Topic: Do you think a mario galaxy game on 3ds could happen?

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In the past I thought a portable Mario galaxy would be impossible, But now I think it's moved up to almost possible. I mean flying around in 3D! Imagine it....

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They need to stop with the Galaxy concept. It cant impress anymore.

They need a new Mario concept.


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I'm sure it could, but after Galaxy 2, do we really need another one? New ideas are cool. I miss them.

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weirdadam wrote:

I'm sure it could, but after Galaxy 2, do we really need another one? New ideas are cool. I miss them.

Wow a new idea, haven't seen one of those in a long time......
Yeah now you say it I think nintendo should concentrate all their energies on coming up with something new and awesome.

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Even I'm going to have to say that if they make a new 3D Mario they need to try something else.

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A Mario game is a Mario game. It'll always play a certain way, just with new gimmicks. Super Mario Galaxy isn't really a new idea compared to Super Mario 64. Its just got a few new gimmicks added.

We won't see the huge leap in difference between Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 again.

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I'm sure Super Mario Galaxy on the 3DS will materealize sooner or later and if it does I will be at GameStop to reserve it.

Nevertheless, I'd like to see a Mario game in which Donkey Kong and Mario are working together as a team, something along the line of Super Mario Donkey Kong Jungle Rump. The game would center around an environmental awareness theme sort of like James Cameron's Avatar and Disney's Wall-E.

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I think the Galaxy formula will be here to stay for a while. It captures platforming at its purest form in a 3D environment. You jump around various platforms, the main aims being to not fall off and reach the furthest point in the level. Exactly like 2D platformers. The space setting works perfectly for that (you don't have to try to explain the bottomless pits, for example). The gravity is certainly its "gimmick," but if and when we see a new 3D Super Mario without the Galaxy subtitle, I'd imagine the layout of levels to be largely the same. Perhaps instead of levels being built around hopping across smallish 'planets' there'd just be one large area per level, finding a balance between the large square explorable SM64 levels (like Bob-Omb Battlefield) and the long path levels with a clear start and end point (like the 2D games and most of Galaxy's levels)


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They certainly could do another Galaxy for 3DS, though I'm hoping they bring something original to Mario, tailer made for 3DS.



Sylverstone wrote:

The Galaxy concept is being used well, but it would be nice to see something brand new. Not a New Super Mario Bros or Galaxy style but rather something that will satisfy both the 2D and 3D Mario lovers.

So paper Mario?

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did u see pit flying in the trailer? this would be great!

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Possibility: Yes.

Actually Happening: No.

While I consider the Mario Galaxy series to be great, I feel that Nintendo needs to abandon the series before it starts to turn bad because it doesn't know where to go from here.

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Nah, Nintendo wouldn't want to deal with the casualties from blowing people minds.

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while i think Galaxy would be great in 3D, i think nintendo should move forward with the series and introduce a new concept.

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Since the 3DS's hardware is analogous to that of the Wii's, this system would be ideal for a SMG sequel

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