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@TeeJay so you had a clown make a hot beverage for you? :3

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Looks like i'll be waiting 2 weeks for my copy bundled with the XL.
The question is, NSMB, NSMBWii or NSMB2?



I was surprised at how good this game looks, especially with the 3D about half way up (so the backgrounds don't blur). All the trailers made the graphics look blocky IMO, must just be how blown up they are to be on my monitor. I'm really enjoying it, and my brother just downloaded it too so I'm looking forward to playing co-op.



WaveBoy wrote:

The question is, NSMB, NSMBWii or NSMB2?

As of right now, NSMB2 holds the title. I honestly think they're getting progressively better. NSMBU looks even better, I hope that one completely surprises me.

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^Heh, I just got to that haunted house and gave up (for now) after I died.
This is surprisingly fun though, I like going back and trying to get more coins/find better ways to get coins in the earlier levels.



Eureka wrote:

Man that haunted house in World 6 was confusing, managed to beat the level with ONE second left. xD

Exactly the same right down to the ONE sec left

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This is a very fun game! Not at all the unimaginative money grab (no pun) it's been made out to be. Sorry I had my doubts, Big N. I find my own lack of faith disturbing (Force chokes self). This game is proof to me not to believe the pre-release hype (positive or negative).

World 3 here so far. Oh, welcome back, Reznor & SMW boss music!!! Speaking of which, here, have 15 minutes of Rez muzik!

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Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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Reznor is super cute in this episode in my opinion. Well as far as a murderous dinosaur that just want to see you die, but still, his shout is really cute.

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@FlutterShyGuy: Clicked the video to start the music and now I can't stop it because it's so good. I had another video I was going to watch but now I just have to listen the whole 15 minutes. I should probably get NSMB2 just for this song. It's my favorite song from Super Mario World.

EDIT: The song stopped when I posted this message

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i'm getting my copy this morning. i am so excited.

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Eureka wrote:

Man that haunted house in World 6 was confusing, managed to beat the level with ONE second left. xD

Yeah, that was surprisingly difficult. That sign pointing you to go back was a trick. I even accidentially found the alternate flagpole rather than the normal one because I didn't know where to go.



Gamestop sucks. @[email protected] mine doesnt open until 10 on weekdays. At least I can make a hot beverage while I wait :3

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Geonjaha wrote:

Luffymcduck wrote:

I just got 14 724 from Mushroom Pack in Coin Rush. 1-A is a great level to start.
I also got 100% in the adventure mode today. I found all the star coins on my own, but there were three secret exits I couldn´t find without the help of internet.


I was about to say good job - but then you mentioned you got the internet to help; thus making it no achievment.

Aw man! That´s gonna hurt my Nintendo gamer score... though we don´t have that so it´s OK. I don´t use internet very often for finding secrets for my games, but if I´ve tried literally everything (expect hitting that random invisible block) I give up. Those three secret exits I couldn´t find were the hardest secrets for me in any Mario game to find. I should say congratulations for developers for that achievement.

Anyways, I got like 14 900 and so coins from Mushroom pack today. 1-A is a great level to start. I have over 315 000 coins by know, wonder how much time it´ll take to get that 1 000 000. You sure get lot more coins while playing Coin Rush than in Adventure mode. I still wish there´ll be a New Super Mario Bros that has a level editor in the future. An official one I mean, you can do that kind of stuff on Wii already...

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Can somebody give me a few reasons to get this game and why it isnt 'yet another Mario game'?

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Terave wrote:

Can somebody give me a few reasons to get this game and why it isnt 'yet another Mario game'?

It is another Mario game. Do you enjoy Mario games? If yes, buy it. If no, do not buy it. Tough decision, I know.



If you really want a somewhat fresher dose of Mario platforming then go for it.
I've played the first 2 and a half worlds and it's good. Not much different then what we've all seen before though...
Kind of feel like they have been going somewhat bare bones lately.

I like all these games very much, but :

Mario Kart 7 - took away mission mode ; random character roster
Mario Tennis Open - Besides the new system to hit special shots, not much that new here ; Took out the RPG that everyone was asking for
This game - Feels like there could have been just alittle something online co op, or those minigames that was in the first game (or something similiar to those games).

Even so, if you have the money and you like Mario, I'd still go for it.

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TeeJay wrote:

TheDreamingHawk wrote:

Why would you need that in a mario game?


Um, because it would allow boundless creativity via user level design and level sharing online?

That's as pointless as having a level editor in Final Fantasy or Zelda.

Regardless, beat the game in just 5 hours by using shortcuts and blazing through everything. That was to unlock Luigi, though. NOW the real game begins and I'll be collecting all of the star coins.

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