Topic: Do you think a mario galaxy game on 3ds could happen?

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Personally I would love to see a Mario 3D platformer. But I think 2 Mario Galaxies is enough for now.



No. Keep the Mario series magical not milked, the Galaxy concept is beautiful, the tropical setting in sunshine was really nice, and the original is classic.

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It could happen, but I seriously hope it won't. The galaxy gimmick's been milked enough. Time to move on, Nintendo.



I think that they will do one were Mario is running towards you because now you can tell distance.


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Marzipaz wrote:

Sylverstone wrote:

The Galaxy concept is being used well, but it would be nice to see something brand new. Not a New Super Mario Bros or Galaxy style but rather something that will satisfy both the 2D and 3D Mario lovers.

So paper Mario?

That works too.

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Mars11 wrote:

I think that they will do one were Mario is running towards you because now you can tell distance.

That would make sense. Maybe like the scene were Bowser's running after Iwata and Miyamoto in the 3DS trailer perhaps?

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I would like to see a Mario game without gimmicks (no FLUDD or Spin) yet still have the insane nostalgia factor Galaxy 2 had.


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Well I think that Nintendo should do a Super Mario Sunshine sequel on the Nintendo 3DS.

I don't actually like the idea of having Mario running towards me. Nevertheless, I'm simply thankful that Nintendo is bringing out another Paper Mario game as I really, really enjoyed Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. I'd also like another SEGA/ Nintendo Billy Hatcher game and I think that the Nintendo 3DS is perfect for Billy Hatcher.

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They probably can, will but why? I will not buy it. I will buy it if it was a new game. But I don't like supporting remakes. Or even remakes with gimmicks. I'd rather them just make an original 3DS mario game that uses the 3d to its potential. Sort of like Kid Icarus is hopefully gonna do.



They should remake Super Mario Galaxy 2 on 3DS, it would be fun to see Mario flying out of the screen __


Please, no more galaxy!



Um...most of you are missing control problems. Graphics don't make a game, which some of you say is the main thing needed for SMG to get on the 3DS.
First, the star bit collector would be out of the game, since you cant hold a stylus and use the D-pad and buttons all at the same time. You'd need 3 hands.
2nd, SMG and SMG2 are on discs that use 4 GB's of memory. Currently, the 3DS's MAX amount of memory on a card is 2 GB. So, you'd take HALF of what was in the original/sequel out of this one.
3rd, why? do you guys REALLY wanna another one? I'd honestly rather have a 3rd galaxy for wii than for the 3DS. But thats just me....i think...

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I want to see Mario try something new.

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XD375 wrote:

I want to see Mario try something new.

Yeah, same here.

When are going to see Mario in the Big City

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they could, but i doubt they would.

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Aviator wrote:

I would like to see a Mario game without gimmicks (no FLUDD or Spin) yet still have the insane nostalgia factor Galaxy 2 had.

^ this. I'd like to see SMB3 type gameplay in 3D. That'd be wicked.



I would like some sort of 3d platformer period.

To each his own.


Super Mario Dimensions.

I'm actually interested in what Nintendo comes up with to evolve the Mario series. It seems like you can't get much bigger than space as an excuse to go from world to world. I'd almost like to see a return to the more open worlds of 64 and Sunshine, where you could either focus on your objective or just mess around. Galaxy is great (haven't played 2 yet) but linear. I think the return to a simpler "map" in Galaxy 2 was a good idea, but I'd like the worlds themselves to each have a personality and life of their own, not just weird physics.

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