go to Best Buy or Target if you're really worried. With all the promotion of OoT, I'm really doubting Nintendo is selling limited quantities. Maybe it's just Gamestop doing their job of securing pre-orders and getting most people to buy the game from them because of how popular OoT is.

It's a good marketing plan, I say by GS. Because the internet is oh-so prominent, word of this will spread and more people would have wanted to pre-order instead of wait.

That's my theory, really.

But I'll be going to Target at 9AM to get my un-reserved copy and come home to register it on Club Nintendo and be on my way...



TokenGirl said it best, Gamestop lies to make money. They try and force as many into doing pre-sells so they can get a little extra money on the side and nearly guarantee a sale, but beyond that they may get in like 1-3 extra copies for hold outs and walk ins. It's sad, but that's how they do it as it creates the lie the game is short and scares people into buying from them.

As far as I know Gamestop can not use money they get on a presell as they haven't given you an item so it's stored. That $5 goes into an account and is held until the remaining balance is paid off and the item is yours. If they're smart I'm sure it sits transferred into a corporate bank account and collects a little interest off your cash (why not right when you could scare someone into getting a pre-sell a game 6+months out eh?)

Just go anywhere else as I'm sure you can walk right in and grab it. Nintendo is dumb on various stuff, but when it comes to things in high demand they blow out a LOT of copies to make sure people can get it.

I hate it but I have to try and go to a gamestop for this game but I refuse to give them cash in advance. I have a $50 gift card I got so it'll be in effect free.

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I always preorder. Even if the odds are that the game will be in stock, I'd rather not gamble and risk disappointment.

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I got off work at 00:45, head to Wal-Mart, and they tell me its online only. Sigh, this isnt going well. I didnt pre-order because I work a double tomorrow (technically today for Fathers Day) , and was thinking id score one after work. Jokes on me I guess.

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still available on mine for 32.99 lightning deal - 20 dollars credit ($12.99) a couple months back.

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@LosAngeloTip Because people want their stuff and they want it now.

I thought I would be going to get mine this morning, but turns out I probably won't be able to until this evening or even tomorrow. I didn't pre-order, but I really don't think I'll have a problem finding it where I live. Worst case scenario I have to go to 2 stores. My only problem is trying to be patient when I know it's sitting on a shelf waiting for me...


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I got mine at Wal-Mart at 6:30 this morning with no problem. I don't know if the limited quantities thing is true or not, but I am glad I found a copy.

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You know, this could actually be true. While waiting for Gamestop to open this morning, I walked around Walmart to kill time and at 10:30am, they were sold out. I took this as a grain of salt when I first saw the thread, but I'm a believer now. Glad I preordered!

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I was the only one to buy it at my local Gamestop about 2 hours into the store opening and they had about 30 copies. Not to mention it is one of the only two Gamestops within a 70 mile area.

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I don't know if they were sent in limited quantities or not but I left early from work today to my local Walmart thinking I was gonna get my copy since I had reserved it. Went to the guy and asked for a copy only to be told they didn't have anymore because they sold more reservations than the number of copies they had. So now I'm sitting here not playing OoT in 3D



I went to Best Buy because they had a trade 1 get it free deal. The store opened at 11 am and I showed up 10 minutes after and was the first person to show up for the trade-in, so they brought out a stack of 10 of the games to customer service. Then I went and wandered around the store to look, and they had another stack of the games in the 3DS section, so they probably had 20 copies and no one in sight interested in buying them even with their amazing trade-in deal. Shucks, I was hoping a few people would show up to buy Zelda first thing so I could maybe get some StreetPass tags, but I didn't get one (they didn't even have a 3DS demo unit in the store to tag, although they had a Lite, DSi, and XL). Anyway, I don't think this game is going to sell out in many places other than Gamestop, especially considering how few people presently own the 3DS.

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